Preview: NEW Presents – March Mayhem

Fresh off a highly touted event at Career vs. Crown which saw a king uncrowned, a lineage of a championship continued. And a resilient contender become a marked man, Northeast Wrestling is back once again! This time for March Mayhem at the NEW Arena which finds us once again in awe of a card filled with highly touted re-debuts, big matches, and a match we’re steel chairs are all legal!


Preview: NEW Presents - March Mayhem
Photo courtesy of Northeast Wrestling

Brett Ryan Gosselin Open Challenge

Has Gosselin not learned his lesson? I guess not but for the second event straight, Brett Ryan Gosselin will issue another open challenge. After the last one went… well, we can only assume he is looking for a new challenge. Who will ‘step up’ to Justin Bei… I mean Brett Ryan this time?

Prediction: Another night, another Gosselin loss

Preview: NEW Presents - March Mayhem
Photo courtesy of Northeast Wrestling

“Big Bacon” Brad Hollister vs. “Cold Steel” Chuck O’Neil

And speaking of who stepped up for Gosselin’s challenge, NEW’s resident slab of hoss, Brad Hollister returned to a big ovation at Career vs. Crown. But his comeback may be halted as he faces the overpowering Chuck O’Neil. In this battle of NEW’s potential 2020 breakout superstars. With that big return, O’Neil could be a troublesome roadblock to Hollister’s momentum. But the way the NEW Universe clamored for Big Bacon’s return, I see a bright future towards an eventual title match.

Prediction: Brad Hollister continues to rides this wave of momentum with a W

Preview: NEW Presents - March Mayhem
Photo courtesy of Northeast Wrestling

Wrecking Ball Legursky vs. ‘The Air Pod God’ Richard Holliday w/ Jared Silberkleit

Coming off a highly touted victory against Mike Verna, the Wrecking Ball once again looks to be on a path of destruction. But on that path is the man with the best lawyer/father in the country…Richard Holliday. Holliday, fresh off his victory with his fellow financial followers under Jared Silberkleit, continues to shine in NEW. While I expect WBL to maintain his dominance, there’s just something about the power of the dollar when The Air Pod God is involved

Prediction: Legursky’s stock falls as Richard Holliday gets the win 

Preview: NEW Presents - March Mayhem
Photo courtesy of Northeast Wrestling

Mike Verna vs. JT Dunn

A true battle of NEW’s workhorses, Mike Verna and JT Dunn clash in a possible sleeper match of the night. For Verna, he looks to pick up a win after the loss to Wrecking Ball Legursky. Dunn is continuing his string of impressive showings in the NEW Arena after defeating Sledge. As stated, THIS is your sleeper of the night, the 5-star wrestling clinic you were looking for. And honestly, it’s too close to call but…

Prediction: JT Dunn continues to back up all claims, defeating Verna is a classic

Photo courtesy of Northeast Wrestling

Northeast Wrestling LIVE Championship Match
Christian Casanova (c) vs. Delirious

Oh my God…. OMG… OMG… While, yes, Christian Casanova continues to turn naysayers and doubters into believers with his impressive defenses of the young NEW Live title, this challenge may not be so easy. 19-year veteran, Ring of Honor legend, Delirious, is next up for Casanova. I’m sure that Delirious will receive a thunderous welcome from the NEW crowd. And as much as I believe the head of the ROH Dojo will come in a teach a lesson to Christian, this may be the match that finally makes the believers understand what I’ve been saying for months now…

Prediction: Christian Casanova continues to prove why he’s 2020’s breakout independent wrestling star defeating Delirious

Photo courtesy of Northeast Wrestling

Northeast Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match
Inzanely Rude (c) vs. Bear Country w/ Jared Silbekleit

InZanely Rude has enjoyed their reign as NEW’s tag champions dispatching all challengers who have stepped up against them…

This is Bear Country and this is Jared Silbekleit. Bear Country continues to be the Northeast independent region’s most dominant team throughout the past 2 years. As much as Team Inzane has become the fans favorite tandem, Bear Country is not only intimidating but financially powerful. Eh, like we need even more reason for Jared to brag on social media…

Prediction: Bear Country becomes the NEW Tag Team Champions

Photo courtesy of Northeast Wrestling

Chairs Are Legal
Northeast Wrestling Championship Match
Dan Maff (c) vs. Keith Youngblood

Controversy. In the words of the legendary Eric Bischoff, it creates cash. But it can also create a match rarely seen in NEW. After a controversial ending to their championship match at Career vs. Crown, the champion Dan Maff and the challenger Keith Youngblood are at it again. This time the steel of seats is all legal. It will be painful to watch. This will be bloody. But this time, we WILL get a winner. Youngblood continues to become one of NEW’s hottest stars. Maff continues to make himself Northeast Wrestling’s most dominant champions. This will not be for the faint of heart.

Prediction: Maff continues his reign of terror retaining the NEW Championship

With more appearances including Chris Battle in action and ROH star Vincent lurking in the shadows, it looks to be another big night at the NEW Area this Saturday! For tickets, click here.

And if you attend, please feel free to tweet me at @MakeTheCaul as I will reshare anything and everything from NEW March Mayhem!

John Caul is a longtime wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. A former color commentator for several independent companies and former owner of independent wrestling company Imperial World Wrestling, John currently spends his time interacting with wrestling fans on Twitter while enjoying podcasts such as Cheap Heat and Jobber Tears.