#Preview Melbourne City Wrestling and Evies Present G.IRL

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Melbourne City Wrestling and Evie’s Disco Diner are teaming up on Sunday March the 3rd 2019 to present their third annual all female event G.IRL. In 2019 it is now safe to say that women’s wrestling has evolved from being a evolution to now being an all out global phenomenon. Often company’s are now successfully building all female events such as G.IRL. This event brings the best female wrestlers from Australia and other areas of the globe as well and produce an exciting combination of wrestling and entertainment.

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While the entertainment side of the event comes in the form of DJ’s and music, it just would not be a wrestling show without some matches on the card. One of the announced matched for G.IRL is Aria as she goes one on one with Chanel Phoenix. Chanel Phoenix will be in singles competition here, she regularly makes up one half of the tag team Kaiju along with her her partner Vixsin. Aria could prove to be incredibly tough competitions as she is a solid performer who will be eager to come out of this one with a victory.

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Avary is easily one of the top names in Australia at the moment as she continues to impress each and every time she steps inside of the squared circle. Avary will hopefully have done her homework as one of the top prospects from New Zealand will be making her way over for G.IRL. Candy Lee hails from New Zealand and has quickly become a name that is being talked about. Candy Lee will want to continue to have her star rise and she is ready to do that by picking up a victory over Avary. No matter who comes out with the victory it is sure to be a true highlight reel of a match to watch.

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Speaking of highlight reel matches, the one that every one is going to be talking about the next day will be a no disqualification match between Michelle K Hasluck and Vixsin. Michelle K Hasluck from Perth Australia will be making her MCW debut, but it comes with the very daunting task of stepping in the ring with Vixsin. Vixsin is the other half of team Kaiju with Chanel Phoenix and she is not someone you want to be on the bad side of. With a no disqualification stipulation on this one it becomes a a dream come true for Vixsin, but there is that chance that maybe on this Michelle has luck and can surprise everyone with a tremendous debut victory.

Photo / Melbourne City Wrestling

In singles action as well the MCW fans will be treated to match between Tarlle and Kelly Anne. Kelly Anne is a name that has created a lot of buzz around the globe, she is quite easily a name we will be seeing a lot more of in the years to come. Tarlee will be no easy task as she has got a move set that will probe to be extremely effective in her attempt to claim victory.

G.IRL all goes down on Sunday March 3rd 2019 from Evie’s Disco Diner. Make sure that if you are in the area to get your tickets and and enjoy some of the absolute most exciting wrestling not just in Australia but around the world.


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