#Preview: PCW ULTRA Presents Wrestle Summit

Philip: If you’re reading this article you’ve probably heard about the incredible thing happening down in LA! When have we had so many fantastic promotions come together to put on what is going to be one of the most incredible events in professional wrestling history? Wrestle Revolver, PCW ULTRA, MCW, DEFY, IMPACT and a host of independent talent all coming together in what is undoubtedly an event we will be talking about in the years to come for Wrestle Summit.

Is this the start of a new tradition? It seems doubtful anyone would object! As of this writing the show is sold out. The only way to get tickets now is to watch social media for people who might be selling their tickets. Good luck.

PCW ULTRA is playing host and what an amazing line up these promotions created together.

Robert: Friday, March 29th is fast approaching which means the city of Los Angeles is primed and ready to host the 2019 Wrestle Summit.  The Wrestle Summit which is hosted by PCW Ultra is going to feature talents from various companies from around the entire globe.  This will allow wrestling fans to enjoy a plethora of talent all featuring different styles and many unique personalities as well.  Championships and opportunities will be on the line at Wrestle Summit, but the biggest opportunity comes at the hands of exposure to a new audience and the chance to capture the spotlight.

Fans in attendance at Wrestle Summit may not yet be familiar with some of the talents on the card,  there is one thing for certain and that is by the end of the night everyone in the building will be left with a long list of wrestlers who have left a lasting mark on them.  Wrestle Summit is going to be one of the most memorable, hard-fought, action-packed wrestling events of the entire year and will certainly be still talked about even when 2019 comes to a close.

Marc: This historic event has been a long time coming and brings together no less than five different promotions. To commemorate this event, Pro Wrestling Post has come together and assembled our staff that focuses on these promotions to collaborate in previewing the matches that will take place. We are proud to cover DEFY Wrestling, PCW ULTRA, Melbourne City Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Revolver.

These companies, along with Impact Wrestling, will host this event involving 26 wrestlers and 8 matches. Philip Jones, Robert Munson and myself will individually highlight the respective matches that talent we typically write about are involved in. Philip will be responsible for the majority of the matches previewed, as DEFY Wrestling and PCW ULTRA are both heavily involved in the event. I will be covering two matches, and Robbie and Robert will each focus on one. Here is Pro Wrestling Post’s preview of Wrestle Summit.


Philip: The mixed tag team match has brought together some of the best talent PCW ULTRA and IMPACT have on their roster. Representing IMPACT is the husband wife team of Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Impact! These two incredibly talented performers are a staple on the west coast wrestling scene, but they are in demand all over the country. Taya is a creature of sass and unadulterated talent and her husband Johnny is so accomplished he has few peers in the industry. Watching these two working together is worth the price of admission alone.

Representing PCW ULTRA is Tessa Blanchard and Daga! Tessa is one of the most polished performers for someone her age in the business. She has already accomplished so much, there really isn’t any question we will be shouting her name in the years to come. Daga has made a name for himself both south of the boarder and across the Pacific in Japan. He’s held multiple championships in his esteemed career and he’s a perfect choice to work with the Diamond, Tessa Blanchard.

All these performers are at the top of their game and proven talents. There is little doubt this match is going to be nothing less than spectacular!


Marc: Konley’s Scramble Championship is on the line when he enters the ring to face four other men that are sure to bring comic relief at a level not commonly seen. Our own Philip Jones has often previewed matches involving ‘Ravenous’ Randy Myers at DEFY Wrestling events, and he can attest to Myers’ rather unique in-ring nature. Speaking as someone that has seen Kikutaro live and in person, his in-ring style is highly amusing as well.

Those two elements alone will make for a unique match. A sixteen-year pro, Happy Man is just returning back to form after missing the latter part of 2017 and most of 2018. How will he fare facing the likes of Santino Bros Academy grad Douglas James? One thing is for sure, fans will be treated to a matchup involving five different competitors, three of them tied to different promotions and two not tied to anyone. It will certainly make for some interesting moments.


Philip: Three-way tag team championship match, where winner takes all! This is perhaps one of the most anticipated events of the entire summit. Warbeast will be representing PCW ULTRA and you can be certain these two men, Jacob Fatu and Josef are fierce competitors. There is little doubt they are going to put up a fierce fight in this contest, not only to retain their own belt but also take home another championship.

Independent wildcards Sent2Slaughter, will be showing up to make their play for two major championships. Shawn Donavan and Danny Maff are long-time veterans to the game, and they undoubtedly pose one hell of a challenge to their opponents.

The third team defending their title is the 1%, representing DEFY. Royce Isaacs and Jorel Nelson are relatively new champions, but they have proven themselves to be a well-coordinated and resilient pair. So far, they have defended their title well.

On March 29th, one of these three tag teams is going to take it all home, in this winner takes all competition. It’s safe to say this match is going to have people sitting on the edge of their seats!


Philip: The PCW ULTRA Light Heavyweight Champion, Jake Atlas will be stepping up to the plate to defend his title at Wrestle Summit. This young man made his debut less than three years ago and he’s already become a standout performer in a field of very talented people. If he can accomplish this much in such a short amount of time, it seems likely Jake Atlas is going to take a direct flight to greatness!

