#Preview: OWE Toronto – Night Two

Oriental Wrestling Entertainment is making its first foray into North America, presenting two shows in Toronto, Canada for OWE Toronto. Both shows will take place at the Mid Town Entertainment Theatre, and present a great opportunity for fans both local and those traveling from out of town in the days before WWE’s SummerSlam to come out and see this exciting new promotion.

The second show will take place on the afternoon of Saturday, August 10th. And much like night one, which is taking place at the same venue on August 7th, the event will feature several mainstays from the OWE roster, some veterans of the local independent scene, and a couple of up and comers. Interestingly, it will also include well-known names that are part of the All Elite Wrestling promotion, and as many know OWE has a working relationship with that company. It promises to be an exciting event, one that presents something new to a welcoming audience, while at the same time broadening OWE’s global exposure. Here is Pro Wrestling Post’s preview of OWE Toronto night two.

Sunny Zhai vs. Buck Gunderson vs. Bolo Fung

Photo / OWE Toronto

Zhai and Gunderson are facing each other on night one, and on this Saturday afternoon will have the opportunity to renew hostilities. But this time they will have a third combatant to deal with, a young man still fairly new to the Toronto independent scene in Bolo Fung. An interesting note is that Gunderson has worked as a trainer at Battle Arts Academy, which is in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, and Fung is a trainee at that facility.

This is the first opportunity these men have had to compete for OWE, and all will be looking to make a good impression on the promotion and create future opportunities for themselves. We shall see if any animosity from their previous bout carries over when Zhai and Gunderson step into the ring together, and perhaps they will utilize lessons learned a few days previous. Meanwhile, Fung’s striking and his martial arts background could play a big part in this triple threat.

T-Hawk vs. Daniel Garcia

OWE Toronto
Photo / OWE Toronto

Though these men are from very different backgrounds and have traveled very different paths in the wrestling business, they will bring a similar approach to this match: brutality bordering on cruelty. The Japanese T-Hawk, who as one of the #Strong Hearts is a key member of the OWE roster, has an impressive power game despite his perhaps less than imposing size. But his vicious chops and knee strikes quickly make an impression (no pun intended) on opponents and fans alike. And his power is evident in the punishing powerbombs and piledrivers he uses to put down his opponents. He is an experienced ring warrior, having been in the business for nine years, several of them spent in Dragon Gate in his home country.

His opponent ‘Red Death’ Daniel Garcia, on the other hand, is younger, not yet 21, and has just two years in the business. However, as has been documented on Pro Wrestling Post (you can find DJ Jarka’s interview with Garcia from last year elsewhere on the site), he has been very active on the North American independent scene and has also sought to develop his skills by working with a wide variety of teachers. That said, he just returned to the ring last month after missing six months due to an awful car accident that caused him horrible injuries which required surgery extensive recuperation. He is to be commended for returning in such a short period of time, though it may have felt like eons for him. Like T-Hawk, he is a fierce striker and wrestles like a man twice his size. Fans in attendance can expect a bruising, grimy contest that both men will be feeling the effects of for some time.

El Lindaman vs. Brandon Cutler

Photo / OWE Toronto

Like the previous match, this bout pits one of the #Strong Hearts against a North American independent veteran. There are some notable differences here, though. For one, Cutler is now a member of the AEW roster and has been seen on all of their events so far. And in terms of in-ring combat, these men will create a very different style of match. Lindaman can employ the power game like his frequent partner T-Hawk, but he incorporates more aerial elements than his colleague and only has half as many years of experience.

Cutler also utilizes the high flying approach, unsurprisingly since he was trained in part by Nick and Matt Jackson, the Young Bucks. As has been well documented, he returned to the wrestling business recently after being out of it for seven years, so despite being the older man in this match he does not possess a substantial experience advantage. A battle of two men capable of a fast-paced athletic style who are pretty evenly matched should result in great entertainment and excitement for all in attendance at OWE Toronto night two.

Gao Jingjia vs Sammy Guevara

Photo / OWE Toronto

This will be the second opportunity a North American audience has to see the ‘Flying Prince’ Jingjia, following his bout with ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey three days before. This native of China is fast, creative and flies through the air with the greatest of ease. On his own, he can fill a match with non-stop excitement. However, Guevara is no slouch when it comes to aerial offense. Indeed, he has quickly made an impression with a broader audience since joining the AEW roster. Neither man lacks in confidence, and so you know risks will be taken, just as the breath is taken away from fans in attendance.  This match may very well steal the show, and in the end, fans will eagerly anticipate the return of Jingjia to the West.

CIMA vs. Daniel Makabe

Photo / OWE Toronto

Both of these men have extensive experience in the ring, even if one may have a greater degree of fame with wrestling fans. CIMA, who helped found OWE, is a veteran of over 20 years and is strong in all aspects of in-ring combat. The leader of the #Strong Hearts presents a formidable opponent for whoever he is pitted against. However, the ‘Wrestling Genius’ Makabe has himself been wrestling for sixteen years and has of late achieved some of his greatest successes. This includes winning the Scenic City Invitational Tournament, a prominent independent wrestling tournament that takes place in the US South.

It is interesting to note that Makabe, who hails from western Canada, has had limited opportunities to wrestle in the eastern part of his home country, but has been prominent on the independent wrestling scene in the American Pacific Northwest and, now the southern part of that country. This match gives him an opportunity to impress his countrymen and countrywomen by going toe to toe with the widely respected CIMA. This match could be an eye-opener for a lot of people at OWE Toronto night two.

Brent Banks and Psycho Mike vs. SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian and ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels)

Photo / OWE Toronto

This match stands out on this card for many reasons, one being that it pits two local independent standouts against two world-renowned veterans who, when it comes to OWE, are better known for having worked extensively with the promotion’s up and coming wrestlers. That said, they have wrestled for OWE on its home turf. Banks and Mike are best known for being key members of the roster for Ontario’s Smash Wrestling promotion; Banks is considered one of the Four Pillars of that company. They are very different in the ring, as Banks is a hybrid of acrobatics, athletic wrestling, and stiff striking.

Psycho Mike, on the other hand, is…unique when it comes to in-ring style. His unorthodox approach could throw off the two legends who oppose him, though they have likely seen it all and done it all. Daniels and Kazarian have accomplished everything there is to accomplish in wrestling, and on this afternoon will no doubt impart some lessons to their game opponents. In the end, you expect the story to be that experience to win out, especially against a pairing that has rarely, if ever, teamed together. But the match will be engaging, entertaining, and more than worthy of being part of OWE’s North American debut. It all takes place at The MET on Saturday, August 8th at 3 PM, and is an opportunity that should not be missed for OWE Toronto night two.