#Preview: PROGRESS x APC

For the very first time, PROGRESS Wrestling takes a trip across the English Channel to put on a show in France with APC. On Saturday 24th August, the company that redefined British Strong Style will take on our French cousins in Paris. Association Les Professionnels Du Catch will start their schedule earlier than usual in order to host PROGRESS. This is a big opportunity for both companies. For PROGRESS, it will be another notch on their belt of countries performed in. For APC, lesser-known on the world stage, this show might well be one that puts them on the map. With independent wrestling becoming a more collaborative field of late, both sides stand to gain from this show. Let’s see what Progress and APC have cooked up.

Chris Brookes vs Tristan Archer vs Aigle Blanc

Aigle Blanc, APC’s current Actuel Champion, faces off with the Calimari Catch King and Tristan Archer. Archer, you might recall, was featured in WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic, and has traveled all over since that time.

As in any three-way dance, expect fast and frenetic action here. With the champion’s advantage, Blanc may be wise to let his opponents take each other apart. He can then pick up the pieces and the win from the remaining man.

Prediction: Aigle Blanc

Paul Robinson vs Christianium Le Surrealiste

I’m just… just imagining the kind of heat that Essex boy Robbo could conjure in France. Obviously, people have to be careful not to genuinely offend these days, and rightly so. But there’s just a sound in my head of Robinson ranting about the French. Your mileage may vary, of course, but I think it could be great.

Christianimum Le Surrealiste is more of a power-based wrestler than a brawler like Robbo. Based on that, we could be looking at a smaller scale version of the latter’s recent match against Walter. Robinson is a versatile wrestler, and he can adapt to fit any style. He and Le Surrealiste should mesh well and create a nice little match.

Aussie Open vs Montero’salem

Aussie Open enter this match with a spotty win-loss record as of late. They’ve dropped all of their title belts, and, if rumors are correct, they are bound for New Japan. The fact that they have made it to Rev Pro’s Royal Quest tag tournament final seems to bear this out.

Montero’salem here could be taking a massive scalp by getting the win over the Aussies. In just under two years, Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher have become two of our most beloved wrestlers. The two Frenchmen could hit the big time should they claim such a big win.

Prediction: Aussie Open

Eddie Kingston vs Dick Riviere

It’s been one of 2019’s pleasant surprises to see Eddie Kingston become somewhat of a regular for PROGRESS. He’s wrestled on a consistent basis for the company since the start of July. This is especially nice to see because he’s one of the most underrated guys in the business. He’s been in the game a long time too.

Dick Riviere needs to have his plan of action in place if he wants to gain any headway on the Mad King. A month out from Natural Progression 6, Kingston is readying himself, and LAX, for LuCCKy. That’s a huge match, and I think that he may be looking past Riviere as a result.

Prediction: Dick Riviere

Jordynne Grace vs Alexis Maria

Jordynne Grace heads into this match a day before defending, essentially, against three other women at Chapter 94. You’d have to think that that would be the key thing playing on her mind. She must be looking to steam roller Alexis Maria, and get rested before the Revelations of Divine Love tournament.

Alexis Maria is a four year veteran of the European scene, and won’t just roll over for Grace. Despite that, I’d say she’s facing too much of an uphill battle against the PROGRESS Women’s champion.

Prediction: Jordynne Grace

The OJMO vs Senza Volto

These two men are somewhat familiar with one another after Senza Volto’s brief trip to our shores. The OJMO is a young man who appears to have his head screwed on straight. Softly spoken, yet fiery, and clearly taking everything in from the people he works with. He could do with a win heading into Natural Progression 6 next month. I think he might just get it here.

Senza Volto is a high flyer very much in the lucha mold who could be big. He has the speed of somebody like Rey Horus, but with an extra dash of the toughness of the classic strong man type. This could be the match of the night, folks.

Prediction: The OJMO

There we have it; an interesting card planned by both companies. Which match do you think will steal the show?