#Preview: GCW Presents Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport

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On Thursday, April 4th, Game Changer Wrestling presents Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport. This is an event that will involve unquestionably some of the most notable MMA talents in history, and it is also assured to involve some of the most notable wrestling talents today. Josh Barnett is an accomplished announcer and wrestler, and in creating this event during this week will certainly excite fans the world over. As it emanates from the New York area, Barnett’s Bloodsport is assured to engage both wrestling and MMA fans in a splendid exhibition of competition that will certainly capture their attention and enthusiasm. Whether the talent comes from the United States, Canada or Japan, Bloodsport will welcome in talent with something to prove seeking someone to hit. In an event named after the film by Jean-Claude Van Damn, it will have you wanting to watch until your eyes bleed! Here is our preview for Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport.

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It will be an interesting blend of styles when Gotch and Kratos tangle with one another. Kratos is an 8-year pro that brings a power-based offense. He is smaller in height, but his sheer strength is enough to fool some that may conclude what he will or won’t do based on his appearance. Fans are well aware of what Gotch can do as based on his time in WWE, and currently in MLW.

The biggest discrepancy between the two as far a tale of the tape comparison is years of experience. Gotch has ten more years of experience. Kratos will have to use his strength if he hopes to succeed in this matchup. It will be quite the contrast in styles from these two California natives.

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This will be a fierce contest, featuring one of the most highly regarded, well-rounded international talents in Takeda and one of the most highly regarded talents in North America. When ‘The crazy kid’ faces ‘The Octopus,’ the result is likely to be something fans won’t be able to get enough of. With Gresham, fans and promoters around the world have seen him continue to grow and improve regardless of where he is.

The biggest difference between these men would likely be that Takeda’s willing to take matches to the extreme, which doesn’t best reflect Gresham’s style. In contrast, Gresham’s skilled grappling and submission game may be something that Takeda is not prepared for. In the end, this is likely to be a contest where both men are going to have to adapt to the other, as that is what will enable them to succeed.

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One of the most unique qualities about this event is that it isn’t confined to only involving notable wrestlers. In this case, two of the most renowned mixed martial artists of all-time are stepping into the squared circle with one another. In the case of Dan ‘The Beast’ Severn, fans may be aware of his long history competing in pro wrestling promotions outside the MMA world, such as WWE and the NWA.

His opposition is a former UFC Heavyweight champion in Frank Mir. Mir has stepped into the ring with some of the most notable talent in MMA, with notable wins against the likes of Brock Lesnar and Mirko Cro Cop. In this bout, he will combine long career experience with youth when he faces Severn. With both men having expertise in multiple disciplines, it may be Severn’s wrestling background that could swing this match in his favor.

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This match pits a third-generation wrestler against an emerging talent. In the case of Kross, a native of Las Vegas, fans have begun to come around to him due to his growth over the past year or so. At 33 years of age, he has begun to come into his own, and as his experience and opposition begins to vary so does his wealth of knowledge.

It’s amazing to think that the son of Davey Boy Smith already has twenty years of in-ring experience to date, experience that has been acquired all over the world. That has likely contributed to his growth, leading to him being a significant force in MLW today, and as part of the Killer Elite Squad alongside Lance Hoyt. Kross and Smith are eerily similar in both height and size, so this could be a true ‘hoss fight.’

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This matchup is an all New York affair, as the Dirty Daddy takes on ‘Every Time I Die’s’ ‘The Butcher’ Andy Williams. Dickinson has an exceptional MMA game behind him, comparable to some of the best on the independent scene today. This could prove to be the biggest challenge for Andy Williams. While committed to his craft, he faces an enormous challenge in Dickinson.

After training under the likes of Pepper Parks, as part of ESW out of Buffalo, he can do what many may not give him credit for. And the skepticism that may still exist could be what pushes this match in Williams’ favor. Though he has 16 years of experience behind him, Dickinson is facing a rather large challenge in Williams. Height and size could prove to aid Williams, as he could use leverage to wear down Dickinson.

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In easily one of the most exciting matches of the night, Barnett presents a former protégé of Billy Robinson, Suzuki, against seasoned independent wrestler Thatcher. Experience is not the biggest difference between the men, so it is important to consider what each brings in order to assess where each competitor’s strengths are. For Suzuki, he brings with him a strong grappling game akin his catch wrestling mentor Robinson.

What is notable about Suzuki’s recent matches is that he has faced no gaijins over the past couple of years, Jonah Rock being the last non-Japanese talent he faced. Does that hurt him? Not in the least, as wrestling is universal and offers a complex array matches with amazing results. A former trainee of Barnett himself, Thatcher has a well-rounded ground game that will prove to match well with Suzuki.

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Five words ring true when looking at this match: ‘Bring in extra medical staff’. In a match pitting former trainees of Billy Robinson and Karl Gotch, this can be seen as the highlight bout of the night. This match will present two men that won’t just hit hard but will do it often. If there is a talent that falls under the label of ‘timeless,’ it is the feared Suzuki. 50 years of age, he has held multiple championships including currently co-holding the RevPro Undisputed British Tag Team championships alongside Zack Sabre Jr.

Despite all that he has achieved, he falls under the radar of many in comparison to others, such as the likes of Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada. On the other hand, the baby-faced assassin, Barnett has a strong technical game and a strong background in MMA as well. This will be a match where fans swing their allegiance one way or the other but has the possibility of leaving them aching.


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