Jakes challenger is an esteemed member of the Rascalz, Dezmond Xavier! Mr. Xavier is entering Wrestle Summit as a representative of IMPACT Wrestling. This talented gentleman is perhaps one of the most accomplished highflyers in the business who has created an alchemical balance between wrestling and acrobatics! Does Dezmond have what it takes to win this championship? Undoubtedly, yes. Will he? That is less certain, but we will find out soon enough.


Philip: Joining Wrestle Summit to defend his title is DEFY Champion Artemis Spencer! This bright young man is perhaps one of the best wrestlers most people outside the Pacific Northwest haven’t heard of. It seems likely this is going to change very soon. Artemis Spencer has already defended his title belt from Dezmond Xavier and MJF. He’s also on the cusp of a UK tour and will be making an appearance with PROGRESS while he’s there. Watch this one folks, one day very soon, he’s going to be a household name.

Challenging Artemis Spencer for his DEFY Championship belt is none other than Zachary Wentz. Mr. Wentz is representing IMPACT and he wants Seattle Gold! In the five years this young man has been in the business he has held eleven… ELEVEN championship belts… and counting. To say the least Zachary Wentz is an accomplished gentleman who poses one of the greatest risks to Artemis’ championship to date.


Robert: Adam Brooks will certainly have the opportunity of a lifetime at this years wrestle summit to represent the entire country of Australia. Trey Miguel the young 24-year-old high flying American representing Impact wrestling will be looking to crush the Aussie superstars victory hopes using his high flying arsenal of moves. So for those who are unfamiliar with the work of Adam Brooks let us take a look at exactly what this Aussie sensation brings to the Wrestle Summit table.

Adam Brooks is a talent on his way to superstardom, trained by Matt Silva the man better known to most at WWE superstar Buddy Murphy the two formed a strong friendship. The training paid off well and in 2010 Adam Brooks made his professional debut. As an active member of the Melbourne City Wrestling roster, Adam Brooks was well received by the fans and instantly clicked with the fans becoming one of the top babyfaces in the company. Unfortunately, the hunger to get to the top would cloud the once happy go lucky young man and he turned on Matt Silva the man who showed him the ropes. Adam Brooks then went on to defeat Matt Silva in a one on one match, this would also be the final match that Matt Silva had prior to going on to the WWE. It is that ability of Adam Brooks to go to a deep dark place inside of himself to obtain victory and success is what helps to make him an absolute threat in his match against Trey Miguel. Trey Miguel is quick and a master of the high flying but Adam Brooks us no stranger to those styles of wrestling himself, Adam Brooks is a well-adapted in-ring technician and his well-rounded style will allow him to adapt on the fly and work at the pace Trey Miguel wants but in a blink of an eye he can have Trey Miguel down on the mat in a vulnerable spot. There is also an added stipulation on this match which will drive Adam Brooks and Trey Miguel both to their absolute limits to come out victorious. The winner of the match is going to receive an Ultralight Championship Match on June 14th.

A victory for Adam Brooks would really add another remarkable achievement in his already growing list of achievements. Having held championships in every major Australian company Adam Brooks finally gets this amazing opportunity to prove himself outside of his home and really cement a name for himself among the wrestling community. Adam Brooks will certainly be focused and prepared for everything that Trey Miguel can throw at him at Wrestle Summit, and it is clear that Adam Brooks will go dark and stop at nothing to make the entire country of Australia proud. Fans of high flying nonstop wrestling action are going to be for a real treat, Adam Brooks and Trey Miguel will be looking to become the most talked about the match not only at Wrestle Summit but quite possibly for all of 2019.


Marc: This is a case where an Impact Wrestling rivalry is prominent as part of the Wrestle Summit. The animosity between Callihan and Cage goes beyond simply just wins and losses, and has a history. Since his arrival in Impact Wrestling, fans have seen that ‘The Draw’ gets in between relationships, and has been disruptive to talent and championships; this is no different. In this instance, however, Cage and Callihan are not specifically invoking any past history while they compete against one another as part of this massive event.

They could potentially do things that fans are unlikely to see during their exchanges in Impact. Cage brings size and strength, plus agility that is uncommon for someone his size. Callihan is a Tasmanian devil that will do anything he needs to in order to succeed. Will this be another case where Callihan throws caution to the wind? The difference here is Callihan walks into this match representing Pro Wrestling Revolver, and is eager for a win since he is representing a promotion near and dear to him. Fans will have to tune in to see this one.


Philip: Representing PCW ULTRA is champion Shane Strickland. Swerve is a wrestling celebrity on the cusp of being snatched up by one of the big promotions. This may very well be one of his last appearances on the independent scene. This man has held most of the championship belts on the line at Wrestle Summit, at one time or another.

The Man of a 1000 Deaths! That is Mil Muertes… He has used other names, but this is the only name that maters at this historical wrestling summit. He has over twenty years ring experience. This masked luminary has worked for nearly every major promotion in the business. The number of championships this man has won over his career is longer than this article.

You will know when this match begins, and no one can say with any certainty if ILWU Memorial Hall will remain standing by the time this one is over!