#Preview OTT Wrestling’s Fifth Anniversary Show

Over the Top Wrestling returns to the National Stadium in Dublin to celebrate their Fifth Anniversary. All the bullets are loaded in the clip as well. The viral sensation that is Orange Cassidy is making his Irish debut against B. Cool. Katey Harvey returns for the first time since her injury nine months ago, to challenge for the OTT Women’s Championship. In the main event will be the potential final chapter in the epic rivalry between David Starr and Jordan Devlin.

Orange Cassidy vs. B Cool

B. Cool took matters into his own hands, getting himself booked for the Fifth Anniversary show. And he couldn’t pick a more high profile opponent than former IndependentWrestling.TV Independent Champion Orange Cassidy. Cool’s regular partner Angel Cruz is taking some time away, so the time is right for Cool to up his singles game. We’ll have to see if B. Cool has had enough time to prepare for the hard-hitting offense of the one and only lethargic Lothario.

Cara Noir, Omari & The OJMO vs. Callum Black, Killer Kross & Mike Bailey

The Black Swan, Cara Noir is making his second appearance at OTT’s Fifth Anniversary. He will be teaming with Omari and The OJMO. Omari trained at Fight Club: PRO and the OJMO is a trainee of Eddie Dennis. All three of them are hungry wrestlers from the UK and ready to make a big splash in Dublin. Their opponents will be two imports in Killer Kross and Mike Bailey, with all Irish Callum Black. Kross is making his OTT debut while both Callum and Speedball are no stranger to the OTT faithful.

Eddie Kingston vs. Terry Thatcher

After a failed campaign to wrest the Gender Neutral Championship from Mark Haskins, Terry Thatcher is looking to regain momentum. He was successful in a “Battle of the Thatchers” against Timothy Thatcher at Martina’s Gaff Party 4. His opponent, Eddie Kingston, is returning to OTT after about two years away. We last saw him at Martina’s Gaff Party 2. He recently debuted for the NWA with his partner Homicide and has had a successful run for IMPACT Wrestling. This match will be no frills with a lot of brawling going on, just like Kingston likes it.

Guerillas of Destiny vs. Kings of the North

Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa are better known as the Guerillas of Destiny. They are brothers, members of the Bullet Club and the current IWGP Tag Team Champions. The GOD will be making their OTT debuts at the Fifth Anniversary show against one of the benchmarks of Irish tag team wrestling: The Kings of the North. Bonesaw and Damien Corvin are three-time former OTT Tag Team Champions along with Dunkan Disorderly. Across those three reigns, they ruled for over 1,000 days. They’ve faced off with huge heavyweight teams before, like War Machine (Viking Raiders) and Ringkampf. On social media, the tough Northern Irishmen confirm they’re not afraid of the Tongan team, but rather welcome the challenge.

OTT No Limits Championship Ladder Match
Scotty Davis (c) vs. LJ Cleary

Scotty Davis just won the No Limits Championship in a triple threat match at Martina’s Gaff Party 4. He defeated Curtis Murray and Calum Black, and moments after his victory, LJ Cleary came out to confront him. The two are friendly and a match was made for the Fifth Anniversary. They are both in the conversation when it comes to rising stars on the Irish wrestling scene, especially in OTT.

OTT Women’s Championship Match
Valkyrie (c) vs. Katey Harvey

Like another championship match later in the evening, this one is deeply personal. Katey Harvey helped train both Valkyrie and Debbie Keitel. And then something changed inside them, to where they began to take the low road and the easy way to get what they wanted. In January, Katey Harvey suffered a horrendous injury. She broke both of her elbows and required surgery and extensive rehabilitation to come back.

Katey concedes the injury was no one’s fault but her own. She had allowed Debbie and Valkyrie to get into her head to the point she wasn’t on top of her game. During her time away, Katey was not blind to the jokes The Woke Queens were making. Now Katey Harvey is back and she’s ready to show Valkyrie who the real queen is at the Fifth Anniversary.

OTT Tag Team Championship Match
Mustache Mountain (c) vs. More than Hype

Tyler Bate and Trent Seven are two of British wrestling’s biggest stars. The current OTT Tag Team Champions are also WWE superstars where Tyler was the first United Kingdom Champion. Tyler began much like Darren Kearney and Nathan Martin, a young and hungry wrestler looking to make an impact. As part of More Than Hype, both Kearney and Martin have proven themselves two of Ireland’s best young lads. While LJ has his chance at the No Limits Championship against Scotty Davis, they can make the Fifth Anniversary a clean sweep, all of MTH as champions. Mustache Mountain certainly won’t go easy on them either.

OTT World Championship Match
Jordan Devlin (c) vs. David Starr

The rivalry between Jordan Devlin and David Starr has gone from a friendship gone awry to a blood feud over the last year. As we’re all aware at this point, Starr betrayed Devlin and prevented him from being able to defeat WALTER in a tag team match. This was out of jealousy on Starr’s behalf, who has never been able to defeat WALTER and he couldn’t bear to let his “friend” do it instead of him.

At Homecoming 2, Devlin got his hands on Starr and went berserk. He was far more agressive with strikes and brawling than we are used to seeing from the Irish Ace. In that encounter, Devlin was victorius. This allowed Jordan a respite in order to go back after WALTER and the OTT World Championship. Devlin recaptured the OTT crown at ScrapperMania V. Starr would keep popping back up in Devlin’s rearview mirror though. The two would clash at PROGRESS’s Super Strong Style 16 tournament, which would see Starr defeat Devlin. He would also go on to win the entire tournament.

Now we see the stage reset for these former best friends turned bitter enemies. Starr accuses Devlin of taking the fans who made him the star of OTT and Irish wrestling for granted. That he speaks of his accomplishments as if they were solely his own. Devlin takes no stock in the charismatic Starr’s comments, pointing out how David likes to twist every narrative to make himself out to be a hero of independent wrestling. That because Jordan has a WWE contract he is somehow less than, and this is still based in the green eyed mistress of jealousy.

Some of the OTT faithful and fans around the world have begun to take Starr’s “side” as it were. Starr is a very good and persusive orator, but can he put his money where his mouth is? Or will Jordan Devlin rise above the propaganda to prove his status as Irish Ace?

All of this incredible action goes down at the National Stadium in Dublin on October 26th. If you aren’t able to make it out in person, it will be available on OTT on Demand. OTT Wrestling is always an experience, whether watching in person or via VOD. Many events are also available on Powerslam.TV.

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