#Preview OTT Wrestling Presents Outer Space Odyssey

Over the Top Wrestling returns to the KFR Centre in Dublin for Outer Space Odyssey 4. The best of Irish wrestling will once again be on display. With the debuting Mao and Pentagon Jr., they will join the likes of David Starr, Scotty Davis, Mark Haskins and more in proving that OTT is truly out of this world.

Kings of the North (Corvin & Bonesaw) vs. Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450

The Kings of the North return to Dublin at Outer Space Odyssey! Just like Whose Line Is It Anyway, it’s all made up and the rules don’t matter. Loser leaves town? Not in 2019! Damien Corvin and Bonesaw will take on two representatives of La Rebelion Amarilla, Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf 450. Representing The Crash, Bestia and Mr. 450 are former tag team champions. At one time, La Rebelion Amarilla was the dominant faction in The Crash. These two luchadors are hungry for reclamation of glory. If they want to prove to the OTT faithful that they are still to be feared, defeating the most dominant team in Irish wrestling is certainly the way to do it.

Rey Fenix, Pentagon Jr. & Rey Horus vs. More Than Hype

Rey Horus will also be representing La Rebelion Amarilla as he teams with the Lucha Brothers. This will also be Pentagon’s long-awaited OTT debut. These three incredible luchadors will face off against one of the top rising factions in Irish Wrestling, More Than Hype. Individually, these lads have been improving and stepping up their game. LJ Cleary even had himself an OTT Championship match. Nothing is better than the three of them together though. At Outer Space Odyssey, they will put on a hell of a show with three of the world’s best luchadors.

Terry Thatcher vs. Kyle Fletcher vs. Omari vs. Mao vs. Callum Black

We have a five-way scramble on our hands here! Mao, who is a star for DDT Pro in Japan, is also making his OTT debut. Mao is probably best known for being part of the tag team Moonlight Express with Mike Bailey. Bailey is in action later, so Mao will get a chance to show off his work as a singles star. Kyle Fletcher, normally one half of Aussie Open, will get this opportunity as well. His partner Mark Davis is down with an injury. Omari and Callum Black are both rising stars and will look for an opportunity to show off. The final piece to the puzzle is Terry Thatcher. He is still looking for a new hill to climb and prize to gain. A good showing and win in this match could put any one of them in the conversation for a championship shot.

NLW Championship Match
Scotty Davis vs. Ren Narita

The Supreme Suplex Machine Scotty Davis will defend the No Limits championship against NJPW Young Lion, Ren Narita. Narita recently began his Young Lion’s excursion, being based in the United States for a while. He’s begun to work across the US and now in OTT. For Davis, things have all been coming up roses lately. Between his work in OTT, PROGRESS, ICW, and wXw, he’s finally begun to gain the success that was foretold for him. At Outer Space Odyssey he will get another chance to hammer home that point.

Gender Neutral Championship Match
Mark Haskins (c) vs. B. Cool

To say B. Cool has been getting on the nerves of OTT promoter Joe Cabray the last couple of months is to say the sky is blue. At the Fifth Anniversary show, Cool stole his way into Cabray’s office and booked himself in a match against Orange Cassidy. He then pestered Joe into agreeing to give him a title shot…if he beat Cassidy. Well, he was not able to vanquish the lethargic lothario in the National Basketball Stadium. As seen in this video, he has goaded Joe into giving him a championship match anyway. Unfortunately for B. Cool, it’s for the Gender Neutral Championship and against Mark Haskins. At Outer Space Odyssey, B. Cool will have a chance to regain the belt that he was the first holder of. And Mark Haskins will have a chance to beat the bloody hell out of him.

OTT Women’s Championship Match
Katie Harvey (c) vs. Debbie Keitel

In an emotional encounter that the Fifth Anniversary show, Katie Harvey overcame the odds. She fought back from injury and took it to Valkyrie who made fun of her, along with Debbie Keitel. Harvey dethroned Valkyrie to become the OTT Women’s Champion. She also left some marks on Debbie for her trouble. The following night at Defiant 3, Harvey found herself defeated in a non-title contest by Keitel. Keitel vows to get revenge on Katie Harvey and take back the OTT Women’s Championship to the Woke Queens.

OTT Championship Match
David Starr (c) vs. Mike Bailey

Also at the Fifth Anniversary, David Starr usurped Jordan Devlin to win the OTT Championship. That’s the end of their story, as Devlin has left the promotion. Starr will make his first defense as the OTT Champion against “Speedball” Mike Bailey. Unironically, Bailey’s best-known work in OTT has been with Jordan Devlin. So even in his absence, Starr can’t quite escape the shadow of the Irish Ace. Starr and Bailey have also crossed paths many times, though this will only be their third singles encounter. They are currently tied at one each and this will break that tie. Will Starr’s title run be a flash in the pan or will he continue his reign? Find out at Outer Space Odyssey!

Unfortunately, if you don’t already have a ticket for this event, it is sold out. You can catch the show later on with OTT on Demand. OTT returns next on December 14th with More Than Hype’s Christmas Party.

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