Preview: GCW presents Ready To Die

On Tuesday, February 4th, Game Changer Wrestling presents the second of three nights in Japan. From 1st Ring in Tokyo, Japan the stars of Pro-Wrestling FREEDOMS and Big Japan Pro-Wrestling once again rage war with the talent of GCW. Ready to Die appears to be an event where the stakes are higher than they were before. With each match, the competition is getting stiffer and the challenge is becoming more intense. Who will walk away from all of this a little less for ware and who is ready to die?

Photo / Game Changer Wrestling

Yuji Okabayashi and Shigehiro Irie vs. Chris Dickinson and KTB

Much like the night before fans will be treated to the talent of Game Changer Wrestling and Big Japan Pro-Wrestling and Pro-Wrestling FREEDOMS. This time around Shigehiro Irie teams with Yuji Okabayashi in a battle that is nothing short brutal. When Beast Mode enters the fray fans are sure to get another brutal contest. From the previous evening, Dickinson and Okabayashi renew pleasantries only this time around another beast is involved in this battle. KTB joins the battle this time around. Irie and KTB are no strangers to one another as they last faced one another as part of a tag team match this past August in New Face of Fear.

Photo / Game Changer Wrestling

Matthew Justice vs. Masto Tanaka

At forty-six years of age, the Pro Wrestling ZERO1 star seems to get better with age. The former ECW World Heavyweight champion, Tanaka steps into the ring with a man he hasn’t faced before. Justice is fifteen years Tanaka’s junior but don’t tell him that. Matthew Justice stands across the ring night following a brutal battle the night before. Tanaka is also no stranger to GCW. He last appeared in a matchup for Game Changer Wrestling at last August’s Joey Janela’s Escape from LA. The keys to success in this match for Justice would be his ability to stick and move not allowing Tanaka to close in him. He doesn’t want to get into a battle of blows with the Japanese enforcer.

Ready to Die
Photo / Game Changer Wrestling

Ryuji Ito vs. Matt Tremont

Much like Tanaka, the Death Match Dragon is about as seasoned as anyone on this card. While he may be considered one of the greatest deathmatches in history, Ito stands across the ring from Matt Tremont. The Bull Dozer steps into the ring with Ito for the first time ever. Tremont will bleed and do it all so of his own free will. As he steps in the ring with Ito, the winners of this match will without a doubt be the fans. These two hardcore legends will brutalize each other and all do it while asking the question are you ready to die? Will Ito’s technical prowess outmatch Tremont’s strength? Something will tip the scales in one man’s favor but what will it be?

Photo / Game Changer Wrestling

Jimmy Lloyd vs. Drew Parker

When this New Jersey stalwart steps into the ring with the Urchin Prince the result is sure to be fireworks. These two are no strangers to one another. Whether it is as teammates or opponents the result usually ends someone suffering. The last time these two were in the ring together Lloyd defeated Parker along with Toshiyuki Sakuda in a triple threat deathmatch. This time around the duo is set to go one-on-one with one another as part of GCW’s tour of Japan. While both men are specialists in the art of the deathmatch, Parker has a significant amount of experience on Lloyd. Will this be a case of experience getting the better of charisma and youth?

Photo / Game Changer Wrestling

Danny Havoc and Alex Colon vs. Masashi Takeda and Toshiyuki Sakuda

Each of these men are competing in what is the second night of action for them. Takeda, Sakuda, Colon, and Havoc were all a part of the previous night’s show. This time around they are in a battle of Big Japan Pro Wrestling against Game Changer Wrestling. The battle between the four men is sure to be ultra-violent and embrace the spirit that comes with competing in deathmatches. Something remarkable to note is this appears to be the first match, Colon and Havoc have teamed together while in GCW. Their most recent encounter with one another was while battling one another over two years ago. The same could be said about Takeda and Sakuda. A case of good friends, better rivals appears to be fitting here.

Ready To Die
Photo / Game Changer Wrestling

Toru Sugiura, Takashi Sasaki and Violento Jack vs. Shlak, Orin Veidt and Kenji Fukimoto

Much like the night before these six men could put on the match of the night. Violent, gruesome, and bloody is just what fans can anticipate with Sugiura, Sasaki and Jack rage war against Shlak, Veidt and Fukimoto. Each of these men brings a special nuance or skillset that is unlike the other. Whether it is in-ring experience, a willingness to harm themselves or a willingness to harm others it will be exciting. With six different mindsets in this match, who can be trusted? Will each team put forth the effort to wipe out their opposition or will could they turn on each other at Ready to Die?