#Preview – GCW Chopper City in the Ghetto

GCW returns to the Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia, PA for “Chopper City in the Ghetto” on November 27 at 8pm.  It’s the day before Thanksgiving, but for GCW fans, the festivities will already be off to an early start with this packed card!

And even better if there are early holiday arrivals among family and friends to join in on the bloody spectacle!  And bloody hell it will be with a card full of hoss matches, deathmatches, lucha high flyers, blood feuds and more! It has been three weeks since “Slime Language”, and we are salivating for our GCW fix! “Chopper City in the Ghetto” will air on Fite.TV live.

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Nick Gage vs.  Atticus Cogar – GCW Championship

This past September, Page took Nick Gage’s GCW Championship belt during the finals of the Nick Gage Invitational Tournament. Page has been taunting him on social media ever since and has taken the belt everywhere he goes, including Japan.

At GCW “Jimmy Lloyd’s Frightfest,” the calculated psycho Atticus Cogar made his GCW  debut, declaring his allegiance to Page. During Nick Gage’s match against Ruckus, Rickey Shane Page exploded onto the scene with Atticus Cogar by his side. The two of them gave Gage a humiliating beating.

At the end of the show, Gage and his gang-affiliated loyalists stopped them as they tried to drive off in a car.  Page was able to escape, but Gage and his loyalists captured Atticius and kidnapped him.

At GCW “Chopper City Ghetto,” Nick Gage takes on Page’s disciple, Atticus.  In addition to delivering some necessary payback to Atticus, Gage is probably hoping this match will draw Page to the venue to come to Atticus’ aid.  Perhaps this will get Page exactly where Gage wants him to be, with a chance to get his title back.

But Gage should tread carefully, as his World Championship title is still on the line against Atticus, making the situation as fragile as ever! Anything can happen as the war heats up at Chopper City!

Photo // GCW
Jimmy Lloyd vs Ruckus

This will be an interesting matchup given the similarities between Ruckus and Jimmy Lloyd.  Both are fairly large given the style they are accustomed to.  They both impress crowds with the high-velocity speed of their matchups in contrast to their larger size. 

Ruckus is simply incredible for a man his size, in terms of his agility and background in gymnastics.  While not as agile as Ruckus, Jimmy Lloyd compensates with some incredibly quick and agile martial arts combination kicks which are central to his style.  His spinning heel kick is absolutely jaw-dropping at times as he unleashes it when least expected.

Obviously, Ruckus is the veteran heading into this matchup, with two decades of wrestling experience and some impressive championships to account for.  This includes the CZW World Heavyweight Championship.

Jimmy Lloyd may still be a rookie, but he has been on a roll these last two years.  This includes winning prestigious deathmatch tournaments and consolidating some noteworthy gold, such as the H20 Hybrid championship and the DDT Iron Man Heavy Metal championship in Japan. 

Both wrestlers perform at blazing speeds and can think on their feet.  Their matches flow as if they are junior weight wrestlers a couple of notches down in size.  This match should be an absolute roller-coaster from beginning to end in its ferocity.

But if Lloyd loses his composure and decides to pull out his signature scissors, or bring in deathmatch stipulations mid-match, this rollercoaster may very well end up on a blood-splattering collision course to hell!

Dan Maff vs. KTB

Put two thick-headed bulls in the middle of the ring, throw in some steel and wood, and you likely have Dan Maff and KTB clobbering each other to oblivion and back.  While deathmatch wrestlers tear skin, hoss fights such as this one flatten flesh, knock around internal organs and bruise bones.  

For those who love hard-hitting powerhouse hoss fights, this match between Dan Maff and KTB will be a treat.  And let’s be honest. GCW puts on some of the hardest-hitting hoss fights in independent wrestling today.

KTB is an absolute annihilator, having flung wrestlers all the way across the ring through countless doors in recent memory.  Dan Maff has taken chair shots that would seemingly shatter skulls on most victims, only to keep on plowing through his competition unharmed.  This is proving to be a comeback year for both KTB and especially Dan Maff, who recently signed with Ring of Honor again.

But make no mistake about it, as Maff is one of the toughest veterans in the business in modern history.  KTB, a newcomer in comparison, still has much to prove. Facing off against Dan Maff may just be the stepping stone KTB needs to establish himself as a standout among a business over-saturated with big guys.  It will not be an easy mountain to climb in taking out “The Baricua Beast” Dan Maff.

Photo // GCW
Hate Trash Disaster vs Young Dumb N Broke

Young Dumb N Broke takes on Hate Trash Disaster, in what will likely be uncontrollable chaos, and perhaps the most violent match of the evening. And Ellis Taylor and Jordan Oliver may indeed be dumb in stepping into the ring with Markus Crane and Shlak.  In fact, they may very well be broken after the fluorescent light-tube dust settles.

