#Preview MCW Presents Ballroom Brawl

Melbourne City Wrestling is hot off their crossover event with SPW New Zealand and is now ready to brawl, a Ballroom Brawl.  MCW presents Ballroom Brawl will take place on Saturday, July 20th, 2019 from the Thornbury Theatre.  The events that took place at the Southern Rumble have direct effects on the Ballroom Brawl event, a very big match up has been set for the night that promises to blow the roof off the building.

Ballroom Brawl

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MCW & SPW Championship Title Match

Slex vs J.K Moody

The Southern Rumble had a lot of stakes at hand for those who went to war that night.  MCW Champion Slex squared up against the SPW Champion Hooligan in an epic battle that was winner takes all.  Slex came out the victor in that encounter making him the first wrestler in history to hold the MCW and SPW Championships.  Slex has been unstoppable this year, having first been both the MCW Intercommonwealth Champion and MCW Champion at the same time.  Slex then relinquished the Intercommonwealth Championship and has now once again found himself a double champion.

J.K Moody ended up taking on all competitors in the Southern Rumble and was victorious giving him the opportunity to fight for the double championship honor.  If there is any wrestler in the business at the moment who could bring this memorable reign of Slex to a sudden halt it would have to be J.K Moody.  J.K Moody has been lighting up audiences in both his homeland of New Zealand and as well abroad in Australia.  J.K Moody is a very familiar face to the MCW faithful fans and they know exactly what kind of treat they are in for with this match.  There is no doubt about just how incredibly skilled these two wrestlers are, and at Ballroom Brawl, wrestling fans are going to get a classic.

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MCW Intercommonwelth Championship Tournament Finals

Danny Psycho vs Lochy Hendricks

Speaking of the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship that Slex relinquished earlier this year.  The MCW Intercommonwealth Championship Tournament was birthed from the vacancy of the title.  Over the last couple of months, some of the best wrestlers to grace an MCW ring have been competing in a single-elimination tournament to crown the brand new champion.  Danny Psycho who has been the comeback story of the tournament has found his way to the finals, meanwhile, the equally talented and cunning Lochy Hendricks has also managed to make his way to the final match.

Danny Psycho and Lochy Hendricks will only have one thing in mind and that is to become the new MCW Intercommonwealth Champion.  Once again this match is another highlight of this card and will prove just how much the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship means to all the competitors in MCW and around the world.

Ballroom Brrawl

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MCW Tag Team Championship

The Natural Classics vs The Velocities

The championship matches continue to roll out as the MCW Tag Team Championship will be on the line at Ballroom Brawl.  A true tag team treat is in store for wrestling fans as The Natural Classics go to war with The Velocities.  These two teams are going to pull out all the stops and show the world why the tag team division in Australia is red hot at the moment.  Another true battle for wrestling fans to be excited about as these two teams do battle for the MCW Tag Team Championship.

The excitement continues though as there will also be a rumble match to enjoy at Ballroom Brawl.  Ballroom Brawl is a massive event for MCW and so this rumble is a staple of the event.  The question is who is ready to rumble?

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Gino Gambino is ready to rumble this Saturday.  Gino Gambino is always ready for a battle and this Saturday he is going to get one.  Who else will join Gino Gambino?


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T.K Cooper hot off his performance at the Southern Rumble is ready to throw down this Saturday at Ballroom Brawl.


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Fun Time Phil is another big name that has entered himself in the rumble this Saturday.  Fun Time Phil certainly could be someone to watch out for in this match.

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Jett Rouka will also try his hand at the rumble match this Saturday, could this be his opportunity to shine?  Jett Rouka is ready to prove to the MCW locker room that he is hungry for competition.

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What would the Ballroom Brawl be without the Brat Pack?  Well, the Brat Pack are ready to rumble and these two may just use strength in numbers to give themselves the upper hand this Saturday. Either way, the fans on hand will be in for a treat as this monumental match takes shape.

Ballroom Brrawl

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Kelly Anne & Jessica Troy vs LUX vs Indi Hartwell & Steph De Lander

This tag-team battle is going to be a true testament to just how hard-working and incredible these six competitors are.  We are talking about six of the absolute best you can witness all taking part in what should be a nonstop classic from bell to bell.

Ballroom Brrawl

Matty Wahlberg vs Dowie James vs TK Cooper

What an exciting triple threat encounter that has also been added to the already amazing card for Ballroom Brawl.  Three top stars n Wahlberg, James, and Cooper will go to war at one of the biggest events on the MCW calendar.

All of these matches included with the announcement that Aunty Donna will host the entire event only adds to the excitement for Ballroom Brawl.  Once again Melbourne City Wrestling is ready to light up the stage and prove exactly why they are one of the most must-see independent wrestling shows in the entire world.

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