#Preview: Wrestle Summit II

Philip:  On November 30 and December 1st we will have Wrestle Summit II, this time in Seattle Washington.

This is going to be an amazing even with two nights of spectacular matches and more high-quality sports entertainment than you’ll get anywhere else for Wrestle Summit II. None are more excited than the fans to see this incredible show turning into a regular event. With Progress being one of the players at the table, perhaps next year it will be in England!

One thing is for certain, professional wrestling is the better for events like Wrestle Summit. With multiple promotions coordinating and working together it shows the health in the independent wrestling community. The more this business grows, everyone benefits, especially the fans.

With the way these cards are shaping up, this is going to be a must-see show. The promotions have done an incredible amount of work. The talent are ready to put their best foot forward and they are blowing up social media expressing their own excitement to get in the ring and face some of the best professional wrestlers in the business. The fan reaction has been monumental. There isn’t anyone going into this with doubts about how memorable this event is going to be. Stay tuned to social media as information about Wrestle Summit is going to roll out up to and including the day of the events.
Gareth:  Wrestle Summit has become a large attraction for North American indy wrestling over the last several years.
The lineup of companies involved reads like a who’s of the rich wrestling scene that the US and Canada have over. DEFY, PCW ULTRA, and the UK’s PROGRESS will all be participating in the festivities of Wrestle Summit II. Day one sees some particularly tasty matchups taking place. Of most interest to me is Artemis Spencer taking on El Phantasmo. I saw Artie at this year’s Super Strong Style 16 for PROGRESS and he showed a lot of talent and a lot of heart.
ELP is a dude we are all very familiar with over here as Rev Pro’s former British Cruiserweight champion. The Bullet Club member is a star attraction wherever he wrestles due to his charisma and spectacular style. Only one title on the line, but that title is the PROGRESS Women’s championship. Oof! It’ll be a good un’, as will the whole show.
The second day of Wrestle Summit features the same great mix of talent as day one. It’s truly something to see promotions working together in harmony for a common cause. We’re seeing the Defy championship and the PCW Ultralite championship defended. Schaff defends the Defy championship and Jake Atlas defends the PCW Ultralite championship in eagerly anticipated matches. Both champions will surely be eager to etch their names in the history of the event.
Challengers Alexander Hammerstone and Cody Chhun are two young men on the rise with the same level of ambition as the champions. Truly anything can happen on day two of this super event in Seattle. There doesn’t appear to be any PROGRESS involvement announced as yet, so perhaps some surprises are in store during the course of the show? Whatever the case, if you’re attending the show you’re sure to have a blast – I wish I could be there to see it live. Enjoy!
Micah: Wrestle Summit returns, only this time it is heading to Washington Hall in Seattle for a two day event featuring talent representing Defy wrestling, PCW ULTRA and PROGRESS wrestling!

Perhaps the highlight of the event is the year-long war between Schaff and Hammerstone, as they take each other on in ten-man tag team warfare the first night, and a singles match for the championship the second night.

If Wrestle Summit II is anything similar to the first show back in March, expect the possibility of some controversial outcomes.  At the first Wrestle Summit, the PCW ULTRA championship changed hands as Mil Muertes defeated Shane Strickland with the help of Warbeast, and was left beaten.

This time, it is the Defy championship on the line in the main event between Schaff and Hammerstone.  Hammerstone has been nabbing championships all over the world in his absence from Defy and PCW ULTRA, and this could very well be his time to rise in the Pacific Northwest.  Do not miss out, as some of the best talent from around the world will be invading Seattle at Wrestle Summit II for this two night extravaganza!

Wrestle Summit II
Photo / DEFY


Team Schaff vs. Team Hammerstone
Schaff, Randy Myers, Cody Chhun, Guillermo Rosas & Judas Icarus
Hammerstone, Jorel Nelson, Travis Williams, Brian, and Kevin Cook

Philip: In the immortal words of George Takie, “Oh, my!” What an incredible match the folks behind Wrestle Summit have crafted for us. Two teams each consisting of five individuals with the team captains of Schaff, Defy Heavyweight Champion and Hammerstone. It would seem these two men have assembled their allies and they are going to clash in the ring in what is going to be an epic battle sodden with resentments, spite and venom! The grudge between Schaff and Hammerstone continues and there will be blood!

Schaff has assembled an impressive team to back him up. Standing in his corner are four spectacular talents. The Weirdo Hero, Randy Myers will be entering the match on the side of Schaff ready to sling his witticisms and lip locks at his opponents. Also joining Schaff will be a DEFY favorite and a local talent standing on the cusp of a career ready to explode, is the one of a kind Cody Chhun. His technical skill and high flying will no doubt give Team Schaff an edge.

Guillermo Rosas will be entering the ring in support of Schaff. He has made a strong showing lately and he could very well be a wild card in this match. Rounding out Team

Schaff is a young man who made his debut at DEFY earlier this year, Judas Icarus. This young man is a rising star and he is one undoubtedly going to be one of the next breakout stars of this region.

