Preview: Glory Pro Presents Anniversary III

March comes in like an untamed and roaring lion this Sunday at 3 pm EST. When Glory Pro Wrestling showcases some of the most prominent grapplers on the indie scene on a heavy-duty card full of matches that are sure to be the most memorable of 2020 for Anniversary III! This St. Louis based promotion will incorporate talent that has made a solid name for themselves in the Midwest along with standout powerhouses who have gone all out in wrestling rings around the US and abroad. Don’t dare miss out on this – you can catch all of the action on! Take a look at what’s onboard for the third anniversary of Glory Pro and get ready for a damn good time.

Anniversary III
Photo / Glory Pro Wrestling

Crown of Glory Championship Match

AJ Gray vs. Chris Dickinson

This is the match so many of us fans have been waiting to see at Anniversary III! The Dirty Daddy has started the year off strong; as the challenger in this bout, Chris Dickinson still has the momentum coming off of his amazing three-show tour of Japan in February with GCW. He’s not the only one who’s finally getting his well-deserved recognition, either – AJ Gray is the current reigning Crown of Glory champ and has also had one hell of a run recently in numerous independent promotions around the country.

Both of these men are worthy opponents for one another and it’ll be a formidable confrontation this Sunday. Will Dickinson walk out of the Collins Club with gold? I love (and fear) the Dirty Daddy, but I’m here to tell you that I believe there’s no stopping that rich homie JUICE in this match – AJ Gray is my pick for the win!

Anniversary III
Photo / Glory Pro Wrestling

Kevin Lee Davidson vs. Nick Gage

I’m glad to say that my first introduction into the world of Glory Pro Wrestling involved seeing KLD in action at the David Lee Memorial Tournament It was a first-rate show from January which aired recently on IWTV as a featured event on the Thursday Night Fix. It’s fascinating to see how such a big brawny guy could move in the ring so swiftly and with true skill! It’s going to take a lot more than dexterity alone, though, when Glory Pro’s Boss is in the ring facing off against The King of Deathmatches.

Nick Gage has made a legitimate fan out of me over the past year, and despite Gage not having the home-court advantage in what promises to be a brutal banger I think he’s going to show KLD that no matter where he goes it’s always MDK all fuckin’ day! However, even though we all know that Gage is bound to go wild in this match I do think that KLD has a distinct asset in this match as he is undoubtedly the hometown favorite. My prediction is KLD for the hard-fought victory, but you’d better believe Nick Gage is going to make him bleed and earn it.

Photo / Glory Pro Wrestling

Dan the Dad/Allie Kat vs. Danhausen/Elayna Black

Oh man, it’s a hard time picking a favorite for this tag team match. Fans can’t help but adore Dan the Dad and Allie Kat singularly and as a team; both have gained much-deserved attention and respect as exceptional indie competitors. They’ve also got a pretty damned wholesome father/daughter vibe going for them as well. With that said, you can’t deny the unique styling of Danhausen and Elayna Black (this pairing really needs a name, too – Blackhausen? Very Nice and Very Very Evil?).

Everyone involved in this match has established a most entertaining character that you can’t help but enjoy no matter how down and dirty things will get…and things will indeed get hectic here!  Are we going to see Dan the Dad dish out some discipline to his wayward stepson Danhausen? Does Elayna have Allie’s card already drawn or will the saucy kitty draw some blood with those claws? It’s pretty hard to predict something that’s bound to be very unpredictable, but I’m going with Kat Daddy (yes, I just made that name up for them myself) as the victors here.

Photo / Glory Pro Wrestling

Midwest Territory Championship Match

Hakim Zane vs. Kody Lane

Current reigning Midwest Territory champ Hakim Zane will have a most formidable challenge coming at Anniversary III from ‘Daddy Long Legs’ himself, Kody Lane! This will likely be one of the show-stealers of the event as both these young guys are hungry and ready to eat big, becoming even more prominent on today’s indy scene. This is definitely a championship bout that can and likely will be a springboard that propels either Zane or Lane to greater heights, so be ready to see what could be an instant classic for the gold!

My prediction is that Zane retains the championship; as much as I want this to be a hell of a one-on-one match I also know that Zane’s partner in crime is none other than renowned Glory Pro villain Karam, who showed up and showed out at the end of the David Lee Memorial Tournament much to everyone’s chagrin. What’s to stop Karam from keeping an eye on this championship match as well…?

Photo / Glory Pro Wrestling

Seishin vs. Hyan

LET’S GO SEISHIN! Yes, I am biased. Ever since I saw Seishin late in 2019 I’ve been completely enthralled with her in-ring work. She’s got the finesse and she’s as savvy as they come. I’ll be watching this one closely. I’m not yet familiar with how Hyan can go in the ring. It’s time for me to find out, though! I’ll go with what I know and predict Seishin as the winner here, but this match just may surprise us all. Definitely can’t miss the ladies’ one-on-one match as this one will likely have some GIF-worthy spots that will let the whole world know exactly who these tough women are!

Photo / Glory Pro Wrestling

Mike Outlaw vs. Suge D vs. Paco

Let me tell you, the triple threat match on this already-stacked card is going to be the done that steals the show at Anniversary III. It is also going to show everyone exactly who Mike Outlaw IS! I first saw this young gun as a competitor in the David Lee Memorial Tournament. From that moment, I was hooked on him from that moment on. Now we’re going to see him in the ring going up against the fabulous Suge D as well as fellow tournament competitor Paco. Paco also made a hell of an impression at January’s show with his intense technique and his smug demeanor.

This is yet another bout where the winner is hard to call. However, I’m going with the Outlaw for the victory. It looks like 2020 is going to be a breakout year for him. Hopefully, we’ll see him in many more promotions making his bones in the upcoming months.

Photo / Glory Pro Wrestling

Jake Lander vs. Ethan Price

Do not sleep on this one! Lander vs. Price will be a standout match, believe me. I’ve yet to see a Jake Lander match that I didn’t enjoy. I’ve got a solid premonition that Ethan Price is going to give him a damn good run for his money. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say Price takes what may be seen as an upset victory in this match. Don’t get me wrong, I take absolutely nothing away from Jake Lander. However, this will be one of those matches where we see both these guys go all out with a victory that’s just barely attained. I say Price will be that guy for this one. Surely it’ll be a good time to watch!

Be there this Sunday afternoon at 3 pm EST on IWTV for what’s shaped up to be a huge anniversary event for Glory Pro. Fans absolutely do NOT want to miss a moment of what’s going to go down at this show for Anniversary III !