#Preview: GCW Slime Language

Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) returns to Los Angeles for “Slime Language” on November 8, and can be watched live on Fite.TV at 8 pm. This stacked card includes a GCW championship matchup between Jake Atlas and reigning champion Nick Gage. With plenty of other unpredictable matches and mashups of styles which will test the results of experimental chemistry. 

Perhaps, like many GCW cards, this fulfills that slightly sadistic and devilish itch of curiosity within us. That desire, like a child salivating watching what sort of ruckus transpires after throwing a mouse and a giant centipede into a jar together. 

So let us fulfill our thirst with a card full of matches derived from the far reaches of psychological hellfire, and relish in the delights that Slime Language will offer its viewers on November 8. 

#Preview: GCW Slime Language
Photo // GCW

Nick Gage(c) vs. Jake Atlas

In the wisdom that comprises the typical conventions in booking wrestling matches, this championship match between Nick Gage and Jake Atlas could be considered as blasphemy. Even for GCW standards.  There is a mismatch between these two seemingly contradictory styles of wrestlers. It may just prove to be the foil that starkly contrasts their defining talents. Furthermore, both Nick Gage and Atlas are kings in their own classes. 

It would not be an overstatement to argue that Jake Atlas is among the top three most refined junior weight wrestlers in North America today.  On the other hand, Nick Gage has survived the bloody tests of time to demonstrate that he is indeed a king of deathmatches.

Gage has held plenty of deathmatch gold and won ultra-violent tournaments. He has spilled blood, come close to death, and inflicted violence all across North America and Japan. And he’s built a fanbase of avid deathmatch fans which could be described as a cult-like following which he leads.

In comparison, Atlas is a virgin to deathmatch wrestling in his short three year career. Will Atlas have his first taste of razor-sharp shattered glass and steel barbed wire slashed across his flesh? And if so, can he still endure these potential hardships? And end Gage’s championship reign when the florescent light-tube dust settles? This match clearly represents a paradigm shift that Atlas is stepping into. 

But make no mistake, Atlas may also be pushing Gage to new limits. His ability to keep up with Atlas’ quick speed and a near-endless arsenal of counter-attacks and grappling. In theatrical terms, this matchup is the equivalent of a mashup between Shakespear and slasher horror.

Or a pyromaniac who turned the school’s chemistry lab into a playroom, mixing a cocktail of ingredients deemed incompatible (or irresponsible). Except its results may prove to be among the most satisfyingly explosive on Slime Language’s card.

#Preview: GCW Slime Language
Photo // GCW

Orin Veidt vs. Isami Sakuda

“The Dark Prophet” Orin Veidt is a rising deathmatch star among GCW. He has only recently begun making a name for himself in the larger deathmatch scene. His early deathmatch career began out of Milwaukee in ICW Wrestling. His stardom in GCW has recently taken off after an impressive light-tube deathmatch against Eric Ryan at GCW “The Last Ones Left”. Which arguably stole the show back in May.

It earned him a spot in GCW’s Tournament of Survival this year. In a high profile matchup against Big Japan’s Deathmatch Heavyweight Champion Isami Kodaka nonetheless.

At Slime Changer, Orin Veidt once again has consolidated an opportunity for some solid proving ground. By taking on another young rising star in Big Japan’s Toshiyuki Sakuda.  Some may remember Sakuda making his impressively bloody GCW debut at the Tournament of Survival against Takeda.

Expect this matchup between Veidt and Sakuda to check all the marks for those salivating for some ultraviolence. Weapons and a good-sized bucket of blood loss.  And a dash of fast-paced chain wrestling in the mix. Veidt’s mashup between luchador and brawling styles meets Sakuda’s mixed martial arts background.


Mance Warner vs Matthew Justice

Mance Warner enters this match in true underdog fashion. Taking on the juggernaut that is Matthew Justice.  Warner has had a tremendous year, becoming a rising star in MLW. While establishing a popular following among wrestling fans around the country.  

Mance has established a likable persona that connects with audiences as a simple man from the South. Whose greatest strength is his heart to overcome the odds. His personality is in a similar vein to classic stars as Terry Funk and the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.  These are men who didn’t fancy any particular strengths or talents in their arsenal. Their willpower and principles for working hard to achieve overcoming odds against opponents who seemingly had more advantages on the surface level.

Mance Warner will once again have to prove his willpower can overcome the odds of Matthew Justice, a two-time AIW Intense Champion who has spread fear around the Midwest.

Justice comes off the heels of losing his championship match against Nick Gage last month at GCW “No Sleep.” Suffice to say, he is probably not in a good mood. And is looking to unleash hell on Warner. This match will be a classic showcase of David versus Goliath. As Justice’s strength clashes with the heart and willpower of Warner.

