#Preview: Pro Wrestling Revolver Presents It’s Always Sunny in Iowa

On Saturday, March 9th, Pro Wrestling Revolver presents It’s Always Sunny in Iowa. PWR makes its return to the Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines, Iowa, and as many as nine matches will take place that evening. It will be a very exciting night, with a number of Impact Wrestling’s best involved in a variety of different matches. Fans will see the likes of Johnny Impact, Tessa Blanchard, Sami Callihan, LAX, and the Rascalz among others at this show. There will be championship matches, grudge matches, and matches that test the performers’ will and skill. It could prove to be an event where new champions are crowned, new allegiances are formed, and new rivalries are made. Here is our preview for Pro Wrestling Revolver’s It’s Always Sunny in Iowa.

Photo / Pro Wrestling Revolver

Johnny Impact vs. Rich Swann

These two men have a number of similarities with one another. They both competed in the WWE and were champions, and they are both presently competing in Impact Wrestling and success there as well. There are notable differences as well. Johnny Impact has remained a highly in-demand talent and is currently the Impact Wrestling champion, whereas Swann has blazed his own trail, doing so with a chip on his shoulder.

Recently in MLW, he has embraced the heel side of his persona, often reaching into a bag of tricks fans likely didn’t even know he owned. Could this be another case where we see Swann sway away from being the one who asks if fans can handle this, and prove too hard to handle for his opponent?

Photo / Pro Wrestling Revolver

Revolver Tag Team Championship Match

The Rascalz vs. LAX vs. Besties in the World

A tag team championship match is always fun to watch, especially in Pro Wrestling Revolver. What is even more exciting to note about this match is that it is a triple threat tag team match. As is always true of triple threats, the champions can lose their titles without even being involved in the deciding pinfall.

The Rascalz, Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier will have their work cut out for them as they defend their titles against not only the challenge of LAX (Santana and Ortiz) but the team of Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett. Fitchett and Vega may be the duo that has the least amount of publicity around them, but that may be will be no impediment to walking out as champions. As for LAX, they are no strangers to tag team championships, and defending titles regardless of the stipulation.

Photo / Pro Wrestling Revolver

Intergender Tag Team Challenge Match

Sami Callihan & Jessicka Havok vs Tessa Blanchard & Daga

He said, she said, they all said fight! This mixed gender matchup has all the makings of an absolute train wreck based on the destruction that all four of these competitors are capable of issuing. Perhaps the more intimidating duo would be the team of Sami Callihan and Jessicka Havok. Havok and Callihan are no strangers to Pro Wrestling Revolver, but this time they face a highly athletic and innovative team, featuring the exceptionally talented Blanchard and the luchador Daga.

In typically mixed tag matches the stipulation would be that the male faces the male while the female faces the female. However, this has been advertised as an intergender tag team match, which suggests that it is likely to be a free for all with all competitors have an opportunity to get their hands-on the other. From a sheer presence perspective, a potential confrontation between Blanchard and Callihan does strike us as somewhat frightening.

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Jake Crist v.s Trey Miguel

In a rivalry that appears to be never-ending, another chapter is being added. The oVe and Rascalz seem to have been battling over bragging rights to Ohio forever. While Callihan and Dave Crist are involved in their own matches, and Wentz and Xavier are defending the Pro Wrestling Revolver tag team championships, Jake Crist and Trey Miguel will wage war. The night will hopefully help set up the future of the divisions and in the process secure one group’s dominance.

While this matchup will likely not settle the score, it may give one faction an edge over the other. Neither of these men is exclusively a tag team performer, as both can be formidable singles competitors as well. Fans can be assured that this will be full of risks, and potentially outside interference. Who walks away as the winner? It really is anyone’s guess.

Photo / Pro Wrestling Revolver

Revolver Rumble

Considering this match has no one listed to compete at the time of this writing, it will be quite interesting to see how it ultimately unfolds. Little is known about the contest, its rules and how talent is chosen to be a part of it. What is known is that the winner will be granted a Revolver championship opportunity against current champion ‘Ohio’s Most Hated’ Matthew Palmer.

Palmer is never one to mince words, and leading up this match up his confidence has been evident, in particular on social media where clips of his boasting are available. Some may question how much he values the championship considering in a recent picture he posted he was sitting on the toilet with the Revolver championship also resting there. That act alone may be enough to incite a crowd, who would prefer a champion that carries the title with honor.

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Battle of the Sexes

The Killer Queen Nevaeh vs. Clayton Gainz

In what is being dubbed a battle of the Sexes, the ‘Killer Queen’ Nevaeh faces off against Clayton Gainz. For those unfamiliar with Gainz, he is a four-year pro who has gradually taken on bigger and better competition. While this past year has been a bit slower for him, there will be ample opportunity this year for his match totals to increase.

On the flipside, Nevaeh has nearly three times as much time in the ring as her opponent. Nevaeh has held various roles throughout her career. A student of Les Thatcher, she has continued to improve with each passing year. She brings with her energy that is described as natural, but very pointed. This could be a very long night for Mr. Clayton Gainz.

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Ace Austin vs. Madman Fulton

We have a real contrast in styles for this matchup. When Ace Austin faces off against Madman Fulton, it will be a battle of technical and high-flying wizardry against power and strength. Fans are familiar with Fulton from his time in WWE’s NXT brand, and he is carving out a niche competing all over the United States, and he is making Pro Wrestling Revolver one of his stops.

Austin is gaining notoriety himself, having appeared on MLW Fusion, and is showcasing his skills on more and more platforms. When comparing experience, one has to wonder if Fulton’s strong amateur background and overall skill will be contributing factors to his success. Fulton’s mobility may also benefit him against the ace. Austin is certainly capable of pulling out a wildcard move to help get the win as well. Regardless of the result, those in attendance and streaming the event are the winners.

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Open Invite Scramble Championship Match

Caleb Konley vs. Arik Cannon vs Stephen Wolf vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Darin Corbin vs Dave Crist

This open invite scramble championship match is certain to give everyone in attendance one thing: a sore neck trying to keep up with the action! The six men involved in this match all bring something different than the table, including current Scramble champion Caleb Konley. Konley’s 132 days and counting reign are currently the second longest in the promotion’s history, behind current Revolver champion Matt Palmer.

With so many distinct performers involved, a number of stories could play out. Could this be where Dave Crist steps out of the shadow of oVe and walks out as a singles champion? Will the ‘Zombie Princess’ Jimmy Jacobs once again hold championship gold? Or will fourteen-year veteran Darin (not Baron) Corbin add the Scramble championship to his list of accomplishments? Konley certainly has the deck stacked against him.

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Revolver Championship Match

Matthew Palmer vs. Revolver Rumble Winner

If there was ever a match where the champion was at a disadvantage due to being unable to prepare for their opponent in advance, it would be this one. Palmer, a veteran of 10 years, will have the odds against him when he faces whoever is the winner of the Revolver Rumble match earlier in the night.

But while we did state that Palmer was at a disadvantage, he will have something key on his side: rest, his greatest asset going into the match. While his opponent will have had to outlast many other wrestlers, Palmer will have the benefit of sitting back and watching that match. Will the champion retain or will there be a new Revolver champion crowned on this night?