#Preview: DEFY Year 3

DEFY Year 3
January 31st, 2020
Seattle Washington
Washington Hall

Here we are, passing the three-year mark in DEFY’s meteoric rise: DEFY Year 3. Three years ago, DEFY was started in the black hole of professional wrestling, the Pacific Northwest. Only the rare talent emerged from the darkness and occasionally the WWE would pass through quenching the draught in our humble region. Today, three years later, the Pacific Northwest is turning heads. Are we still a black hole? It would be difficult to convince the local fans of this growing and thriving scene. It is unquestionable, DEFY has played no small part in the health of the business on our local scene.

On Friday January 31st we celebrate the three-year milestone of the promotion: DEFY Year 3. This internationally acclaimed promotion is a beacon that has broken through the black hole and shed light on the incredible talent that developed here when no one was looking. DEFY introduced the fans to so much local talent and we will see most of this talent performing tonight!

Singles Match
King Khash vs. Killer Kross

Returning after a year hiatus is none other than DEFY favorite, King Khash. We last saw him at the Two-Year event where he won the 10X Elimination Survival tournament. Since then he’s been in Japan working for Zero 1 and even made an appearance at the WWE tryout center. In the year since we’ve seen King Khash at DEFY there is little doubt he’s hungry to show us everything he’s learned over the last year. One thing you can count on, King Khash won’t disappoint us.

Facing the Persian Prodigy is Killer Kross! He is making his return to DEFY after the warm welcome he received the last time he made an appearance. Killer Kross is a hot commodity on the independent scene and he’s being put in a match with one of the preeminent talents on the local scene.

These two competitors are well matched. You can count on a lot of power moves and some of the best technical wrestling of the night.

DEFY to Survive
D2S 10X Elimination MMXX

DEFY has set a tradition. On each anniversary show, they have a 10-person elimination match. The first year was won by Artemis Spencer who went on to win the DEFY Championship. Last year the man standing was King Khash. While he isn’t the DEFY Champion, the year is young.

We are likely to see some new talent making their debut at DEFY Year 3 and several established performers. Whoever wins this tournament is likely to have a bright future in the ring at DEFY.

Trios Tag Match
Jurassic Express vs. Strong Hearts
(Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt & Super Panda) vs. (CIMA, T-Hawk and El Lindaman)

We have two incredible trio teams coming in from great distances. The first is Jurassic Express! This incredible team consists of three beloved talents. Luchasaurus is making his return to DEFY after a long absence and he’s bringing a couple of his friend from AEW with him, Marko Stunt! Rounding out this team of three is none other than Super Panda!

Coming from across the Pacific is the amazing team of three calling themselves Strong Hearts! CIMA recently made his debut at DEFY and it would seem he’s as much of a fan of us as we are of him. Welcome back, good sir. He’s bringing a couple of friends with him from Japan. T-Hawk and El Lindaman will be making their debut at DEFY Year 3 and there is no doubt whatsoever this is going to be on hell of a match!

DEFY Tag Team Championship Match
Warbeast vs. Amerikan Gunz vs. 4 Minutes of Heat
(Jacob Fatu & Josef Samael) vs. (Ethan HD & Mike Santiago) vs. (Ricky Gibson & Eddie Pearl)

If there is going to be a match in the evening that will become a display of chaos, mayhem, and carnage, it will be this match. Whenever Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael get into the ring the on-site paramedics stand ready! Between Jacob’s pure unadulterated power and Josef’s pyrotechnics, they have held onto the DEFY and PCW Ultra Tag Titles for nearly a year now.

The Amerikan Gunz, Ethan HD and Mike Santiago, were the original tag team champions and they are eager to get their titles back. They’ve faced Warbeast in the ring before and they’ve come close to winning their belts back, but thus far they have fallen short. This time however there’s a wild card in play…

Enter the wild cards, 4 Minutes of Heat! Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl have been tearing it up on the local scene lately. Hailing from Portland Oregon, these two men are climbing to the top and winning the DEFY Tag championship would be just the thing to give these extraordinarily talented young men the boost they need.

With three fantastic tag teams converging in one ring for a match, this is going to be a visual feast for everyone in the audience. This is going to fast, brutal, and have you on the edge of the seat, possibly before the bell even rings!

DEFY Championship Match
Schaff vs. Artemis Spencer

Two foes meet once again in the squared circle. Schaff defeated Arty for the DEFY championship several months ago and the former champion wants a chance to get his belt back.

After last month when these two met in the ring with back up, Warbeast and the Amerikan Gunz, Artemis Spencer came out on top, however the championship wasn’t in play. Having defeated Schaff and his friends, he’s earned the right to face Schaff once again for a chance to win back the DEFY Championship.

The folks behind DEFY aren’t taking it easy on these two champions. They are putting into play an interesting element to this title match. This will be a ladder match! This is the first match of its kind at DEFY. Needless to say, this is one of the most anticipated matches of the show. Will Schaff retain? Or will Artemis Spencer reclaim the DEFY Championship? The only way to know first is to be there Friday night!


This show is a 21 and older event. Alcohol, food, and beverages will be available for purchase, provided by Lunchbox Laboratory. DEFY is a safe place for everyone, so please be respectful to one another. Be respectful of the talent, don’t throw things into the ring (unless it’s money) and make sure you get out of the way if they come in your direction.

Keep an eye on DEFY’s social media in the coming days. They may have more to announce before Friday January 31st!