#Preview: Impact Wrestling Presents United We Stand (4/4/19)

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On Thursday, April 4th, Impact Wrestling presents United We Stand. This event takes place at the Rahway Recreational Center in New Jersey, at 11 PM Eastern. During a week where wrestling is at its apex in the New York/New Jersey area, Impact has joined other, smaller promotions to put on a show that doesn’t just showcase their talent, but welcomes in other promotions as well. This unique event includes matches that pit Impact Wrestling against performers from programs or promotions such as Lucha Underground, Dragon Gate, and Major League Wrestling. They appear to be pulling out all the stops as they will have multi-person matches, championship matches and a dream match that will make this night an EXTREME event. Here, we present Impact Wrestling’s United We Stand.

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Jimmy Havoc vs Sami Callihan

The word violent could ever represent an understatement in a description for a match, it would be in this case. Regarding Havoc, England’s most dangerous man, fans are well aware of what he is willing to do to himself, let alone his opposition when it comes to taking things to the extreme. Similarly, fans of Impact Wrestling are well aware that Callihan is capable of doing some of the most dangerous things any wrestler has done in recent memory; look no further than his infamous baseball bat swinging incident with Eddie Edwards. What fans can be assured of when it comes to this Monster’s Ball match is that anything and everything is likely to take place, with no one being safe. This could also be a case where the winner walks away looking like the loser, after all, is said and done.

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Brian Cage, Moose and Eddie Edwards vs Drago, Daga, Aerostar, and Marty the Moth

The word emancipation comes to mind when considering one side of this team. As Impact Wrestling squares off in a 3 on 4 handicap match against these Lucha Underground stars, one person’s appearance should be noted: is the last minute addition of Marty the Moth, been put in place of King Cuerno could come into this match with a whole new level of unbridled anger, so keep an eye on him. Another question that comes to mind is whether or not the team of Cage, Edwards, and Moose will be able to put aside any animosity that they have for one another. Ideally, it is a case where they put any differences on the back burner for the good of the company, ensuring Impact Wrestling walks away successful despite being at a numbers disadvantage. With Daga, Drago, and Aerostar in the match, fans best are sure not to blink or they will likely miss something.

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Tessa Blanchard vs Joey Ryan

These two are likely no strangers to one another, and their ability to put on the most entertaining match possible means fans should be excited about this meeting. Blanchard is a huge advocate for intergender wrestling, and Joey Ryan has faced females in the ring innumerable times, along with having been one half of an intergender tag team for a long time with current NXT star Candice LeRae. Ryan recently had an opportunity to speak with our own Brandi Wagner (interview to follow shortly) and extols the virtues and competitiveness of intergender wrestling. This match is something that both men and women need to look at, as it will challenge what those that not familiar with intergender wrestling may think. Blanchard will hit hard and often, and won’t allow Ryan’s antics to play into her success or lack thereof.

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Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary vs Jordynne Grace vs Katie Forbes

Most fatal four-way matches tend to get lost, but in this case, it involves Impact Wrestling’s elite in a battle for the Knockouts title. Taya Valkyrie is in for a tough title defense as she faces the returning Rosemary and emerging powerhouse Katie Forbes. One name that stands out, which more and more fans have become familiar with, is Jordynne Grace. Thicc Mama Pump is well on her way to capturing a championship sooner rather than later. Her role in this match may fly under the radar, but is something to keep an eye on. Valkyrie may walk away as the winner, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t walk away worse for wear. Despite not being involved in the match, Tessa Blanchard and Su Yung could play a part, potentially setting up another championship match for Valkyrie with either one of them.

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Rich Swann vs Flamita

With the X division championship on the line, this matchup of Impact Wrestling a last minute replacement as Triple A’s Flamita comes in for what was originally slated to be Dragon Gate’s Yamato. One important item to point out about this match is how well their two styles compliment one another. A 13 year veteran of the ring and yet still at the tender age of 24, Flamita is often considered someone that flies as high as he does in and out of the ring. One has to wonder how Swann will be able to counter this offense. On the other hand, Swann’s ability to use his high-flying and risk-taking nature puts him in the best position to succeed. Both men are fairly even in height, but where they differ is Flamita’s ability to adapt and adjust regardless of whom he is in the ring with. His size is relative to that of Swann’s making them virtually pretty balanced all things considered.

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LAX vs Promociones Dorado

Impact Wrestling’s matches against other promotions continue, though in this case, they are meeting someone to whom they are not strangers. Low Ki returns to an Impact Wrestling ring as he and Ricky Martinez come together to face multi-time Impact Wrestling tag team champions, Santana and Ortiz. One question that is being asked by some is, will Salina De La Renta accompany her team in this cross-promotional match up? That would be a way for MLW to show their strength and dominance in this matchup and secure a win. There is a lot of pressure squarely on the shoulders of LAX, as they are tasked with defending the honor of Impact Wrestling in this matchup. What will Low Ki bring as he returns to Impact Wrestling? We could be witness to ill will or animosity towards his former employer rearing its head here.

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Jake Crist vs Johnny Impact vs Dante Fox vs Pat Buck vs Kotto Brazil vs Jack Evans

Much like matches from years gone by involving an array of X division competitors. This Ultimate X bout is sure to once again test the limits of will, adversity, and sanity. The names involved in this list are a virtual who’s who, including former champions and rising stars. Fans have seen what the likes of Jake Crist and Johnny Impact can do, but the likes of Dante Fox, Pat Buck, Kotto Brazil, and Jack Evans will test human limits as each of these competitors climb the crossing wires, hitting one another with things many didn’t likely think was possible. This collection of stars both past, present and future will likely put on a match that will rekindle memories of Ultimate X battles involving a young AJ Styles years ago. Regardless of whom the winner of this match is, it is the fans that will walk away the true winners.

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Lucha Bros vs RVD & Sabu

This has been advertised as an extreme dream match, where Pentagon Jr and Fenix face two ECW legends in Rob Van Dam and Sabu. It has been some time since RVD or Sabu were in an Impact Wrestling ring. It is important to ask, has the time away taken its toll, as the Lucha Bros are one of the hottest tag teams in wrestling, and have stepped into the ring with some of the most popular tag teams in the business today. For RVD and Sab,u memories of what they have done in the ring aren’t too far gone, and they aren’t to be taken lightly because they are such seasoned veterans. We can be assured that this match will push the limits, and we are likely to see a forceful return by both Mr. Monday Night and the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal maniac.


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