August 23, 2019
Tacoma Washington
The Temple Theater

It’s finally happening! What is easily considered one of the most anticipated events of the year, DEFYANCE FOREVER. We will see some of the best on the NJPW roster face the best of the DEFY roster! It really doesn’t get much better than this.

Friday evening we’ll see some old friends return, and some talent making their first appearance in this region. Needless to say, this card is going to be one of the best you’re going to see anywhere! So, let’s get down to it, DEFYANCE FOREVER!

4 Corner War!
Judas Icarus vs. Guilllermo Rosas vs. Cody Chhun vs. Matt Cross

Photo / DEFY

We have a four-way match, and this is going to be incredible. All four of these wrestlers are among the very best on the DEFY roster. The first competitor on the list is Judas Icarus. This young man exploded on the scene earlier this year at the Ten-Man Tournament. Even though he didn’t win the tournament he won over the DEFYANCE. He’s been consistent and you can see the hunger in his eyes. We are going to see great things from this gentleman.

Joining Mr. Icarus in this four-way competition will be a long time member of the DEFY roster, Guillermo Rosas! He is a fierce competitor and someone who will do whatever it takes to win. He’s faced some of the best in the business and we have come to learn if Rosas is in the ring, you’re going to have a good time.

Our next competitor is quite possibly one of the most beloved members of DEFY’s roster. “Classic” Cody Chhun made a strong showing last month by advancing to the second round in the 8 XGP championship title tournament. He was able to defeat Mike Santiago, no small accomplishment, to say the least.

The last competitor is a visiting dignitary, the great Matt Cross. Though he isn’t technically a part of the roster he’s been here so many times he might as well be. He’s loved by this crowd and it is always a pleasure to have him on the card.

You can count on these four amazing wrestlers to fight hard. We’re going to see some impressive technical work! If you don’t walk away from this match impressed, then your soul is dead… just like your dreams…

Trio Competition
Brian Pillman Jr. & The Amerikan Gunz (Ethan HD & Mike Santiago)
Jushin Thunder Liger, Karl Fredricks & Alex Coughlin

Photo / DEFY

There is a very high likelihood this match is going to steal the show. Brian Pillman Jr. is without a doubt one of the rising stars on the independent scene. We are going to see great things from this gentleman and on August 23, you will see for yourself why he’s a growing presence on the independent scene. Joining him in the ring will be two of the greatest wrestlers in the DEFY locker room. The Amerikan Gunz, Mike Santiago, and Ethan HD! These three wrestlers working together is going to be mayhem!

On the other side of the ring will be perhaps one of the most legendary members of the NJPW roster, Jushin Liger. This man is world-famous and there are few fans of the sport unfamiliar with this name and his body of work. Joining Liger will be two outstanding talents from the NJPW roster, Karl Fredricks and Alex Coughlin. These two gentlemen will be providing back up to Jushin Liger and he couldn’t have a better talent watching his back!

Singles Match
Rocky Romero vs Clark Connors

Photo / DEFY

Making his debut with DEFY is Rocky Romero. A mainstay in the world of professional wrestling for well over a decade. Rocky is currently on the roster with NJPW and has worked for ROH in the past. He’s a particularly talented gentleman who came to prominence in Mexico early in his career.

Facing Rocky Romero is one of our very own, Clark Connors. A young man who has performed at DEFY in the early years and made such an impression NJPW couldn’t keep their hands off this talent. While it’s been about a year since he departed, you can be certain the DEFYANCE is going to welcome him home on August 23!

Singles Match
Juice Robinson vs. Randy Myers

Photo / DEFY

Representing NJPW in this match is none other than Juice Robinson. This big guy has held the IWGP United States championship more than once. He’s worked for WWE’s NXT division and worked with ROH as well as many other impressive promotions. He’s a big guy standing over six feet tall and stacked!

Facing this impressive competitor representing DEFY is none other than the Weirdo Hero, the Ravenous One, Randy Myers! Our favorite bestower of smooches will no doubt get a smooch on his opponent, Juice Robinson. While we wait for the fantastic lip lock, we are going to be treated to an incredible match between two spectacular talents.

Singles Competition
Dragon Lee vs. Douglas James

Photo / DEFY

One of the great Lucha performers ever to emerge from Mexico, Dragon Lee, is going to be making his DEFY debut! This CMLL and NJPW standout has been wowing crowds for five years and he has built an impressive career in a very short amount of time. He has worked for ROH and he continues to prove time and time again he is someone in this business to be recognized.

Facing Dragon Lee is someone who has been a regular at DEFY of late. In this writer’s humble opinion, this is a very good thing, because he is a particularly talented young man. He too is making quite a name for himself in the business and those of us who have seen him at previous DEFY show’s can clearly understand why. To see him face Dragon Lee on August 23rd is worth the price of a ticket alone!

Tag Team Championship
For the DEFY & PCW Ultra Titles
Warbeast- Jacob Fatu & Joseph Samael
No One Lives- Dr. Kliever & The Devil Drexl

Photo / DEFY

Returning to defend their DEFY and PCW Ultra Tag Team Championships is Warbeast! Jacob Fatu and Joseph Samael are incredible wrestlers. They are ferocious competitors, relentless in the ring and if you ever see one of their matches you know the action is quick and doesn’t stop until they put their opponents away.

Facing Warbeast will be the resident minions of hell! I’m not certain any of us want to know where Dr. Kliever earned his doctoral degree. Nor do we want to contemplate the habitat Drexl maintains in his hellish dominion. One thing we do know, is these two men are violence personified and perfect opponents for Warbeast. This is going to be one hell of a fight!

DEFY Championship Match
Artemis Spencer vs. Schaff

Photo / DEFY

Almost from the moment Artemis was crowned the DEFY Champion, this match was destined to take place at some point. Schaff has long been a favorite of the DEFYANCE and there are few in the audience who would be displeased to see Schaff as Artemis’ heir apparent.

While there are few eager to see the end of Artemis Spencer’s championship reign there is little doubt at some point DEFY will have a new champion. Will this happen on August 23rd? Your guess is as good as mine. Artemis has defended his title admirably for approximately nine months now. Soon enough we’ll see if he can defend it from the “Baddest MFer in Professional Wrestling!”

Photo / DEFY

DEFY FOREVER is an all-ages show. It is located at the Temple Theater, 47 St. Helens Ave., Tacoma WA 98402

Show Starts at 8:00 p.m.