#Preview RCW Presents Rocktoberfest

The residents of Riot City can celebrate on Friday, October 11th, 2019 as Riot City Wrestling presents Rocktoberfest.  There are a plethora of excellent matches in store for wrestling fans.  Riot City Wrestling has been continuing to up their game each and every time, and there is no doubt that they will do it once again on October 11th at Rocktoberfest.  So what is in store for the fans, well let us take a look at the match card.

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RCW Championship Match

Rocky Menero vs Chris Basso

The main events and championship match is between two men who know each other extremely well.  There may be bad blood between Rocky Menero and Chris Basso but these two have known each other extremely well for quite some time.  This match is going to be incredible from bell to bell.  The history between these two men coupled with their extremely talented wrestling skills is going to tear the house down on October 11th.

Rocky Menero has sitting strong as the current RCW Champion, but Chris Basso could have the champion’s number.  Heart, passion, and a desire to sit on top of the Riot City Wrestling roster is going to drive these two men to hell and back when they square off for the RCW Championship.

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Brother vs Brother

Jett Armstrong vs Nick Armstrong

The main event sees two men who know each other well squaring off, but this match nobody knows you better than your own sibling.  Jett and Nick Armstrong have enjoyed great success together as tag team champions, but now the time has come for the brothers to try and find out which one is the better of the two.  This match is going to be one that may, in fact, steal the show.  There will be a lot of emotion but at the same time a lot of wrestling going down when these two brothers lock up at Rocktoberfest.

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Cadie Tre vs Matt Hayter

There is a score to be settled when Cadie Tre locks up with Matt Hayter.  Cadie Tre won the Key To The City but was ultimately stopped by Matt Hayter.  Now Cadie Tre wants to get his revenge upon Matt Hayter one-on-one.  Matt Hayter only looks out for his own best interests and will try to get under the skin of Cadie Tre.  These two are very exciting in-ring competitors so this should be a quick-paced but solid in-ring encounter.

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Havok w/ Benjamin Rosenthal vs Steve Miller w/ Jimmy C

The contract was signed and now Havok is going to go one on one with Steve Miller.  You can bet that the managers will play a roll in how this match ends up playing out.  Jimmy C especially is no stranger to utilizing any and all tactics to assure Steve Miller walks away victorious.

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RCW Tag Team Championship

Gods & Monsters vs The Nations

When it comes to a match that is big enough to headline any show then this is that match up.  Gods & Monsters are an extremely dominant tag team in Riot City Wrestling.  Gods & Monsters have utilized their strengths to hold strong at the top of the RCW Tag Team Division.  Then along came The Nations one of the most recognized tag teams in Australian wrestling.

At RCW Presents Key To The City, this match was originally supposed to take place, however, due to Jack J Bonza not being able to make it his partner Mick Moretti still came to fight.  Mick Moretti challenged both members of Gods & Monsters to one on one encounters. The Nations are no strangers to gold and eagerly await this opportunity to add the RCW Tag Team Championship to their resume.  No matter what the outcome ends up being, this match is certainly going to be something special that you just can not miss out on.

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Zak Sabbath vs Tony Toro

Tony Toro who also could be referred to as the Lady Killer was recently responsible for injuries to both Selina and Miki Fortune.  Tony Toro has got hell to pay for his actions and so he will now have to face The Dark King Zak Sabbath at Rocktoberfest.  The Dark King Zak Sabbath and The Lady Killer Tony Toro are going to tear the house down, and this is not going to be a pretty sight by any means.  Expect an all-out war between two men on a mission when these men step inside the squared circle at Rocktonberfest.

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Dean Brady vs Mike Boomer vs Kit Condor vs Lil Onyxxx

Rocktoberfest is already full of some of the most exciting names in Australian wrestling and just to add even more depth to the show we now have a fatal four-way.  Dean Brady, Mike Boomer, Kit Condor, and Lil Onyxxx are going to kick the excitement level into high gear with this fatal four-way match.  An opportunity for one of these wrestlers to propel their place among the RCW hierarchy and focus their sites towards the top of the mountain.

Riot City Wrestling Presents Rocktoberfest Friday, October 11th, 2019 is a massive line up of some of the absolute finest in Australian wrestling.  Expect to see all styles of wrestling for fans of all kinds to enjoy.  If you do not yet have tickets to the event and you will be in the area then do not hesitate to be among the excitement of the event.  If you are unable to attend because you live outside of Australia then you do not need to worry.

Riot City Wrestling have their own YouTube channel where their major events are all uploaded to.  Rocktoberfest will itself eventually make its way on to their channel as well.  So help out all the great people involved from the off-screen crew to the announce team, to the refs and in-ring talents who do amazing work for Riot City Wrestling.  In order to help out all you need to do is go over and subscribe to their channel, watch the matches, and support the amazing work that is being done.  It is a guarantee that there is something here that wrestling fans will definitely enjoy.  So make sure to get behind the RCW team and prepare for Rocktoberfest as we prepare for a Riot.

Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.