#Preview: GCW Slime Language
Photo // GCW

Chris Bey vs Tony Deppen

Chris Bey and Tony Deppen go head-to-head in what may be considered a dream match to some. Especially West Coast wrestling fans where Chris Bey has cemented his name loud and clear.  Furthermore, it is largely untapped territory for Tony Deppen. A rising and well renowned east coast star and GCW mainstay. Tony Deppen is just starting to make inroads into the west side, having debuted for Oregon’s Prestige Wrestling a few weeks ago.

Building up his career in Southern California’s wrestling promotions, including PCW Ultra, Bey’s name quickly grew. He recently won his third gold belt, becoming the Champion for Without A Cause (WAC). The growing wrestling promotion in the Greater Seattle area. Both Deppen and Bey are refined junior weight wrestlers with a lot of endurance.

Deppen’s stubborn and cocky attitude often resembles a villainous version of Japanese spirit style wrestling. His unwillingness to concede defeat. By this, he often turns pain into energy as he ignites into blazing fury just when spectators assume he is out cold.

This should make for a long and enduring matchup between Deppen and Bey. By which they will take each other to their last possible breath, with little slowdown in between.

B-Boy vs Chris Dickinson

Chris Dickinson and his immense strength and size go head to head against B-Boy’s agility and speed. Both wrestlers have built their reputations on their toughness and intimidation, despite two different wrestling styles. B-Boy was a huge name in Combat Zone Wrestling about ten years ago. And he still wrestles for them sporadically today. He’s won their Best of the Best tournaments and is a former multi-time CZW World Heavyweight Champion.

Dickinson is one of the hardest-hitting brutes among the independent scene today. As Dickinson has said so himself, some people are critical of his style for making the violence too aggressive at times. He lifts his victims with vicious strength and smashes them downward with even more power.

He flattens, clobbers and bludgeons his victims. And his style reflects that in its entirety. At Slime Language, one has to wonder whether we will see B-Boy crack under the aura of Dickinson’s relentless intimidation. Which would be a rare sight to behold for an uncompromising tough guy.

Despite both wrestlers starting their careers around the same period in the early millennium, B-Boy’s career quickly took off. He became a big name in the indy circuits over a decade ago. Dickinson’s career has slowly simmered to a boiling point. Becoming one of the biggest names in independent wrestling today. And he will face off against one of yesterday’s biggest names in B-Boy. A clash of eras ensues here between two men who have both built their personas on playing the tough guy.

Photo // GCW

Effy vs Eddie Kingston

Effy has had to face his share of extremely intimidating tough guys as of lately in GCW. And at Slime Language is no different as the “Weapon of Sass Destruction” takes on Eddie Kingston. Kingston has left a path of destruction throughout his career. Consolidating championship titles from some of the most renowned leagues. Including Chikara, CZW, AAW, Jersey All-Pro, IWA Mid-South, and even Japan’s DDT Pro Wrestling.

In recent years, Kingston also teamed with Homicide, forming Outlaw Inc. Which is perhaps the most violent and ruthless tag team on the East Coast.

The street thug in Eddie Kingston may have little patience for the outgoing and intentional sexual expression of Effy’s matches. The chemistry between these two wrestlers will certainly be experimented with. It may prove to be one of the most unpredictable mashups of the evening. 

Other matches

It would not be a GCW card without a Six-Way ScrambleF****! With every man for himself including some of GCW’s newest mainstay stars among their cruiserweight division.  This includes Jordan Oliver, Alex Zane, Blake Christian, Eli Everfly, Arez and even the “Prince of American Hardcore” himself, Jimmy Lloyd. And a dash of comedy is always expected on a GCW card, and that box is certainly checked with Kikutaro taking on the semi-retired Human Tornado.

If you can not make it to the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles for this stellar card, catch Slime Language on Fite.TV and settle in for joy ride this Friday night as the action airs live.

Micah Shapiro, a native of Seattle, a father, and a husband, holds a Master of Science degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University, and is a war and history junkie with a fascination for the dramatization and narration of human conflicts (obviously, pro wrestling fits that spectrum very well). He avidly watches independent pro wrestling as an escape from the daily anxieties of life in general, and his logistics day job. Though a typical hermit, sometimes he'll actually leave his house to go to DEFY's shows. Besides pro wrestling and global conflicts, he enjoys BBQ'ing (his specialty is Turkish Aleppo-pepper chicken kabobs), playing adventure and RPG video games, board games, painting war game miniatures, and reading science fiction, horror and fantasy novels.