#Preview: DEFY Slamtown #PDX4

DEFY PDX4 Slamtown
Portland Oregon
February 9, 2019
Hawthorn Theater

On a cold winter night in the City of Roses, one of the best wrestling shows you’ll ever see will be happening at the Hawthorn Theater! DEFY PDX4 Slam Town will be, as the name suggests, the fourth show DEFY has put on in Portland Oregon. According to DEFY’s schedule for 2019, they will be making regular appearances in Portland, approximately every other month. This is great news for Portland fans!

There have been surprisingly few announcements for Slamtown. It would seem the folks behind DEFY are planning to surprise the audience the night of the event. This is particularly fantastic since DEFY is exceptionally talented with coming up with great surprises for their fans. In the coming week it is recommended you keep an eye on DEFY social media for any possible last-minute announcements.

Artemis Spencer vs. MJF

Photo / DEFY Wrestling

In what will be Artemis Spencer’s second title defense, he is facing off against Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF). It would seem MJF is becoming a regular at DEFY and it’s been clear from the last couple of appearances he’s made, the DEFYANCE loves to despise him! He’s perhaps one of the greatest heels working today. With his haughty presence and superior attitude there isn’t anything not to love about this talented performer. Seeing MJF with the DEFY belt around his waist would likely invoke quite a response from the audience. Regardless, one could never say an MJF championship at DEFY would be anything but dull.

One should never ever underestimate Artemis Spencer. Given Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s arrogance, this will be the critical weakness Artemis can exploit in this match. There is a cunningness to Artie’s style that will provide him a number of advantages against his opponent who is more of an opportunist that a strategic wrestler. There is little doubt these two men in the ring are going to be a highlight of the evening.

Schaff vs. Hammerstone

Photo / DEFY Wrestling

Schaff has been a staple at DEFY since making his debut over a year ago. He was quickly adopted by the DEFYANCE as one of their absolute favorites on the roster. We’ve seen him take on some of the biggest names in the industry, Brody King, Jeff Cobb and Walter, just to name a few. At Slamtown, he will be adding one more impressive name to the incredible list of opponents our local hero has faced. Hammerstone!

Few are unfamiliar with Hammerstone. This giant of a man is no stranger to the Pacific Northwest. He’s been a regular at WCWC, PCW Ultra and IMPACT. He is a power house who has been impressing audiences for around six years now. He is an impressive talent in the ring, and he is       well suited to face Schaff.

This will be a heavy hitting match and anything but dull! With any luck it won’t be the last time we see Hammerstone at a DEFY show!

Johnny DEFYance vs. Darby Allin

Photo / DEFY Wrestling

Both these men have been at DEFY before and there is little doubt the folks lucky enough to attend Slam Town on February 9th are going to see an excellent match when these two men enter the ring.

Darby Allin has been making his rounds across the country working with promotions such as Evolve, PWG and PCW Ultra. Lucky for us, Darby has roots in the Pacific Northwest, and we have been able to call him home on several occasions to work with local promotions. He has been at DEFY on numerous occasions and is a crowd favorite.

Johnny DEFYance (Morrison) is making another appearance at DEFY and he is utterly loved by this crowd. He is a luminary in the professional wrestling industry, and we are lucky to have him joining us for Slamtown. Any match he’s in will undoubtedly be one of the best on the card, February 9th will be no exception, especially considering who his opponent is.

What We Could See

At this point we can only speculate what else DEFY might have in store for us on February 9th. It would seem likely there will be an appearance by the PRIDE faction. These three gentlemen, King Khash, Carl Randers and Guillermo Rosas have a knack for spoiling the aspiring hopes and dreams of Cody Chhun and other members of the locker room.

Could we see a return of a women’s competition? Danika Della Rouge has made several appearances and would be a prime talent to spearhead this division in the absence of Nicole Matthews.

Then there was a plethora of new talent introduced at DEFY Never Dies in the ten-man tournament. Guerrero De Neon, Eli Surge, Judas Icarus, Caden Cassidy and Travis Williams all made their debut and it would be delightful to see them return.  

DEFY has an incredible roster of talent and regular guests. Most DEFY shows consist of six to seven matches. As a result, there is a lot of room left on the card for any number of surprises. This is going to be night of spectacular wrestling and wonderful surprises. There is no other place to be than the Hawthorn Theater on February 9th!