#Preview: Rev Pro Live at the Cockpit 44

On Sunday, August 4th, Revolution Pro Wrestling returns to the Cockpit in London for the 44th time. The biggest news concerns the tag title tournament in conjunction with NJPW.

Beginning on the 4th, a four-team tournament will decide who goes to NJPW Royal Quest to face GOD. A shot at the IWGP tag team champions on the Japanese behemoth’s first big UK show is a damn fine prize. And it all kicks off at Live at the Cockpit 44.

Photo / Twitter @RevProUK

We have the brackets fully announced, along with the rest of the card. So let’s take a look at the talent and see what Rev Pro have in store for us.

Gabriel Kidd and Shaun Jackson vs Kenneth Halfpenny and Brendan White

Photo / Twitter @RevProUK

First up is a battle of the young bulls, and somewhat irregular teams. Gabe Kidd and Shaun Jackson take on Kenneth Halfpenny and Brendan White in what will likely be a hard-hitting encounter.

Kidd, in particular, has been making great strides recently, even being endorsed by Katsuyori Shibata at Ungovernable last month. He will be traveling to Shibata’s LA dojo before too long to up his game yet further. That will be a boost for a good, hard worker who hasn’t broken into the top tier just yet.

Photo / Twitter @gorillapress123

Due to that connection, you’d have to think that Kidd and Jackson have as good a chance as anyone of heading to the Copper Box Arena.

Halfpenny and White, on the other hand, are ‘Competent, Intellectual Wrestlers,’ with nothing to lose. Neither is exactly what you would call a household name. This tournament and their association with it can only add to their name value.

In the likely event that they fail to progress past round one, their stock will have increased by association with NJPW and their tag titles. Two good, young lads who deserve this opportunity.

Aussie Open vs The Rascalz

Photo / Twitter @RevProUK

This is the big one of the opening rounds. The former RevPro tag team champions taking on a visiting Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz. Two big-name, big-time, work rate teams going to war. The likelihood of this not being an absolute belter is slim to none, my friends.

Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher will be looking to bounce back after losing those belts at Ungovernable. Crucially, neither of them were pinned by new champions Sha Samuels and Josh Bodom. A nice run at the NJPW tag belts would salve that particular wound, no?

The Rascalz, on the other hand, arrive with a solid reputation based on their work in Impact! and PWG. Who doesn’t love their finisher, for goodness sake? Likely taking in a few different companies during their trip, the only thing holding them back, in this case, is their standing as Impact! roster members.

New Japan has been reticent to work with the company in the past, and who’s to say that that has changed? I don’t fancy The Rascalz’ chances, but it will be a blast watching them.

Aussie Open is my pick to win the whole shebang, incidentally. A match with GOD on a big show would be a just reward for a sterling last year’s work at Cockpit 44.

Dan Moloney and MK McKinnan vs Team White Wolf

Photo / Twitter @RevProUK

On the fair shores of Fight Club Pro, Dan Moloney has slowly rebuilt his reputation after it took a knock at NXT UK’s tapings in Norwich. For those not in the know, here’s what that was all about: Norwich’s finest graveyard shift radio host –

After embracing the chants of ‘Dan’ to such an extent that his entrance theme features the mantra, Drilla has been on a tear. Becoming a semi-regular in PROGRESS and having some belters in Fight Club Pro with the likes of Will Ospreay and Mark Davis. He’s turned it around magnificently. His partner, MK McKinnan, is an absolutely solid wrestler. Always in the right place at the right time; knows what to do and when. He just needs a little something extra as far as character goes.

Team White Wolf has had an excellent year so far, building a name for themselves all across Europe and certainly on our fair shores. Their high-flying and explosive style has made them a firm hit with fans. It should also contrast nicely against Moloney’s more power-based offense. A-Kid, in particular, has a reputation for adapting to an opponent’s style, and so this should be a great watch.

Sha Samuels & Josh Bodom vs Kurtis Chapman & Dan Magee

Photo / Twitter @RevProUK

Rounding out the teams we have the tag team champs taking on Kurtis Chapman and Dan Magee. Samuels and Bodom are presumably going to be portrayed as hard-ass champs, despite not beating Aussie Open 1 on 1. The fact that they are taking on the relatively vanilla Chapman and Magee indicates a dominant win.

During his Cruiserweight title run, the crowd turned against Chapman and I don’t think he ever won them back over. Magee has never been seen as a major star either, appearing infrequently, and not received a decent push. It all seems academic, but stranger things have happened in wrestling. Perhaps the two young ‘uns are on for an underdog run.

As noted above, I’m taking Aussie Open to win the tournament – likely facing the tag champs at Summer Sizzler. Will that potential match be for both the Rev Pro tag titles and the shot at GOD? Those would be some high stakes.

Also scheduled are El Phantasmo vs Michael Oku, and Senza Volto vs. David Starr. That one should be interesting as Starr heads towards his big match at Summer Sizzler.

Who do you see going to the Copper Box Arena? I’ve got a tenner on Aussie Open; what say you at Cockpit 44?