#Preview: PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 99 – With A Flake, Please

The final stop before Chapter 100 and Jim Smallman’s final show see PROGRESS hit Sheffield for the first time in a couple of years. Chapter 99 is bursting with some mouth-watering matches and some big-name loans from WWE. Say what you will about PROGRESS’s relationship with the E, but these guest appearances are always a treat. The show takes place on December 15th, so let’s dig in and see what’s on offer at With A Flake, Please.

David Starr vs Eddie Dennis (c) – PROGRESS Championship Match
With A Flake, Please
Photo / PROGRESS Wrestling

Eddie Dennis makes his first defense of the PROGRESS title against David Starr in the show’s main event at With A Flake Please. Starr is foaming at the mouth to get revenge against Dennis after the events of Chapter 95. At that show, Dennis inserted himself into Starr’s match against Walter to steal the title away from both. He and Mark Andrews decked Mr. Independent with a steel chair to claim victory and the title. The two Welshmen have been saying since that FSU now stands for f— s–t up, so Starr may be in for a trying evening here. In essence, what PROGRESS have done here is a continuation of the philosophical battle between a WWE contracted talent (first Walter, now Eddie), and the independent Starr. It’s an interesting angle for a company tied so closely to WWE for sure. I would expect this feud to rage on for some time to come no matter who emerges victorious.

Prediction: Eddie Dennis
Cara Noir vs Ilja Dragunov – 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match
Photo / PROGRESS Wrestling

These past few months, Cara Noir and Ilja Dragunov have been the main focus of PROGRESS in the eyes of many fans. They have wrestled one another at both Chapter 96 and 97, with each man having a win under their belt. Their third match will be contested over three falls and is almost guaranteed to be the match of the night. The two immediately established amazing chemistry in the ring, and that ante was upped in their second match. The two seemed entranced with one another, to the point that there was some hand-holding followed by a kiss. Something very special is happening between Cara and Ilja, and one suspects that they have something spectacular lined up here. We could be looking at a grand finale to the ‘feud’ of 2019. Who walks out victorious at With A Flake Please?

Prediction: Cara Noir
Kassius Ohno vs Timothy Thatcher
Photo / PROGRESS Wrestling

The first match up sees that big-name loan in action at. Last seen in a PROGRESS ring during 2018’s Super Strong Style 16, Kassius Ohno returns to face Timothy Thatcher! Oh my. Noted for his hard-hitting and surprisingly speedy style, Ohno is someone who has always been a great fit in PROGRESS. His match against Marty Scurll at Chapter 31 is one that you should go out of your way to watch. Ring Kampf member Timothy Thatcher returned to PROGRESS last month after an absence of several months. He too is noted for being a stiff, ultra-realistic worker, and someone who enjoys stretching his opponents. See his matches alongside (and against) Walter to know what he is capable of. You can’t help but think that Thatcher is in line for a big push, and that will play into the finish here.

Prediction: Timothy Thatcher
Paul Robinson (c) vs Chris Ridgeway – Proteus Title Match
Photo / PROGRESS Wrestling

Paul Robinson defends his Proteus title against Chris Ridgeway with the customary knockout or tapout rules in place. This will actually also count as the rubber match between the pair as they traded wins last year in Manchester and Sheffield. A lot has changed since that time though. Chris Ridgeway has been in Japan plying his trade for Pro Wrestling NOAH, and making a good name for himself. Robbo has become one of the most revered men in PROGRESS due to hard work in the ring and excellent promos. This comes after a five year run as an especially nasty heel, so the turnaround has been quite stark. Both men are legit accomplished martial artists, so couple that with the Proteus stipulations and we have a potential barn burner.

Prediction: Paul Robinson
Anti Fun Police vs Grizzled Young Veterans
Photo / PROGRESS Wrestling

The Anti Fun Police bring their unique brand of [fun] back to PROGRESS as they face off with the real party poopers Grizzled Young Veterans at With A Flake Please. The former PROGRESS tag team champions will be looking to get a win after being downed at Chapter 97. Anti Fun Police are a team that has never been in serious contention for the tag titles, but perhaps that changes here. Los Federales Super Santos Jr and Chief Deputy Dunne are deceptively solid workers. They’re not exactly regulars for PROGRESS, but they are rock solid supporting players to drop in and out of continuity. It would be very welcome to see that change and have them challenge Devlin and Davis for the belts. Zack Gibson and James Drake seem to be cooling off slightly after their run of having nuclear heat throughout 2018. Will this match re-ignite them?

Prediction: Anti Fun Police
Meiko Satomura (c) vs Jinny – PROGRESS Women’s Title Match

It’s always a pleasure to see Meiko Satomura in action, and she certainly has a challenge on her hands at Chapter 99,With A Flake Please. Satmura’s reign thus far has been exemplary following her title victory over Jordynne Grace at Chapter 95. She has both appeared on a regular basis, and contested hot matches. The former had been in short supply during the reigns of Grace and Toni Storm. The division now feels a lot more focussed, and things are beginning to heat up in a major way. Jinny has undergone somewhat of a transformation as she has emerged under a mask as Jinny Havoc. To be honest, I’m yet to be convinced that this is an interesting direction for her or PROGRESS to go in, but I’d like to be proven wrong. Her ring work remains as precise as ever, but the gimmick doesn’t really work for me yet.

Prediction: Meiko Satomura
Primate vs Mark Andrews
With A Flake Please
Photo / PROGRESS Wrestling

Primate returns to PROGRESS for the first time in a long time to face off against smug little get Mark Andrews at With A Flake Please. Just look at that smirk on his handsome, handsome face. Mandrews has been freshened up immensely since his heel turn in September and has a few good wins under his belt. I’d like to see him get a touch more vicious with his offense, but aside from that, it’s been nice to see a new dimension to him. Primate’s lack of exposure in PROGRESS has always been a mystery to me. He’s only wrestled a handful of matches for the company despite seeming to be a guy tailor made for strong style. If you’ve only seen on NXT UK the you haven’t really seen what the guy is truly capable of. An explosive wrestler with great speed and power, he’s a very similar wrestler to Rampage Brown. Not surprising considering he was trained by Rampage, and he did very well for himself in PROGRESS didn’t he?

Prediction: Mark Andrews

That is a very strong candidate for cthe ard of the year right there at With A Flake Please. Dragunov – Cara Noir is a mouth watering prospect, as is David Starr and Eddie Dennis. PROGRESS, you’re spoiling us. I’ll be attending this show, barring any snow-based incidents similar to two years ago. How could I possibly resist being there live for this one? I’ll see you there!