MLW presents Superfight (2/2/19) | Preview

MLW presents Superfight descends on Philadelphia for their next taping event, Superfight! It is set for February 2nd at the infamous 2300 Arena. This show has been hyped for months, as has the main event. After seven months of chasing Low-Ki, Tom Lawlor will finally get his shot. The title shot that Tom Lawlor won at Battle Riot will finally take place. As always with MLW there is a huge card filled with action, so let’s get down to business.

DJ Z vs. Myron Reed

After debuting during the last round of tapings in Miami, DJZ is returning to MLW. DJZ impressed MLW matchmakers with his outings against Dragon Lee and Hijo de LA Park. Myron Reed has also long impressed MLW management, but they wonder if he can it kick into that next gear. Outside of MLW, the two have gone to war several times in AAW. Most recently it was over DJ Z’s AAW Heritage title. At Superfight, we’ll see which of these two middleweights have that killer instinct to finish their opponent off.

Kotto Brazil vs. Ricky Martinez presented by Salina de la Renta

The history between Kotto Brazil and Salina de la Renta’s sicario goes back to Miami. One night, Brazil was attempting to enjoy himself with a night on the town. Things took a bad turn though when Ricky showed up in the same club Kotto was at. Kotto was attacked, presumably by Martinez, and a glass bottle was smashed into his eye. This required surgery and Brazil was only recently able to return to MLW, competing on the January 25th episode of MLW Fusion. Any evidence of Martinez’s involvement in Brazil’s attack has mysteriously gone “missing.” Though he was fined by the league for his suspected involvement, Promociones Dorado’s hefty checkbook cleared this quickly.

Now at MLW Superfight, the Haitian Sensation will get his opportunity at revenge. He will be across the ring from Ricky Martinez. Will Kotto be able to satiate his appetite for vigilante justice? Or will Ricky Martinez prove that his nickname of sicario is earned?

Ace Romero vs. Simon Gotch

Speaking of revenge, Simon Gotch is itching for about $20,000 worth of it. At MLW Fusion episode 37, Ace Romero took up Gotch’s open Prize Fight challenge. Gotch had come out and challenged anyone to come and fight him for the potential to win 20 grand. He just didn’t anticipate an opponent like Acey Baby. Unlike the prize fight challenges Gotch had faced in the past, Romero dominated Gotch and finished him in short order. Now Simon Gotch looks to get some pride back against one of the most talented super-heavyweights in wrestling. At MLW Superfight, we’ll see who will come out on top.

Rich Swann vs. Ace Austin

In another sure to be great middleweight showcase, it will be Rich Swann taking on new MLW regular Ace Austin. Rich has been a part of MLW since May of 2018 and has helped build the middleweight division. However, that hasn’t always worked out in his personal favor. Recently in his match against Dragon Lee, he began to display a different attitude. He didn’t play to the crowd as he had in the past. Despite this, it didn’t help him gain the victory against the young luchador. Outside of MLW, he is the current reigning and defending IMPACT Wrestling X Division Champion. Hopefully, this recent accomplishment will help him against Wrestling’s Gambit.

Ace Austin is a 21-year-old sensation from New Jersey that debuted for MLW in Chicago. His killer outing against Myron Reed eventually led to him being confirmed as an MLW regular on January 20th. He competes regularly for AAW, Rockstar Pro, CZW and Desastre Total Ultraviolento. Austin is also the current DTU Alto Impacto Champion as well as the World Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) Ultimate Hybrid Champion. Now he will have a chance to see if he can come up aces against Rich Swann at Superfight.

Puma King vs. Gringo Loco

Puma King will be returning to prowl the jungle of MLW. He was last seen triumphing over MJF in a flag match and now he’s back for more. Puma King recently completed a tour with DDT in Japan. He’s also still heavily active with AAA, IMPACT Wrestling and PWG. This second-generation star has proven he’s a chip off the old block; his father is El Felino and his uncle is Negro Casas.

Gringo Loco has gotten many people’s attention since coming to MLW. He took the legendary LA Park to the limit on MLW Fusion. He’s also clashed with other members of Promociones Dorado in Hijo de LA Park and Ricky Martinez. These two clashed recently in Black Label Pro, which saw Puma King come away with the victory. If you’re in the mood for some good lucha libre action, you’re in for a real treat with these two.  

