#Preview: OTT Wrestling Presents – Contenders 15: Guaranteed Irish

Over the Top Wrestling returns to the Ringside Club in Dublin on July 21st. This incarnation of Contenders is very special, it’s an all Irish affair. It’s even in the name, Guaranteed Irish. All of the wrestlers are homegrown, proud sons and daughters of the Emerald Isle and its eclectic wrestling scene. One of OTT’s calling cards has been bringing in the best imports and sprinkling in the Irish wrestlers to introduce them to a broader audience and showcase them. Now there are no imports, it’s just Irish wrestling at its best on the world stage, for all the world to see.

Justin Daniels vs. Danny Cross

Justin Daniels is a wrestler trained at the Fight Factory Pro Wrestling school. He’ll be making his OTT debut at Guaranteed Irish. Justin has just started his journey in Irish Wrestling, at just 16 years of age he’s just starting to spread his wings. His opponent in Danny Cross is also just starting to blossom, a student of The School of Irish Wrestling that opened earlier this year. This is a career-making opportunity for them as they take flight in front of an Irish crowd.

More than Hype vs. Woke Queens

Following the betrayal of CT Flexor of associating with the More than Hype lads, as well as MTH dumping Debbie Keitel and Valkyrie into the pool, we have this match set. At Guaranteed Irish, The Woke Queens will team with CT Flexor to take on the young rising stars of More than Hype. Debbie and Valkyrie fancy themselves as worlds above anyone in OTT. They are both very talented wrestlers, but their attitudes are what turns many fans off. Not that they mind that, they’d rather it actually.

More than Hype are a plucky crew of three young rising Irish stars. LJ Cleary even has a match for the OTT Championship on the horizon with Jordan Devlin. As a group, they’ve racked up quite a few big victories, notably over The Rapture at ScrapperMania V. If the Woke Queens would like to have a chance at victory, they better not underestimate LJ, Darren Kearney, and Nathan Martin.

Club Tropicana vs. Sammy D, Justy & a Mystery Partner

Also in six-person tag team action, we have Club Tropicana sailing in. The trio of Aiden Epic, Captain Sexsea, and the Fabulous Nicky are well-beloved among the OTT faithful. They will take on the team of Sammy D and the fresh off of a loss Justy, and a mystery partner. Back in May at OTT Live in Belfast, the club boys were able to beat the team of Sammy, Justy and Rene Dupree. Their partner this time around is currently a mystery but will be of Irish origins and they promise this person is very decorated.

Angel Cruzers vs. Logan Bryce & Rick

Most recently added to the festivities that will be Guaranteed Irish, is this match. The Angel Cruzers start a new idea, called Ribbed. They target Team Prick (Patrick & Rick), following them slowly in their car to scare them. Patrick ends up being taken out by the car, and when Rick asks the Ouija Board for help, he’s not too enthused. The board tells him LB, and Logan Bryce enters the picture. War has been raging between the Angel Cruzers and Team Prick for several months now since they turned on Angel. The addition of Logan Bryce adds an interesting twist on this ongoing rivalry.

Winner to Face Mark Haskins for the OTT Gender Neutral Championship
Martina vs. Terry Thatcher vs. Paddy M

The story of Terry Thatcher and his quest for the Gender Neutral Championship continues. After losing to Mark Haskins at WrestleRama 3 following some dubious interference from Vicky Haskins, Thatcher finds himself having to fight his way to another chance. Haskins seems to always be a few thoughts ahead, using what advantages he has to put the screws to Thatcher and protect the title. First, it was using his golden briefcase opportunity to usurp Thatcher at Contenders 14, stealing the victory and title back. Then it was bringing Vicky in to help tip the tables back in his direction.

At Guaranteed Irish, Terry Thatcher will face two very good wrestlers, people he respects and admires in Martina and Paddy M. Martina has become a sensation due to her personality and hard work, taking her across the globe. Paddy M is a pioneer of the Irish wrestling scene and many look up to him. Both would love to have their chance at Mark Haskins, despite their respect for Terry and his quest. When such devoted and talented Irish wrestlers come together to fight, it’s not going to be a walk in the park for anybody.

Scotty Davis vs. Sean Guinness

Scotty Davis vs. Sean Guinness

Two of Ireland’s very best will finally square off in one-on-one competition. Guinness is coming off an incredible match with Jordan Devlin at WrestleRama. His high caliber opponent streak continues with Davis, a protege of Joey Cabray and Devlin himself. Davis has managed to rack up an impressive string of victories, over imports and legends such as Darby Allin and Jushin Thunder Liger. Both are very technically skilled and can strike with the best of them. They represent both the current success and future of Irish wrestling.

Jordan Devlin vs. Calum Black

This match was requested by the champion specifically. When a respected peer, a champion asks to face you in the center of the ring, it’s the greatest honor. Jordan Devlin is viewed by many as THE Ace of not only OTT but Irish Wrestling in general. Following in the footsteps of his trainer, Finn Balor, he’s begun to blaze his trail around the world.

Calum Black has only just begun his journey in pro wrestling, a handful of years under his belt. He’s been grinding away on the undercard in OTT, proving his tenacity and abilities whenever given the chance. He most recently teamed with Scotty Davis to defeat two other tag teams at OTT Live in Belfast. He’s gotten the champion’s attention and now he can show all the fans just how undeniable he truly is.

Some tickets still remain for this incredible Irish brogue filled showcase. If you can’t make it out, it will be available on OTT on Demand which now has apps for both Apple and Android devices. Select OTT events are also available on Powerslam.TV.

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