#Preview – MLW Presents Battle Riot II

Major League Wrestling presents Battle Riot II from the Melrose Ballroom in New York City on Friday, April 5th. This will be the second part of their WrestleMania week double feature. The first part was Rise of the Renegades, and the preview for that can be found here. The main feature of this show will be the second ever Battle Riot. This is a 40-man battle royal in which the winner can challenge the MLW World Heavyweight champion whenever they choose. The first winner was Tom Lawlor, who held onto his shot for several months before winning the title from Low-Ki. There are a few other matches set to take place as well.

Brian Pillman, Jr. vs. Rich Swann

First up we have some great Middleweight division action. The Middleweight Division in MLW includes anyone who weighs up to 205 pounds that would like to participate. The son of the late Brian Pillman, Brian Pillman, Jr., is like family to the current Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart. Rich Swann, his career in MLW has been slowed as of late, is eager to get back in the title hunt. Swann has undergone a recent change in personality, he continually had problems with an MLW referee and eventually struck him. Shortly thereafter, Swann also laid his hands on announcer Rich Bocchini. For these actions, the league fined Swann and suspended him from in-ring competition.

Swann did gain a supporter in his cause, Myron Reed. Reed would come to the ring on the last couple weeks of MLW Fusion shows, wearing tape across his mouth reading Free Swann. Reed would also experience similar perceived issues with MLW referees. This will be Swann’s first match back following his suspension. Who knows what Rich Swann will show up or if his frustration will be in check? Find out at Battle Riot II!

LA Park vs. Jimmy Havoc

This is, of course, a dream match of sorts. LA Park is one of the fathers of hardcore wrestling, especially in the United States. The Grim Reaper will meet England’s Most Dangerous Man at Battle Riot II. Both will do whatever it takes, put their own bodies through incredible feats of violence to win. LA Park also has the additional weapon that is his promoter, Salina de la Renta. She isn’t above getting her hands dirty when the situation calls for it either. Jimmy Havoc will be coming off of a fight with Tom Lawlor, so who knows how much of Jimmy will be left. However, he is a veteran of many tours with deathmatches day after day, so he might be just fine as well. But will either of them make it to the Battle Riot?

Low-Ki vs. Daga

At Battle Riot II, the long-awaited rematch between Low-Ki and Daga will take place. On MLW Fusion episode 30, Daga challenged Low-Ki for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. He had been brought in by Konnan in Konnan’s crusade to unseat Low-Ki. Low-Ki is a calculating fighter, and this was evidenced by him targeting Daga’s ear. Daga has a common wrestling ailment called cauliflower ears, making them more prominent and further away from his skull. It also makes them more susceptible to injury. And injure Daga’s ear, he did. He ripped the upper portion of Daga’s ear from his head, causing a massive amount of bleeding.

Now Daga is back in MLW with revenge on his mind and in his heart. He has just one target, and that’s Low-Ki. Low-Ki outwardly projects confidence and no fear of Daga. He was on commentary for episode 51 of MLW Fusion during Daga’s match. There he dissected Daga’s match, both positively and negatively. Clearly, he appreciates Daga’s work but he also wants to defeat him.

MLW World Middleweight Championship Match
Teddy Hart (c) vs. Ace Austin

The young Ace Austin has impressed many since his debut in MLW. He’s also been very successful, racking up wins over Rich Swann and DJ Z. His quick success has earned him a shot against Teddy Hart’s World Middleweight Championship. Teddy has been successful in his first two title defenses since winning the belt in a ladder match on MLW Fusion episode 35. Teddy is also not your typical Hart in the ring. Yes, he is well versed in mat wrestling and his technical prowess is probably unbeatable. He also combines this with feats of athleticism and reckless abandon. This should pair well with Austin’s aerial style. The young Ace may have nothing to lose in his first quest for gold, but Teddy won’t make it easy for him.

Battle Riot II

This is the second-ever Battle Riot, which is a 40-man battle royal. The winner will have a shot at the MLW World Heavyweight Champion whenever they would like. As of press time, 35 of the 40 participants have been confirmed by MLW. Even those involved in matches earlier in the evening will take part; Ace Austin, Teddy Hart, Low-Ki, Daga, LA Park, Jimmy Havoc, Rich Swann, and Brian Pillman, Jr. Davey Boy Smith, Jr. will join his Hart Foundation stablemates, as well as Hijo de LA Park and Ricky Martinez from Promociones Dorado. A long list of those with issues with Promociones Dorado will also be in Battle Riot II. They are Mance Warner, Rey Fenix, Pentagon, Jr., and the returning Kotto Brazil.

One of the newest factions in MLW, the Dynasty will also be represented in Battle Riot II. MJF, Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday will all be involved. Other returns to MLW are Jimmy Yuta, Lance Anoa’i, and the undefeated Barrington Hughes. Joining the Caramel Colossus on the big man front is the human jumbo jet, Ace Romero. Young high-flying middleweights may be at a disadvantage in a match where leaving your feet is a dangerous idea. Representing that division are Air Wolf, Ariel Dominguez, Gringo Loco, Jordan Oliver, Myron Reed, and Rey Horus. Another one to look out for is MLW’s bounty hunter, Sami Callihan. Col. Robert Parker is sending Leo Brien and Michael Patrick in from his Stud Stable to hopefully bring the win home to Tampa Bay.

Another fun part of Battle Riot II is the special debuts and appearances. From Germany’s Westside Xtreme Wrestling we have the Avalanche, Robert Deissker, and the current wXw Shotgun Champion, Emil Sitoci. Minoru Tanaka from Japan will also be involved, as well as Ken Kerbis from Israel. Lastly, for the known participants, we have a UFC pioneer in Dan “The Beast” Severn. There are also five slots remaining unannounced for surprise entrants. So, you never know who might show up! There are two ways to find out though. You can join MLW in the Melrose Ballroom in New York City on Friday, April 5th. Or you can tune into beIN Sports for the 2-hour live special! It will, of course, be posted on YouTube in a day or two following.

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