Hammerstone is arriving with his own set of allies. Jorel Nelson, the former DEFY tag champion as part of the 1%, this extraordinary talent will be throwing his lot behind Hammerstone. The next participant on this team is none other than the “Golden Boy” himself, Travis Williams. This outstanding young man will do whatever it takes to win… ANYTHING… Rounding out this team is the incredible duo, The Cook Brothers! Brian and Kevin Cook are a well-coordinated team who specializes in technical work and destruction!

This is going to be a match filled with mayhem and Chaos. You can expect a mixture of nearly every style of wrestling to clash into an entertaining spectacle. While it is difficult to predict what exactly you will see in this match, there is one certainty… Whoever is the referee for this competition, is going to earn their paycheck!

Wrestle Summit II
Photo / DEFY
A Contest of Champions
El Phantasmo vs. Artemis Spencer

Philip: At the last Wrestle Summit, Artemis Spencer represented DEFY as the Champion. Though he may not hold that title any longer, he is still a beloved representative. Few who enter Washington Hall receive a warmer welcome than our former champion. He has had a distinguished career and he is only getting started.

Facing Artemis Spencer is technical highflyer and member of the world-famous Bullet Club is none other than El Phantasmo. Despite his international renown, El Phantasmo also referred to as ELP, is well known on the local scene. This gentleman, hailing up the street in Vancouver British Columbia, has been the ECCW champion and is no stranger to fans in the Pacific Northwest.

This is going to be an exciting match. These two men have nearly thirty years of experience the ring between them. As a result, you know this is going to be a spectacular match and those lucky enough to be at Washington Hall are going to be the real winners in this contest.

Photo / DEFY
Battle of the Gods
Jake Atlas vs. Douglas James

Philip: What do you get when you put two of the greatest wrestlers on the West Coast in the same ring? A battle worthy of the Gods! When people talk about the biggest up and comers on a national level the conversation rarely excludes the name of Jake Atlas or Douglas James.

These two titans have faced of more than once. They know each other well and they know exactly what the other is capable of. Their individual achievements are the envy of many in the profession and for good reason.

Jake Atlas joins us shortly after the announcement that he has been signed by the WWE. Those of us who have been watch Mr. Atlas’ career are not surprised in the least this young man’s talent was bound to be noticed by one of the top promotions in the business. As an openly gay man, he has provided hope for those of us in the LGBTQ community in a business that has not always embraced our community.

Without Question Douglas James is building a name for himself not only for his skill, but also for his tenacity in the ring and his professionalism outside the ring. For someone who is relatively a newcomer, by industry standards, he is proven to be a gifted young man. Not to rest on his natural talents, he has tempered them with hard work and it’s really starting to pay off. Keep an eye on this one, great things are instore for Douglas James.

Wrestle Summit II
Photo / DEFY
Three-Way Tag Team
Amerikan Gunz vs. The Cunninghams vs. Warbeast

Philip: A three-way tag team competition between three incredible tag teams. First, we have our current reigning DEFY and PCW Ultra Tag Team champions. Warbeast consisting of Jacub Fatu and Josef Samael won their titles at the very first Wrestle Summit in LA and have defended their title ever since. They have destroyed every competitor who has stepped forward to challenge them, and they have faced some of the toughest challengers in the game.

Eager to reclaim the Tag Team titles are the Amerikan Gunz. Ethan HD and Mike Santiago were the first people to win the belts and they are no doubt eager to reclaim what they have lost. These two natives of Tacoma Washington are exquisitely talented men with a great deal of experience behind them. They’re also well-coordinated and work well together. Though they have lost to Warbeast before, their tenacity is surely bound to pay off.

The wild card in this match is the return of a beloved tag duo the Cunninghams! Jack and Karl Cunningham, better known as Carl Randers and Jack Stevens have a long history together in the early days of DEFY. Now that Jack has returned from New York, they have reunited and making a play to reestablish themselves as a formidable presence on the DEFY tag team playing field. On November 30th they may very well succeed in doing so!

