Preview: Limitless Wrestling Presents Flirtin’ With Disaster

On Friday, January 24th from Yarmouth, Maine Limitless Wrestling presents Flirtin’ with Disaster. This incredible event involves some of Limitless’s finest talent. It also involves new talent too the promotion that has built a name for themselves elsewhere. Who will win the four-way contest between Josh Briggs, Jody Threat, Alexander Lee, and Kevin Blackwood? Will Limitless Wrestling champion Anthony Greene retain his championship against Ace Romero and Christian Casanova? Answers to these questions and more will be answered this Friday.

Flirtin' with Disaster
Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Daniel Garcia vs. Oswald Project

The intensity of Red Death facing the more pleasant Oswald Project. Immediately, the concern runs in the direction of Project. If ever a match was aptly based on the name of the event it would be this one. Could Oswald Project be Flirtin’ with Disaster against Daniel Garcia? The Pizza Party regular comes to Limitless Wrestling and with that comes his pleasant and cheerful nature.

Don’t however take his kindness for weakness. Project will need to up his game when he steps into the ring with the Pancrease fighting Machine, Daniel Garcia. Will the science project has gone awesome catch, Garcia, off guard or will this Buffalo Brother systematically break down Project piece by piece? Only time will tell this coming Friday at Flirtin’ with Disaster.

Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Puf vs. John Silver

A fan-favorite, the Grapplers Annonymous trained Puf returns to Limitless Wrestling. This time around he faces the thirteen-year veteran and Dark Order recruited John Silver. Silver has competed in Limitless Wrestling over the last five years. This is his first matchup against Warhorse for the IWTV Championship. With that still loss likely still fresh in the mind of the Limitless faithful they will likely be pulling for the fun-loving Puf once again.

Often noted for his incredible strength, Silver will be put to the test against the 400 ibs Puf. His work-rate stands out above all especially for the biggest little man in Silver. Silver won’t put up with Puf’s antics despite likely facing those attempts. Will this be another case of strength over, size or will Silver be frustrated by this Buffalo brother? Check out Flirtin with Disaster to find out the answer.

Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Brian Pillman Jr. vs. JD Drake

A week removed from losing out to Hart Foundation teammate Davey Boy Smith Jr in the Opera Cup finals, Brian Pillman Jr comes to Limitless Wrestling for the first time. He steps into the ring with one half of the Work Horseman. Drake returns to Limitless for the first time since he defeated Alec Price. The Blue-Collar Badass and former WWN Champion.

This is Drake’s first recorded match this year. After issuing an apology on Twitter to fans of Evolve, Drake returns to Limitless with something to prove. The narrative leading into this match is of two men with something to prove. Whether it is returning from an injury which is a setback or losing in the finals of a tournament would also be a setback. Between them who stands to make the most of this opportunity?

Photo / Limitless Wrestling

The North vs. Maine State Posse

The reigning IMPACT Wrestling tag-team champions return to Limitless Wrestling. Josh Alexander and Ethan Page arrive and in doing so face longstanding Limitless Wrestling regulars the Maine State Posse. Aiden Aggro and The Danger Kid are multi-time tag team champions with both Northeast Championship Wrestling champions and Chaotic Wrestling champions.

They are no strangers to championships. As they face the current IMPACT Wrestling tag-team champions, this match could likely set up a future tag team championship in IMPACT. While one team isn’t a signature Limitless Wrestling tag team the other one is. It will be interesting to see how this match unfolds. These teams have never faced each other before so the Limitless fans are in for a real treat between them.

Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Fresh Start Four-Way

Josh Briggs vs. Jody Threat vs. Kevin Blackwood vs. Alexander Lee

Hold on folks, this match is going to be a massive all-out blast. Briggs, Threat, Blackwood, and Lee are likely to do everything they can to come out the winner. The key in this contest could be the role of Joey Eastman and whether or not he plays a role in the outcome. Briggs has already challenged Anthony Greene for the Limitless Wrestling championship and won’t resign himself to just contending.

This is where Threat, Blackwood, and Lee all look to be integral parts of this matchup. Blackwood has continued to gain notoriety on the indie scene in both Canada and the United States. If anyone is someone fans shouldn’t take lightly it will be Jody Threat. She has all the qualities to be the next Limitless Wrestling champion. This match will be one of those in attendance will likely be most excited about.

Flirtin' with Disaster
Photo / Limitless Wrestling

C.J Cruz vs. JT Dunn

Longtime New England native JT Dunn returns to Limitless Wrestling. This time around he steps into the ring with a relative newcomer in CJ Cruz. Cruz competed for Beyond Wrestling as part of their Unchartered Territory. There is a bit of an unknown factor surrounding Cruz. With questions arising about Cruz, Dunn could have his work cut for him.

The New Knockout Kid and the ten-year veteran has to have his sights set on eventually capturing the Limitless Wrestling championship. While this matchup against Cruz may not necessarily be tied to a future championship match, it may help to set up a future opportunity against the current champion Anthony Greene.

Flirtin' with Disaster
Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Ashley Vox vs Tasha Steelz

Of any match on the card, this is the one, this wrestling fan is most looking forward too. These two tough as nails competitors look to come at one another with everything they have. Whether it is their, kicks, strikes or punches. Both The Reel Catch Ashley Vox and The Boricua Bad Ass bring a fighting spirit that is impossible to ignore. Vox is no stranger to Limitless Wrestling.

Whereas the New Jersey native, Steelz has slowly gained traction without being linked to one specific promotion. Whether fans are familiar with Steelz or Vox what they won’t be is disappointed. With each match, Vox competes in for Limitless Wrestling the feeling of a women’s championship is something that she could be in the front of the line to capture.

Flirtin' with Disaster
Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Limitless Wrestling Championship

Ace Romero vs Anthony Greene vs. Christian Casanova

It was only a matter of time before these three men challenged for the title. When the ‘top talent’ steps into the ring with Acey Baby himself, Ace Romero and Limitless Wrestling Champion ‘Retro’ Anthony Greene. Each of these men are synonymous with Limitless Wrestling. Throughout the companies history each of these men has grown and developed into the stars they are today. The biggest question is how will Greene fair with two other men challenging him for his championship.

Romero and Greene have a history with one another. When it appeared as though they had some sort of alliance, Greene neglected to remember that as the champion he is an island all his own. In this case, Romero layed him out leading to this contest. For Casanova, he would have just as much stake to the title as Romero or Greene. This match alone is worth the price of admission. Does Greene retain at Flirtin with Disaster?