#Preview PWA Black Label Presents Call To Arms

PWA Black Label is heading towards one of the biggest events of their calendar year and a chance to celebrate 12 years as a company with Call to Arms.  Call To Arms takes place on Saturday, July 27th, 2019. As always wrestling fans can expect one hell of an experience from the women and men of PWA Black Label.  So what can wrestling fans expect from PWA Black Label as they present Call To Arms?  Well, it is time to check out what kind of wrestling action is coming our way.

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Robbie Eagles vs Sam Osborne

Robbie Eagles who has been taking the world by storm at the moment comes home to PWA to celebrate the 12 year anniversary.  While it may be a trip home for Robbie Eagles it could be met with disappointment in the form of defeat.  Sam Osborne is going to be starting from the opposite corner of the squared circle looking to come out victorious himself.  Sam Osborne has an opportunity of a lifetime to put a halt on some of the momentum of Robbie Eagles in this encounter.  Expect an amazing and memorable match between these two incredible wrestlers.

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The 4 Nations vs TMDK

Trios tag team match up has been set for Call Too Arms.  The PWA Tag Team Champions Jack J Bonza and Mick Moretti along with Adam Hoffman will take on TMDK.  Two of the biggest factions in all of the Aussie wrestling go to war in this encounter.  These are some of the finest wrestling talents not only in Australia but around the globe, so one can only imagine the jaw-dropping moments wrestling fans will be treated to in this match up.  The tag team champions Jack J Bonza and Mick Moretti will want to assure that they do not allow their opponents to get the better of them.  If TMDK picks up the victory over either one of the tag team champions it will skyrocket their confidence moving forward.  It is very well known at this point though that nobody ever picks up an easy victory over the current tag team champions, so it will take something special for TMDK to pick up a victory in this match.

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PWWA Championship Match

Jessica Troy vs Bel Pierce vs Steph De Lander vs Shazza McKenzie vs Xena vs Kingsley

Well, matches do not get much bigger or more exciting than this one, especially considering the recent history around it.  Shazza McKenzie had an incredible and memorable run as PWWA Champion and fans always knew it would take someone special to take that away from her.  Well, Jessica Troy was that someone special and now she has to take her level of skill to all new heights.

Not only does Jessica Troy need to worry about the former champion Shazza McKenzie, but there is also a plethora of talent who also want to walk away with the championship.  Bel Pierce, Steph De Lander, Xena, and Kingsley will all be looking to make a monumental finish in this match and walk away as the new PWWA Champion.  These six wrestlers are going to give the fans all they have, and as a result, this will likely end up being a strong candidate for the match of the night.

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The Velocities vs Kai Drake & Michael Spencer

The tag team encounter scheduled for Call Too Arms here is one that will have the fans on the edge of their seats.  The Velocities, Kai Drake, and Michael Spencer consist of four of the up and coming rising stars in the wrestling scene today.  High impact, high flying, and high velocity are only a few terms to describe exactly what we can all expect from this encounter.  If you are looking to latch on to the next wave of wrestlers then look no further then the four wrestlers in this tag team match.

Call Too Arms the big event and Anniversary celebration is coming up this Saturday.  A packed card with many exciting matches will make for one of the most memorable nights for those in attendance. If you are unable to make the event though you can head on over to PWA Black Label’s website and sign up through OVO Play to have access to their events.  PWA Black Label continues to deliver some of the most unique and charismatic wrestling on the independent scene.  Take the time to go and check out the work from PWA Black Label as it is a promise that you will be instantly hooked for life.

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