#Preview OTT Wrestling Presents Stickin Out

Ireland’s premier wrestling company, Over the Top Wrestling, returns to Belfast on January 5th. They have a stacked card for Stickin Out with the best and brightest of not only Ireland and Europe, but Japan as well. As the new year rolls one, the quality of wrestling provided by OTT will stay the same or get even better.

Kings of the North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin) vs. True Pros (Michael May & Liam Royal)

A show in Northern Ireland wouldn’t be complete without the Kings of the North. Big Strong Da, the Bonesaw and Relentless Damien Corvin will look to start 2020 off with a bang. They finished 2019 by debuting for RevPro Wrestling over in the UK. Michael and Liam both joined OTT in late 2018 and began teaming together as True Pros in 2019. They both work across the UK and elsewhere in Ireland and going up against one of the best teams ever to come out of Ireland will be a great test of their mettle.

The O.J.M.O. vs. Omari

In another match of two young, hungry stars at Stickin Out we have the OJMO taking Omari. To date in OTT, they’ve been partners in multi-man matches. Their only encounter as opponents was in Fight Club: PRO, this was a multi-man scramble match at Internacional Tecnico. This match will also be the OJMO’s first singles match in OTT. He’s taken on big names like Eddie Dennis, PAC, El Phantasmo, Robbie Eagles, David Starr and more. Omari has also had his fair share of big opponents like Scotty Davis, Dan Moloney, El Phantasmo and more. This is a great exhibition of the future of the Irish and United Kingdom wrestling scenes.

Shota Umino vs. Scotty Davis

Shooter Shota Umino, the man Jon Moxley has taken under his wing in NJPW is on a bit of an excursion. Just one day removed from his master’s big match at Wrestle Kingdom 14, he will be having a big match of his own. He’s worked for RevPro in the UK and will be making his OTT debut at Stickin Out. Umino is just shy of three years as a pro wrestler and will take on another young prodigy in Scotty Davis. The Supreme Suplex Machine is currently the No Limits Champion and one half of the PROGRESS Tag Team Champions. He’s just 19 years of age to Shota’s 22. They’re both already very good and will only get better as their careers progress.

Cara Noir vs. B. Cool

In what seems to be Joe Cabray’s favorite pastime as of late, he’s put B. Cool in another match where he is potentially out of his depths. Granted, over the last couple of months, B. Cool has been increasingly annoying. He’s done just about everything to get on Joe’s last nerve and made company decisions without Joe’s approval. Cool has eaten losses to Orange Cassidy, Paddy M, and the team of LJ Cleary and Katey Harvey. All B. Cool wants is an OTT Championship match, which he will have to earn with a victory. Now he will face one of the most unique stars in all of today’s wrestling, Cara Noir. The newly minted ATTACK! Pro Wrestling Champion, he’s still looking for his first victory in OTT. 2019 was a breakout year for Noir who will look to continue that trend into 2020.

OTT Gender Neutral Championship Match
Mark Haskins (c) vs. Adam Maxted

The daft and dastardly Mark Haskins will defend his Gender Neutral Championship against “that pretty boy off the telly”, Adam Maxted. Haskins’ stranglehold on the GN championship continues into 2020 following a series of matches involving Terry Thatcher and lastly Calum Black. Maxted was trained by his fellow Northern Irishmen, Bonesaw and Damien Corvin. Lately, he’s been picking up losses in OTT, losing to the True Pros with partner CT Flexor and PAC. Perhaps his best-known work is for the revival of World of Sport that Haskins was quick to poke fun at. Of course, when Mark Haskins is around, his lovely but dangerous wife Vicky is probably lurking around too.

OTT Women’s Championship Match
Katey Harvey (c) vs. Sammii Jayne

Also scheduled for Stickin Out is Katey Harvey’s next OTT Women’s championship defense. She’s survived the onslaught of the Woke Queens and now can move forward onto other opponents. This is by no means a first-time encounter either. They’ve been in two OTT Women’s Championship matches before. Back then though, Sammii Jayne was winning the title or defending it. Now the wrestling boot is proverbially on the other foot. Sammii returned to OTT at Defiant 3 where she faced off against an old foe in Raven Creed. Now she sets her sights on the OTT Women’s Championship once again, a title she hasn’t been involved with since 2018.

If you can get to the Europa in Belfast, tickets are still available. OTT always puts on a good show and there are bound to be matches that have not yet been announced. If you can’t, fear not as OTT on Demand has you covered. Most shows go up shortly after they occur and following this show, OTT is set to return on February 1st. Stay tuned to the Pro Wrestling Post for more OTT coverage, as well as previews, wrestler profiles, original series’, interviews, news and more about the world of professional wrestling.

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