#Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 94 Physician Heal Thyself

PROGRESS Wrestling returns home with chapter 94, following some excellent shows abroad with Physician Heal Thyself. We’re well and truly on the road to Ally Pally now, and JJG seem to be getting their ducks in a row. We’ve got quite a bit here that should directly impact Chapter 95, so let’s have a look at the card.

                              Revelations of Divine Love Title Tournament:                                   Jordynne Grace, Dani Luna, Candy Floss and Chakara

PROGRESS Chapter 94
Photo / @ThisIs_Progress

Jordynne Grace defends her Women’s title in the Ballroom for the first time this year in a tournament format here. I’ve said it before, but they should get that belt off of Grace’s shoulder. She’s a fantastic talent, but it really harms the women’s division to not have your champion present. Not the champ’s fault, but that title needs to be a bigger presence going forward.

Looking at the line-up, you would have to say that odds are heavily stacked against the champion here. Grace will have to defend her title against two different opponents on the same day; no mean feat. Dani Luna is a little rough around the edges but shows the potential to be a breakout star in the coming years. Candy Floss has been quietly building a reputation for herself for solid matches over the last year. A regular for PROGRESS and NXT UK, she isn’t quite championship material, but she’ll definitely get there.

Chakara is a different prospect. The former House of Couture member matches up visually with Grace very well. Both have an intimidating presence and a willingness to brutalize their opponents. I would hope to see these two clash in the final, but ultimately the champion will retain. Then Meiko Satomura awaits in Alexandra Palace!

Prediction: Jordynne Grace

Chris Brookes vs Eddie Kingston

This one will prelude a 6 man tag at Natural Progression 6 on September 14th. On that show, it will be CCK and Lucky Kid vs LAX and Eddie Kingston. This issue has been building for some time and it’s always yielded great contests.

Interestingly, the basis for the feud has become focussed on Jonathon Gresham’s tactics. Specifically, he has started to lock opponents in a figure four outside the ring. Once the referee’s count reaches 8, Gresham dives back into the ring, leaving his opponent to be counted out. It’s certainly unique, and Kingston fell victim to this at Chapter 92 in July.

Look for Brookes to play the heel here, and dodge Kingston at every opportunity. Your classic cat and mouse story, only Chris Brookes is technically the bigger of the two men. Some sort of screwy finish will surely be involved, perhaps involving one or more each man’s tag partners. A hot angle and a bit of a brawl at the close should build nicely for NPS.

Prediction: Eddie Kingston via disqualification

Anti Fun Police vs South Pacific Power Trip

PROGRESS Chapter 94
Photo / @ThisIs_Progress

The Anti Fun Police are back! Hurrah! I know of no person who isn’t a fan of their particular brand of wrestling tomfoolery. Always a pleasure to see some invisible gun action, even though it isn’t really ‘no fun, nada’.

South Pacific Power Trip seems to be heading straight for Splitsville – population you. Meaning them. The issue actually seems to be more with erstwhile leader Travis Banks who is absent from the card. However, you can’t help but feel that the tension present in the group will feature here.

Niwa remains a slightly unknown quantity as he hasn’t showcased himself on a high level just yet. TK Cooper should be right at home here, however. A great all-rounder, he’s as comfortable doing comedy as he is with strong style or high flying. This should be the most fun on the card.

Prediction: South Pacific Power Trip

Lucky Kid vs Paul Robinson

This is scheduled as a first and final match. What this means is that the winner will enter the Proteus Rumble match at Ally Pally last, and the loser is first. That’s quite the stipulation to attach here after the two had somewhat of a filler match at Chapter 93.

Robinson’s strengths are such that he always entertains, and elevates his opponent when necessary. Lucky Kid is someone with a lot of potential, but he’s not quite there yet. There’s just something not quite there for me, though he clearly has talent.

Ordinarily, you’d think that Kid might get the win back following his previous loss to Robbo. I actually quite fancy the Essex lad to win the Proteus title, so I’m not so sure. Maybe he could go from entry number one to win it all. Psychology-wise, it would make more sense to have a babyface in first though. Decisions, decisions…

Prediction: Lucky Kid

Aussie Open vs Do Not Resuscitate

The winner of this one will face Grizzled Young Veterans at Alexandra Palace next month. The interesting question initially is which two member of DnR will face Aussie Open. Spike Trivet and William Eaver tagged at Chapter 93, but the more regular team in PROGRESS would be Eaver and Chuck Mambo. There again Trivet and Mambo have been known to team up elsewhere. Intriguing, this one is (as Yoda might say).

It’s become quite tricky trying to read what’s happening with the Aussies of late. One would assume that they would head to Ally Pally in a rematch against GYV. That makes sense from a storytelling perspective, as does the face/heel divide between the two teams. There’s something in the air, though, that suggests Aussie Open are not long for our shores. Booking an IWGP tag title shot at Royal Quest puts them at odds with PROGRESS’ relationship with WWE.

Do Not Resuscitate could do with a big win and a big match. The storyline that they appear to be going with – recruiting a new, fourth member – seems like something that will get a lot of play at Natural Progression 6, the day before Ally Pally. Because of that assumption, I can see this going only one way.

Prediction: Aussie Open