Shlak is an unstoppable beast among deathmatch wrestlers.  His bulging muscles reflect the sheer strength of this juggernaut from head to toe, while his toothless grin sends chills down the spine of most competitors who have to face him. 

Throw into the mix some tattoo needles and a plastic bag, and Shlak is the type of horror-flick nightmare that gags, bags and impales reckless and ignorant youth such as Jordan and Ellis.  And it does not help that Shlak has Markus Crane on his side.  Crane often goes all out to inflict pain upon his opponents, even if it means drawing far more damage upon himself in the process.

All men entering this matchup are reckless in one way or another.  But hope is not yet completely lost for being Young Dumb N Broke.  Jordan and Ellis certainly have speed and agility on their side.  Their young and ignorant daredevil styles may work to their advantage in shaking off any fears of the beast-man Shlak, at least momentarily. 

At merely twenty years old, Jordan Oliver is the current CZW Wired Champion, and recently made his debut with MLW earlier this year.  Keep an eye out for Ellis, as he is also becoming a mainstay in GCW.  He is one of the newest standouts from CZW’s dojo.

Ultraviolence meets high flying in this high stakes matchup!

Photo // GCW
Tony Deppen vs Matt Vandagriff

Matt Vandagriff has a chance at some major career advancement in stepping into the ring with one of today’s top grapplers in GCW mainstay Tony Deppen.  Vandagriff is one of the latest graduates of the Santino Bros wrestling school, which has produced the likes of some of the biggest superstars in the scene today.  That includes Brody King and Jake Atlas. 

In fact, Vandagriff may be the flashier wrestler here, while Deppen is obviously more far more rounded overall.  Some may even describe Vandagriff’s style as similar to Jake Atlas during his first couple years of wrestling.  With a bright future ahead of him, it is matches such as this one which are often the game changers in breaking out stars or graduating them to the next level. 

And Tony Deppen can certainly bring out the best in a newcomer such as Vandagriff.  Keep your eyes peeled on this match, as Vandagriff may prove to be the dark horse of the evening and surprise spectators.

Photo // GCW
Matt Tremont vs 1 Called Manders

The 1 Called Manders meets “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont for the first time in the squared circle at Chopper City.  With a background in football, Manders has made quite the leap spearheading the pro wrestling scene this year. Mander’s winning record is nothing to brag about in his relatively short time in the business.

However, he has had the opportunity to wrestle big names in some of the most established wrestling companies in that short time, including Black Label, AAW, AIW, IWA Mid-South and Wrestling Revolver.

This match may very well be a paradigm shift for Manders, as the former college football player enters the bloody world of deathmatch wrestling. And what better way to get a taste of the dark side of the business than taking on one of its most iconic competitors in Matt Tremont?

Matt Tremont has spilled blood all over Japan and North America, won some of the most violent deathmatch tournaments in the world, and is a former CZW and GCW World Heavyweight Champion.  Other than Nick Gage, perhaps no one rivals Tremont as a contemporary deathmatch icon.

Even if Manders walks away in defeat, he will consolidate some serious bragging rights if he can keep up with the  “Bulldozer.” This match will certainly test the pain threshold of Manders.

Blake Christian vs Ophidian

In a last minute addition to the card, Blake Christian and Ophidian were also booked to face off against each other.  Blake Christian has been on fire this year, even making his debut for PWG in Los Angeles!

Christian has a great opportunity to advance his stardom, while also learning some new tricks from Ophidian.  Because Ophidian is not only one of the best luchadors and mainstay stars in Chikara wrestling today, but he is also a trainer at Chikara’s Wrestle Factory.

Expect this match to drop jaws and bring standing ovation from the sold out Voltage Lounge as these two take to the air and defy physics!

Catch the action on Fite.TV and see all these matches go down the day before Thanksgiving!


Micah Shapiro, a native of Seattle, a father, and a husband, holds a Master of Science degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University, and is a war and history junkie with a fascination for the dramatization and narration of human conflicts (obviously, pro wrestling fits that spectrum very well). He avidly watches independent pro wrestling as an escape from the daily anxieties of life in general, and his logistics day job. Though a typical hermit, sometimes he'll actually leave his house to go to DEFY's shows. Besides pro wrestling and global conflicts, he enjoys BBQ'ing (his specialty is Turkish Aleppo-pepper chicken kabobs), playing adventure and RPG video games, board games, painting war game miniatures, and reading science fiction, horror and fantasy novels.