#Preview: Northeast Wrestling Presents – Over The Top

With 2020 here and pro wrestling on the rise, Northeast Wrestling is looking to continue on that wave as they start the year off during WWE’s Royal Rumble weekend. NEW Over The Top, even with their move to Kennedy High School in Waterbury, Connecticut, are swinging for the fences in one of the biggest cards in their history!


Photo/Northeast Wrestling

NEW Tag Team Champions Inzanely Rude, Keith Youngblood & Chris Battle vs. Maine Street Posse, DL Hurst & Brett Ryan Gosselin

The reigning tag champs joined by Keith Youngblood and Chris Battle look to take on Main Street Posse, DL Hurst and BRG in what should be a hot kick-off match for this Saturday’s show. A combination of existing feuds with Inzanely Rude and Maine Street expecting to fight forever over the tag titles and Youngblood, Battle, Hurst, and Gosselin looking to set themselves apart from the pack as the next rising star in NEW. A ring filled with talent usually leads to a lot of mayhem, but this may come down to pure tag team know-how between the parties involved. In the end, Zane and RJ should get the pin on either Gosselin or Hurst, leaving the door open for another intense future match up with the Posse.

Prediction: Youngblood, Battle and the champs get the win in this opening contest

Photo / Northeast Wrestling

Guerrillas Of Destiny vs. JT Dunn and Mike Verna

The bad boys of the Bullet Club come to NEW as they face company staples JT Dunn and Mike Verna. This may be a surprisingly competitive match as Dunn and Verna may give the G.O.D. a run for their money. This may be a rare appearance for these tag team legends to debut (no wonder venues had to be moved), so I fully expect them to work face here and being their reign of tag team terror in NEW.

Prediction: Solid match leads to a Guerrillas Of Destiny win

Bold Prediction: nZo shows up during or after the match to challenge Tama at NEW’s next show

Photo / Northeast Wrestling

Flip Gordon vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

The Mercenary vs. the Promise Prince. The Enterprise’s Hitman vs. The Rookie of the Year. If there was any match you can wish was on TV, this would be the one. Pillman is building an impressive resume between his showings across the independents and being top of the card on MLW. For Flip Gordon, it’s been a career resurgence since coming back from injury and being apart of Scrull’s faction. While Gordon will continue to bring fire in the ring, Pillman has had some impressive showings in NEW which may put him in NEW Championship contention with this upset.

Prediction: Brian Pillman Jr. gets a roll-up win

Photo / Northeast Wrestling

Richard Holliday vs. Christian Casanova for the NEW Live Championship

Christian Casanova may have been the second rate in Beyond and other companies, but with NEW, he’s becoming one of the hottest independent stars today. With Richard Holliday, he continues to be MLW’s staple in the Dynasty faction while making us all have disdain for his lawyer/father. For the power broker Jake Silberkleit, it’s about having control in NEW and with his line of credit, it was easy to hire Holiday for this match.

However, Casanova seems to be primed for a long reign to build the lineage of Northeast newest title and build his brand as champion.

Prediction: Shenanigans aside, Casanova takes the victory

Photo / Northeast Wrestling

Marty Scrull vs. Vincent

With a new contract with Ring of Honor and a new lease on his wrestling career, The Villain seems to make a case for 2020 being his most dominant career on the independent scene. For ‘The Horror King’, here’s another platform to display his reign of terror. While it’s interesting these two have not faced one another in ROH, the NEW gets a main event caliber match in Waterbury. However, Scrull, like Pillman, may just have to throw his name in the hat as a future #1 contender.

Prediction: Marty Scrull gets the win in emphatic fashion.

Photo / Northeast Wrestling

Mike Gamble vs. Wrecking Ball Legursky

Wrecking Ball and Mike Gamble is the big hoss battle you’ve been looking for. Legursky is raising his stock no matter the wins or losses in NEW, same goes for Gamble who has become a staple for solid big man matches. While I expect Legursky to pull out the win, Mike Gamble make take this W in this match because I expect Wrecking Ball… well, see below.

Prediction: Gamble wins the battle of big men

Photo / Northeast Wrestling

NEW Over The Top 30-Man Rumble

Like WWE, NEW has not announced all the competitors for this match. So far legends and superstars such as Haku, Keith Youngblood, Chris Battle and more have been announced. However, you fully expect all the superstars of the Northeast brand to try and make an impact on this loaded card. While it’s not announced what the winner will receive, I already have my winner AND I have the winning stipulation.

Prediction: Wrecking Ball Legursky wins the 30-Man Rumble and becomes NEW Championship #1 Contender

Over The Top
Photo / Northeast Wrestling

NEW Championship

Darby Allin (c) vs. Dan Maff

Darby Allin has become pro wrestling’s most over superstar throughout the wrestling world. However, he’s going up against a literal brick wall in the veteran Dan Maff. The way I see it, Maff is going to brutalize Allin and this entire match may be tough to watch. But if you haven’t seen his AEW work, Allin is resilient as hell and may just pull out this… do I dare, an upset? Allin, unless contract stipulations come up, continues his historic reign.

Prediction: Darby Allin retains the NEW Championship

Over The Top
Photo / Northeast Wrestling

In the end, most of the professional wrestling world will focus on Worlds Collide and Royal Rumble, NEW will once again steal the weekend and have the entire wrestling world talking! With appearances by Bob Backlund, Road Warrior Animal, and more, it sure to be an eventful evening in Connecticut. If you plan to attend Over the Top, click here for tickets and send me your photos and highlights and I’ll share them!

John Caul is a longtime wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. A former color commentator for several independent companies and former owner of independent wrestling company Imperial World Wrestling, John currently spends his time interacting with wrestling fans on Twitter while enjoying podcasts such as Cheap Heat and Jobber Tears.