MLW presents Superfight

Tommy Dreamer & A Mystery Partner vs. Brian Pillman, Jr. & A Mystery Partner

The saga between Tommy Dreamer and the second-generation Brian Pillman, Jr. has gotten very storied very quickly. Dreamer came into MLW back in November to teach Pillman some respect following the attack on Kevin Sullivan. He was able to outsmart the youngster and walk away with the win in their first meeting. On episode 36 of MLW Fusion, Dreamer teamed with his friend Barrington Hughes to take on the Hart Foundation. The team of Pillman and Davey Boy Smith, Jr. were able to get the victory following some underhanded tactics. This led to Dreamer challenging Brian to his favorite kind of match, a Singapore Cane match.

Despite Pillman Jr.’s best attempts of layering to avoid the pain, he became acquainted with the Singapore Cane. And unfortunately for Tommy Dreamer, so did he. Pillman was able to hit a low blow with the cane, allowing him to put Dreamer away for the win. On Friday’s episode of MLW Fusion prior to Superfight, the two will clash again in an empty arena match. And if that wasn’t enough, they will also go to war at MLW Superfight. This time with friends and partners of their choice. Each man will choose his own mystery partner for this tag team match. Will Tommy Dreamer finally beat some respect into the cocky youngster in his home arena? Or will Brian Pillman, Jr. continue to prove his craftiness?

MLW presents Superfight

Aerostar vs. Rey Horus

Aerostar will be making his MLW debut at MLW Superfight. Lucha libre’s astronaut is blasting off and ready to land in Philadelphia. Aerostar’s American appearances are infrequent outside of IMPACT Wrestling and Lucha Underground. So, this one is bound to be special. His opponent is no stranger to MLW in Rey Horus. Horus hasn’t been seen since Battle Riot back in July. That doesn’t mean he’s been idle though. He’s a regular for promotions such as AAW, The Crash, PWG, PCW Ultra and DEFY Wrestling. He should also be familiar to Lucha Underground fans but under the moniker Dragon Azteca, Jr. Amazingly, the two have only crossed paths once before, at Aztec Warfare back in season two of LU. Now at Superfight, we will get to see what a performance these two can put on together.

MLW presents Superfight

Lucha Bros (Pentagon, Jr. & Rey Fenix, c) vs. The Hart Foundation

In the first of two title fights, we have the Lucha Brothers defending their MLW World Tag Team Championships. Pentagon, Jr. and Rey Fenix are looking to regain some momentum after tangling with Promociones Dorado for the majority of 2018. Fenix is also coming off an injury and will be looking to remind fans of his aerial artistry. The Hart Foundation have been demanding a title fight for several months and now they have their opportunity. The leader of the Hart Foundation and current MLW World Middleweight Champion, Teddy Hart, has been mouthing off about the Lucha Brothers for weeks. Hart claims that because they wear masks that they hide behind them and are cowards. Now both teams can put their money where their mouths are with the titles on the line.

MLW presents Superfight

MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Low Ki (c) presented by Salina de la Renta vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

Finally, it’s time for the main event. This one has been seven months in the making, ever since Tom Lawlor won the 40-man Battle Riot. And ever since Lawlor declared his intention to challenge Low-Ki, Promociones Dorado has tried to prevent it. They’ve sent Sami Callihan after Tom Lawlor. They paid Lawlor’s former friend Simon Gotch to betray him. Basically, they have done everything possible to try and knock Lawlor from the title picture. Lawlor would argue it is out of fear, whereas Low-Ki insists it’s due to Lawlor’s unworthiness.
Low-Ki has been undefeated in MLW ever since the promotion began over 15 years ago. Low-Ki further cemented his status by defeating Shane Strickland for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. His bloody war with Konnan on MLW Fusion proved he is willing to do absolutely anything to win. Even if it means getting fined by the League, which of course Promociones Dorado took care of. The Professional demands respect at all costs and has said on many occasions that we will respect his reign.

Now there are no more excuses, no more avoiding and nowhere to hide at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. Low-Ki has no choice but to climb into the ring with the MMA legend and defend his championship and his pride. And “Filthy” Tom Lawlor is determined to take both.

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