Photo / DEFY
PROGRESS Women’s Title Match
Meiko Satomura vs Nicole Savoy
Gareth: Now this is a contest with some serious pedigree! PROGRESS Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura defends the belt against former SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy in what is sure to be an excellent strong-style contest at Wrestle Summit II. PROGRESS are the biggest name in British independent wrestling, and to be their champion would mean a lot of cache for both women.
Satomura enters the match with an absolutely fearsome reputation and a championship list as long as your arm.
A truly intercontinental star, she has held titles in Japan for STARDOM and KO-D, and the UK for Fight Club: Pro in addition to PROGRESS. She was introduced to the world at large through her participation in WWE’s Mae Young Classic. Whilst there, her stiff kicks earned her a reputation as a smiling assassin as she caves in the chest of her unfortunate opponent. Luckily, Satomura’s opponent favors a similar style to her own…
Savoy enters the match having recently been deposed from her throne atop SHIMMER. She held their top title for an incredible 721 days, and will surely be keen to feel the cold embrace of championship gold around her waist once again. Similar to Satomura, Savoy has competed worldwide for the likes of Pro Wrestling: Eve and RiSE. Also a featured participant in the Mae Young Classic, her ring style is a great match for Satomura’s. Savoy enjoys throwing a suplex or five, and her MMA influenced style should gel well with the champ’s.
Wrestle Summit II
Photo / DEFY
Jimmy Havoc vs Sonico – No DQ Match
Gareth: Although Jimmy Havoc and Sonico are set to wrestle in a no disqualification match, I’m expecting something a little bit different at Wrestle Summit II. Yes, there will likely be an emphasis on blood and guts, but Jimmy is equally adept at lucha as he is at hardcore. The Lucha Ghoul, as his nickname would suggest, favors a lucha style of combat, yet he is versatile enough to mix it up with some hardcore. Touche, Wrestle Summit, touche.
The longest reigning champion in PROGRESS history, this will actually be Havoc’s first match under the Eagle banner since March of this year.
Relocating to the US and under contract to both AEW and MLW, he’ll be looking to remind us Brits of exactly what sort of mayhem he can cause. Canadian Destroyer off the top rope through tables? Easy. Rainmaker clothesline wrapped in barbed wire? No problem. A spot of running the ropes, ducking and diving, topped off with a leaping hurricanrana? Yeah, of course. It’s going to be great seeing Jimmy back for his ‘home’ promotion again, particularly against an opponent such as this…
Sonico is a man on a tear through the wrestling scene on a worldwide scale. Recently completing an epic stint with Pro Wrestling NOAH, he has shown the versatility that he will need here against a variety of opposition. Facing off against the likes of Dr. Wagner Jr and Chris Ridgeway certainly illustrates that he is able to adjust any style in an attempt to impress his own upon the proceedings. And that’s what this match will come down to; a battle of the wills. Will the fleet-footed luchador be victorious, or will the King of the Goths brutalise his opposite number?
Photo / DEFY
Jake Atlas vs. Cody Chhun

Micah: If Jake Atlas retains his PCW Ultralight championship against Douglas James at the first night of Wrestle Summit II, he will put the title on the line against Cody Chhunn the next night.  Regardless of what transpires on the first night, it certainly will not change the high prospects entailed between Chhunn and Atlas.

“Classic” Cody Chunn has been on a roll this year, scoring a major victory over none other than Darby Allin a couple of months prior.  His prominence has risen greatly in the Pacific Northwest this year.  Fans have taken a liking to his quick-thinking chain wrestling abilities and his positive personality.

Chhunn’s name is beginning to catch some serious attention outside the Pacific Northwest.  In light of that,“Superstar” Jake Atlas personally requested this matchup with Chhunn, posing the challenge on Twitter.  Atlas has established himself as one of the most refined cruiserweights all around North America today.  Win or lose, this will be a major stepping stone for Chhun.

As this year wraps up, Chhunn has the opportunity to make his biggest statement yet if he can put up a worthy fight against the “Superstar.”  And, depending on how matters transpire, there is plenty of room for shock and awe in this business.  Chhun could very well manage to leave Washington Hall with some of the west coast’s brightest gold on his waist.  Keep your eyes peeled on this match, as it may be Chhunn’s time to rise!

Wrestle Summit II
Photo / DEFY

Main Event:

Defy championship
Schaff vs. Hammerstone

Micah: Just when fans thought this year’s hottest rivalry was finally over, the fiery between Schaff and Hammerstone has erupted again!  From day one in Defy wrestling, Hammerstone made it clear he despised Schaff, proclaiming that the “baddest motherf****er in pro wrestling” is merely a persona worn by a timid boy.

But fans were hardly convinced by Hammerstone’s bold accusations against Schaff, given that Hammerstone bailed and walked out of the venue halfway through their first match.  The referee declared it a no contest as a result.  At Defy’s following show in Portland, Hammerstone was tied to Schaff in a chain match, with no opportunity for escape.  The two bludgeoned each other, but it was ultimately won by Schaff.

As the war appeared over and the score was settled by Schaff, they went their separate ways.  Over the coming months, Schaff moved on to defeat Artemis Spencer to become the Defy champion.  Meanwhile, Hammerstone toured Japan and North America, established himself in Major League Wrestling (MLW), and won titles of his own.

Months later, in a new time, in another state, and indifferent league, Hammerstone exploded upon the scene of PCW ULTRA’s venue to take out Schaff. This set matters in place for PCW ULTRA “Into the Void” this past October. 

At “Into the Void”, these two juggernauts once again clobbered each other to near oblivion in a number one contender match for the PCW ULTRA championship.  In this non-title match, Schaff could not have felt more undermined in being the Defy champion, as Hammerstone scored an upset victory in putting Schaff down for the three count.

The main event is set for Wrestle Summit II on the second night, as these two seek to finish off the feud and claim the war bounty once and for all.  Only this time, the Defy championship is on the line.  Certainly, Schaff is feeling the weight of the world bearing down on him, with his recent loss against Hammerstone fresh in his mind.

Will Wrestle Summit II mark the era of Hammerstone in Defy wrestling? Or will Schaff prove once and for all that he is the baddest behemoth in Defy wrestling and retain the title? Anything can transpire as these two juggernauts are tied for wins against each other. Head on down to Washington Hall in Seattle and witness this year-long war reach its pivotal climax at Wrestle Summit II!