#Preview: Northeast Wrestling Presents Autumn Ambush

Northeast Wrestling has become one of the hottest independent companies in the New England area, no question. Moxley, the Kanellis’, Pentagon Jr.… a whose who have graced the NEW ring, and coming off another hot show which saw AEW’s Rey Fenix and JT Dunn tear the house down, NEW is back with Autumn Ambush on October 19th.

Today, in my first edition of Northeast NOW, we will highlight three big matches I feel will are the ones to watch from the event this Saturday.

DL Hurst vs. Cody Vance

A match if firsts here as the opening match of the night includes two debuting superstars. DL Hurst has shown promise in his matches in Beyond and other companies. Cody Vance comes in at a high value here having solid matches with NXT’s Damian Priest and EVOLVE’s Josh Briggs. This will be a good opener and table-setter for the night as I expect the former MFPW Heavyweight Champion to start a path to NEW’s title.

Prediction: Cody Vance wins your opening match.


Christian Casanova vs. ‘Rare Breed’ Keith Youngblood

In a battle of Uber talented stars, Christian Casanova and Keith Youngblood may be the show-stealer if these guys get a chance to work. Expect counters galore and plenty of superkicks being brought to the party. For me, Casanova’s upside, and some heelish tactics give him the edge here.

Prediction: Casanova eeks out a win


Hale Collins VS. “RED LION” Chris Battle

Hale is looking to bounce back from the hometown energy he poured out into the ring against the champ Darby Allin at Prison Break. On the other side, the “Red Lion” looks to also pick up a W after his impressive showing against Luchasaurus. While Battle may dominate early and often, I expect Collins to get back on his winning ways.

Prediction: Hale rebounds with a much needed win


Wrecking Ball Legursky vs. Sledge

Wrecking Ball Legursky, the big man who’s on a 4-match winning streak in NEW, looks to continue his winning ways going against the intense metalhead, Sledge. This isn’t going to be a match, this will be a brawl. The 6’3 Sledge usually holds an intimidation advantage over his opponents but not the 300+ wrecker so expect to see a fight. If we’re going off promos alone though, which sold me immediately, Sledge may take this win here.

Prediction: Sledge ends Legursky’s winning ways


#Preview NEW NOW: Northeast Wrestling Presents Autumn Ambush

Inzanely Rude vs. The Trust Fund for the NEW Tag Team Championship

Inzanely Rude gives me nothing but Brian Kendrick and Paul London vibes and that’s high praise for these two studs in NEW. But Zane and RJ have a big match ahead of them facing money’s favorite menaces Thrillride and Ron Zombie. While it’s a given The Trust Fund’s ring leader Jared Silberkleit will have something up his sleeve, I fully expect the ‘rude boys’ to hold those titles a little longer. But are they ready for a money match? Maybe the Lucha Bros. in the future?

Prediction: Inzanely Rude retains the NEW Tag Team Championship

#Preview NEW NOW: Northeast Wrestling Presents Autumn Ambush

JT Dunn vs. ‘Cold Steel’ Chuck O’Neil

I’ve said this before, JT Dunn just looks like a star and should be treated as such. Rey Fenix match aside, Dunn has consistently been impressive over the past year and he doesn’t look to slow down. Chuck O’Neil is right there with Dunn. A legit fighter, and stamina monster, the former UFC fighter looks to continue to make his case as a legitimate title contender. However, Dunn is trending up so expect his win here… but it will come at a cost cause this will be a fight. Not a match.

Prediction: JT Dunn wins after a 20-minute classic


Darby Allin vs. King Brian Anthony for the NEW World Championship

If you are new to King Brian, then you have missed a lot. The King has been a top tier talent and character in NEW for quite some time. A prodigal heel, with the mannerisms, ring style (and crown to match), Anthony is undeniable when the mic is in hand. But he’s going against one of the hottest stars in wrestling right now in Darby Allin. With a rocket strapped to him, Allin is having himself a year. Already suffering a loss from his big challenge in AEW against Chris Jericho for its world title, I feel he may have looked past Brian Anthony here and be 0-2 in championship matches this week.

Prediction: The King gets his crown and becomes NEW World Champion

It should be a big night for a lot of superstars on the card and I fully expect NEW to be the talk of the Independent scene again after this weekend.

Come see NEW’s amazing talent including a special appearance by Ring of Honor’s Matt Taven Saturday, October 19th at the NEW Arena! Tickets on sale at NortheastWrestling.com

John Caul is a longtime wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. A former color commentator for several independent companies and former owner of independent wrestling company Imperial World Wrestling, John currently spends his time interacting with wrestling fans on Twitter while enjoying podcasts such as Cheap Heat and Jobber Tears.