#Preview MCW Presents Ninth Anniversary Extravaganza Nights 1 and 2


October is a very exciting month for Australian wrestling.  Melbourne City Wrestling is celebrating its ninth anniversary with a two-night wrestling extravaganza.  One of the most exciting announcements for #MCWNINE is the MCW Invitational Tournament to crown the first-ever MCW women’s champion. The card is stacked with the absolute best names that all are looking to make history. We present MCW Ninth Anniversary nights.

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Candy Lee vs Xena

The first match that Melbourne City Wrestling announced via Twitter for the MCW Invitational Tournament is Candy Lee vs Xena.  Candy Lee and Xena both have all the skills required to get to the end of this tournament.  Candy lee and Xena have to cross paths with one another in the first round of the tournament.  These two competitors both will bring everything they have and more to come out with the victory.  This is going to be a very exciting match to kick off this history-making tournament.

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Jessica Troy vs Tarlee

Jessica Troy is a name that continues to come up all over Australia at the moment.  Jessica Troy has had a very successful 2019 so far and now also has focused on possibly being crowned the very first MCW Women’s Champion.  Tarlee will not allow for the resume of Jessica Troy to throw her off of her own game.  Tarlee is looking to shine and no better way to do it than by kicking off the first round of the tournament with a massive win over one of Australia’s absolute best.

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KellyAnne vs Kingsley

Once against another very exciting opening round match in the tournament.  KellyAnne and Kingsley both are continuing to impress each time they step inside of the squared circle.  KellyAnne and Kingsley have this golden opportunity to rise to the top and make history here, the only problem is they are roadblocks to one another.  There can only be one winner and it is hard to pick one from this matchup.

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Avary vs Steph De Lander

If there are two in this tournament that know one another well inside the squared circle then it is Avary and Steph De Lander.  These two can and will work extremely hard in order to come out with a victory in this match and continue on to the semi-finals.  The opportunity of a lifetime is on the line and these two women are going to do what it takes to end up being called the champion by the end of the weekend.

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Slex & Adam Brooks vs Caveman Ugg & Hartley Jackson

In November long-time adversaries Slex and Adam Brooks will go one on one in their rematch for the MCW Championship.  Until then though these talented individuals will need to set their sites on working together in a tag team match.  Opposite the ring from them will be the team of Caveman Ugg and Hartley Jackson.  Ugg and Jackson will not hesitate to capitalize should Brooks and SLEX decide not to focus on the match and rather focus on one another.  There is a lot of history surrounding Brooks and SLEX so this match is really anyone’s guess as to the way it will end up going.  There is a mass amount of talent on display in this matchup so as fans we are going to be in for a real treat with this tag team encounter.

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Emman The Kid vs Jett Rouka vs Royce Chambers

Danny Psycho is the current MCW Intercommonwealth Championship, a championship he fought so hard to obtain through an intense multi-month tournament. Now multiple challengers are chomping at the bit for their opportunity to take on the champion Danny Psycho.  Night one of MCW Nine will be the opportunity of a lifetime for three amazing young talents.  A triple threat match between Jett Rouka and two new faces to the MCW ring in Emman The Kid and Royce Chambers.

Rouka who may in a slight sense have the home field advantage being a more familiar face to MCW will hope to prevent any true Cinderella moments from occurring in this match.  The Kid and Chambers both have so much to gain not only from picking up a victory in this match, but also to imagine the sudden spotlight if one of them were to accomplish defeating Danny Psycho on night number two and becoming the new MCW Intercommonwealth Champion.  Triple threat match is always full of action and excitement, plus with the added additions to the roster, this one is likely to be a very memorable encounter for the entire MCW audience.

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Shaun Young vs Ritchie Taylor

Shaun Young issued out a challenge to absolutely anybody who would give him a fight, and a fight he now has on his hands with Ninth Anniversary nights.  Ritchie Taylor answered the challenge of Shaun Young and so the stage has now been set for these two to go one on one at MCW Nine.

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The Natural Classics vs Will Ospreay & Kyle Fletcher

In very huge news for night, one of MCW Ninth Anniversary nights Will Ospreay is coming back to Melbourne City Wrestling for Ninth Anniversary nights.  Will Ospreay will be teaming up with Kyle Fletcher and chasing an opportunity for an MCW tag Team Championship match.  The match against very talented opponents in the Natural Classics is to find a new contender for the MCW Tag Team Champions.  Will Ospreay and Kyle Fletcher will be extremely difficult competition, but the Natural Classics bring a lot of team experience to this encounter which may just give them enough of the edge to pull off a victory.  Either way, this match is packed with excitement and a must-watch.

Two extremely exciting nights back to back for Melbourne City Wrestling as they celebrate nine years of bringing their exciting brand of wrestling to the world.  It is worth the investment to be part of MCW Ninth Anniversary nights, especially with the tournament to crown the first-ever MCW Women’s Champion.  It will be a history-making moment for the company and so it will be a true experience to be there live in person.

If you are unfortunately unable to be at MCW Ninth Anniversary nights but still want to experience what MCW has to offer, then pop on over to their website and click on MCW On Demand to find out how you can see events that MCW has made available. MCW Nine also features Will Ospreay returning to their ring as well, with everything here that is being offered there is no reason not to get tuned in to MCW today and prepare for the excitement and celebration of MCW Nine.

Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.