#Preview: PWA Black Label Presents Break Their Backs And Make Them Rumble!

Admit it readers, we all love a good old fashioned Royal Rumble match. 30 competitors enter the ring and if both feet hit the floor they are eliminated. Even better yet we love when these Rumble matches have a big reward for the winner. PWA Black Label is hosting its very first 30 competitors over the top royal rumble style match. August 30th, 2019 PWA Black Label presents Break Their Backs And Make Them Rumble. The winner of the match on this night will be given a championship opportunity. The winner will go one on one with Caveman Ugg on night 2 of the Colosseum Tournament on October 19th, 2019.

Concrete Davidson vs Unsocial Jordan

#Preview PWA Black Label Presents Break Their Backs And Make Them Rumble!

On top of all the top-notch action fans will get to experience with the 30 man Rumble match there will also be some edge of your seat matches to be excited for as well. One of those matches is going to be a one on one encounter between Concrete Davidson and Unsocial Jordan. Unsocial Jordan the leader of the group SMS has been attacking the leader of Black Shirt Cool Group, Concrete Davidson from behind. There is only so much that one person can be expected to take before needing to exact some revenge. Concrete Davidson will now get the opportunity for a one on one encounter. SMS and BSCG are banned from ringside so there will not be any outside interference to worry about. This battle comes down to who on this night will have that little extra something to pull out the victory.

PWA Tag Team Championship
The Velocities vs The 4 Nations

#Preview PWA Black Label Presents Break Their Backs And Make Them Rumble!

The 4 Nations are solid as a team, proving time and time again that they own the ring together. Nobody yet has been able to stop them. The Velocities have the ultimate opportunity to end the memorable championship run of the 4 Nations. If there are new champions crowned it will be the most talked-about moment in Australian wrestling. Jack J Bonza and Mick Moretti are just one of those teams that you just can not see letting up a win. If the Velocities manage to get the job done on this stage it will assure that the world begins to pay attention to these two rising stars. This match is going to be epic and the action will be intense from bell to bell.

Matty Wahlberg vs TJP


2019 has proven to be a breakout year for Matty Wahlberg who continues to add high-quality matches to his credit. For weeks PWA Black Label has been teasing that an international superstar was going to be featured at the show, and TJP is that star. TJP will be stepping in the ring with Matty Wahlberg and one would believe that fans would be solid on the side of TJP. A quick look at comments from fans shows that PWA fans want to see their own Matty Wahlberg walk away with the victory. TJP has a wealth of experience that he brings to the ring, but Wahlberg is not afraid to pull out all the stops to pick up the victory.

PWWA Championship
Mat Diamond vs Jessica Troy

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Jessica Troy has been making waves since she became the PWWA Champion. It is once again that Troy is going to show the world exactly why they should remember her name. Mat Diamond is going to take the opportunity to challenge Jessica Troy here for her PWWA Championship. Jessica will not allow her championship run to end on this night. Mat Diamond better be bringing his absolute best and then some, in order to try and one-up the champion.

So many excellent matches set up for Break Their Backs And Make Them Rumble! Then there is the 30 man Rumble itself which as fans, we know is always an exciting match to watch. PWA Black Label are delivering their first Rumble match and as a fan, you want to pay attention. You want to support this event so that we can see it grow and continue on.  There are going to be so many different styles of talent on display and it is going to be mind-melting fun for everyone that is there live, or those who will be tuning in through PWA on OVO.

So if you want the opportunity to check out this epic event then head over to the PWA Black Label website and sign up to PWA on OVO to experience all of the action for yourself.  PWA Black Label presents Break Their Backs And Make Them Rumble! This Saturday will mark an epic moment in the legacy of a very amazing wrestling promotion who produces an extremely high-quality product. Tune in this Friday and find out.

Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.