#Preview: Prestige Wrestling Presents Attribute of the Strong

Prestige Wrestling Presents:
Attribute of the Strong
June 29, 2019
Bossanova Ballroom
Portland Oregon

On the final leg of their tour, Prestige Wrestling is making a stop in Portland Oregon at the Bossanova Ballroom on East Burnside for Attribute of the Strong. Here owner/promotor William Quintana has put together an incredible show for those lucky enough to be in the Portland area on June 29th!

This card is stacked with some of the best wrestling talent on the globe and while there are several debut’s most of these people are making return appearances, if not members of the Prestige roster of regulars.

Here is what you can expect to see at Prestige Wrestling Presents Attribute of the Strong:

Prestige Wrestling Championship
Tom Lawlor (Champion) vs. Simon Grimm (Challenger)

In many ways it feels like this is a match a long time in the making. Both Simon Grimm and Tom Lawlor have been competing at Prestige shows since the beginning. Tom Lawlor is a fierce fighter and ever since he’s gotten that belt, he’s become even more ferocious than he was before. The match with MV Young when he made his first title defense was brutal and a demonstration of what he is willing to do to keep his championship title. There is little doubt Tom is going to bring it on June 29th.

One should never underestimate Simon Grimm, he and his Lovecraftian affiliations are not to be discounted so easily. Simon is a strong contender and more than an even match for the champion. At the end of the day he’s capable of winning and the winner will likely boil down to luck.

These two men are so well matched you can count on this being a long and highly entertaining match and it is very likely we could see the Prestige Championship change hands at Attribute of the Strong!

Singles Match
Juventud Guerrera vs. TJ Perkins

TJ Perkins has hit the indie scene hard since being released from his WWE contract. Few people are more pleased than the fans here in the Pacific Northwest. He is making his rounds and he is returning to Prestige to face an equally impressive opponent.

Facing TJ is none other than Juventud Guerrera! This wrestling luminary has a distinguished career spanning three decades and a myriad of promotions from AAA to the WWE. The number of titles he’s held is greater than the number of years he’s been in the business.

Watching these two wrestlers in the ring together is going to be an incredible experience for everyone present. This will likely be one of the most anticipated matches of the evening.

Singles Match
Super Crazy vs. Chavo Guerrero

Super Crazy has become a real favorite of professional wrestling fans here in the Pacific Northwest. He’s made an appearance at multiple promotions in the area and anyone who has seen him perform live knows what an incredible honor it is to see this man working in the ring.

Facing Super Crazy will be a man returning to Prestige, Chavo Guerrero! Chavo is no stranger to wrestling fans across the globe. He is a member of the famous Guerrero family of wrestlers, which include his uncle the late Eddie Guerrero. He has accomplished a great deal over his illustrious career. A fact that fans will witness in Portland on June 29th.

4 Way Elimination Tag Team Match
Team C4 vs. Konami Code vs. 4 Minutes of Heat vs. The Eh Team

A four-way tag team match! This is going to be utter chaos! With a total of four teams consisting of two members each, means eight competitors are going to be rushing the ring and whomever the referee is for this match, he or she is going to earn their paycheck!

The first team is Team C4! Guillermo Rosas and “Classic” Cody Chhun have been tearing things up at Prestige for a while now. They most recently teamed up with TJ Perkins in Spokane where they picked up another victory. There is one thing about Team C4 that is very obvious in the ring. Rosas and Chhun are well oiled fighting machines and they have moves!

The second tag team in Konami Code! Julian Whyt and CJ Edwards have been hitting the scene hard with appearances at DOA and WCWC, but they are no strangers to Prestige. These two Portland natives have been working together for a while now, and they get better and better every time. You can expect they are going to make a strong showing at Attribute of the Strong!

The third tag team is 4 Minutes of Heat! Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl are really getting some traction. You can feel the heat radiating off them. You can expect this team is going to travel far and wide with the buzz surrounding them, as word spreads about how spectacular these two men are in the ring. Don’t be surprised to see these two try and steal the show… and they just might at Attribute of the Strong!

The fourth tag team is the Eh Team, consisting of Chase James and Lance Pierson! The Eh Team has made their mark on Prestige and both Chase and Lance are some of the heaviest hitters in this remarkable line up. The Eh Team is really coming into their own and even though Lance and Chase are representing their team on the 29th, they are really more of a faction consisting of several other members. With the momentum this group is getting, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some of their members wearing Prestige belts very soon.

Fatal 4 Way Match
The Black Sheep vs. Drexl vs. Jaiden vs. Nick Radford

Attribute of the Strong
Photo / Prestige Wrestling

A good fatal four way is always an excellent addition to any card. A fatal four way with these four in particular is a recipe for something incredible! The Black Sheep Dave Turner is the human embodiment of nightmares. They say if you are trying to fall asleep counting sheep and you see the black sheep jumping over the fence there is an 84% chance you’ll die in your sleep. Needless to say, he’s going to go in the ring and show these gentlemen what nightmares are made of.

The second entrant is none other than the Devil himself, Drexl. It is unknown what conjurer summoned this demon from the primordial ooze beneath the city of Portland. We do, however, know he will slither into the ring and do his best to destroy his opponents. Drexl is a cunning and unscrupulous competitor and you can count on him doing whatever it takes to win.

The third entrant is Jaiden! This young man has been making appearances around the country and building quite a name for himself. He’s a highly skilled wrestler who has shown himself to be talented and knows how to use speed and agility against his opponents. He knows how to use the ropes to his advantage and he’s never afraid to go high!

The fourth entrant is the Poet Laureate of Professional Wrestling, Nick Radford! This academic and wordsmith is also a cunning professional wrestler. Some may wish to discount Mr. Radford as better suited for the classroom than the ring. We’ve seen Nick silence these people time and time again with every win he accumulates. Anyone who underestimates his strategic mind in the ring usually regrets their life choices.

Singles Match
Cole Wright vs. Mike Santiago

Attribute of the Strong
Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Making another appearance at Prestige Wrestling is the great up and coming star Cole Wright. This gentleman faced “Golden Boy” Travis Williams back in May in Spokane! This young man won over the crowd and it seems likely he’ll do the same this Saturday! He’s talented, and he knows how to work the crowd!

Facing this new up and coming talent is Prestige favorite, Mike Santiago. To say Mike has had an interesting history at Prestige might be a bit of an understatement. He’s a ferocious competitor and it seems likely he has every intention of putting this new guy, Cole, in his place. Keep a close eye on Mike during this match, he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

Singles Match
Sonico vs. Ethan HD

Here we have two of the very best in the Northwest facing off in the city of Roses. Sonico is one of the best luchadors in the business today. He’s fast, innovative and he isn’t afraid to fly high. His name is on the rise and people well beyond the boundaries of the Pacific Northwest are speaking his name.

Facing Sonico is one of the best wrestlers ever to grace our region. Ethan HD is so good in the ring he has people flocking to him to learn what they can from this wrestling expert. He isn’t good, he’s fantastic! There is little doubt when he steps into the ring with Sonico you are going to see something spectacular!

As you can see, this is an incredible card. There really isn’t going to be anything better than this going on in Portland Oregon on June 29th. If you haven’t already gotten your tickets, I would recommend you don’t waste anymore time and go see Attribute of the Strong!

Follow this link to get your tickets: https://www.prestigewrestling.net/