Preview: GCW Presents The Wrld on GCW (3/12/20)

On Thursday, March 12th, Game Changer Wrestling steamrolls onto the upcoming Collective showcase with The Wrld on GCW. Fans will be privy to a number of exciting matches including seeing the current GCW champion Rickey Shane Page defend his title against Ruckus. GCW will also present a six-man tag match as Young Dumb and Broke face off against 44OH!

What will the results of these matches be and what are the implications of them leading up to the Collective? Are fans taking bets on how long before Nick Gage takes all he is willing to take and gets involved in RSP’s match? All these answers and more will be answered at the Wrld on GCW takes place on FITE TV.

Photo / Game Changer Wrestling

Jimmy Lloyd vs. KTB vs. Steve Sanders vs. AJ Gray vs. Sanchez vs. Saieve Al Sabah

In a match just announced these six men will do battle at the Voltage Lounge this coming Thursday. With the Collective quickly approaching each of these men will be jocking for a position within the ranks of GCW. While Rickey Shane Page is likely the most despised man in GCW what does that say about some of the others wanting to get their hands on him? One of the most notable entries in this match would be the inclusion of New York City’s Most infamous Sanchez. A veteran of the ring wars for 15-years, Sanchez looks to cement himself in GCW after in 2020. These six-men won’t be looking just for a win but plan on bringing the violence as well.

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EFFY vs. Matthew Justice

If any match is likely going to be the most fun it will be this one. Fans are aware that when EFFY steps into the ring a party ensues. Will EFFY’s easy-going and fun-loving ways get under the skin of Matthew Justice? If EFFY does everything in his power to play into infuriating Justice then the answer is evident. For Matthew Justice, if he can ride the tide that comes with EFFY’s fun, he may be the successful one in this matchup.

In the ring, there is no question that Justice will bring his fearless mentality to everything he attempts. Will Justice once again throw caution to the wind against EFFY? Fans are encouraged to check out the Wrld on GCW to find out the answer to that question.

Adrian Quest vs Tony Deppen

Two of the most talented men in GCW tangle in what should be nothing short of a spectacle. Quest brings his high-flying aerial assault back to GCW. He was last a part of the promotions’s Just Being Honest event in January. As part of the events, six-man scramble Quest came out on the losing end. That, however, shouldn’t negate what he was able to achieve in the match. The match was heralded for being another example of end to end action by all competitors. For Deppen, a GCW stalwart he’s actively showing fans that are watching him he is a complete package. These two have only faced one another before and that was as part of Prestige Wrestling Roseland event that took place this past September.

The Wrld on GCW
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Nick Gage vs. Ophidian

When two men that are as recognized for their work with specific promotions come together the result is a win for fans watching. As a veteran of over twelve years, Ophidian has called CHIKARA his home. With that said, if anyone is the embodiment of Game Changer Wrestling it is unequivocally Nick F’N Gage. As many are aware, Gage is a veteran of over two decades.

In a recent discussion with GCW commentator Kevin Gill, he best described Gage as the ‘everyman’. Gage has dealt with the plight of real-life circumstances and fans can relate. With Ophidian there remains some element of mystery and we likely should want it that way. These two were part of the Clusterf**k Battle Royal last June. It is difficult to gauge a true advantage between the both of them.

Photo / Game Changer Wrestling

Joey Janela vs. Blake Christian

Two fiery talents will set the match on fire. Air Blake facing the Bad Boy will be a battle the GCW faithful won’t want to miss. On one side fans that aren’t aware of what Christian can do look no further than a tag team match, he and Janela were a part of for PWG. With Deppen teaming with Christian and Zayne teaming with Janela the two teams faced each other as part of the Battle of Los Angeles this past September.

This time around the two men face each other one on one. Janela is a polarizing character without a doubt. For those that speak poorly of him, there are those that show him their support. What fans won’t be able to deny is this match will have risks, high-flying acrobatics and unapologetically fun.

The Wrld on GCW
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Shlak vs. Jeff King

King is a veteran of nearly twenty years. The tough as nails Michigan native, King brings with him a technical style that has embraced a new wave hardcore manner. While he may have been an ‘old timer’ King is certainly an old dog unable to learn a new trick. That couldn’t be further from the truth. King and Shlak are no strangers from one another. The two men faced each other on a few occasions.

A few months ago the two were a team in a tag team match in Jingle All The Way in a losing effort. However, the two men have faced one another for the Horror Slam Wrestling Heavyweight Title this past year. Arguably one of the most frightening men in Game Changer Wrestling, Shlak will look to avenge those losses at the Wrld on GCW.

The Wrld on GCW
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YDNB vs. 44OH!

YDNB (Young Dumb N Broke) Ellis Taylor, Charlie Tiger, and Griffin McCoy have been a faction for more than a year. A group that also includes Jordan Oliver, YDNB consist of men as young as 19, they face a trio of men led by Gregory Iron and also include Eddy Only and Atticus Cogar. Iron a native of Cleveland certainly has that Ohio fighting spirit as part of 44OH! Often considered an inspiration for being able to compete with special needs in the ring.

With his partner Atticus Cogar also a Cleveland, Ohio native, Cougar has a well-rounded skillset that shines inside the ring.  For Eddy Only, the three-year veteran is competing for GCW for the first time. In doing so, Only’s first match doesn’t appear to be his…only one. How well will these three men mesh together up against the trio that is all too familiar with one another?

The Wrld on GCW
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Non-Title Match 

Rickey Shane Page vs. Ruckus

Easily the most hated man in GCW doesn’t put his title on the line in this event in Philadelphia. Love him or loathe him, RSP’s actions have certainly turned the GCW fan-base into a fiery group of fans looking out for his blood. Could anyone really blame them? As the GCW World Champion for over three months, RSP has managed to get away from Nick Gage at every single turn. This time around he steps into the ring a man that is as much about career evolution as anyone today.

Ruckus is a veteran of the ring that dropped weight and in the process showed his development in the ring. Will RSP have been looking over his shoulder throughout his match? Will a riot ensue or will Ruckus…bring the noise and take out the champion at the Wrld on GCW?