#Preview: DEFY Presents Onslaught

June 15, 2019
Portland Oregon
Hawthorne Theater

Making their appearance in their home away from home, DEFY introduces Onslaught! Based on the matches they have announced thus far; Onslaught is a highly appropriate title for their latest entry in the DEFY catalog. The Hawthorne Theater in Portland Oregon will play host to this incredible event and with only five matches announced you can count on there being more than a few surprises.

Here is what we know thus far!

Singles Match
Schaff vs. Travis Williams

Photo / DEFY

The Baddest MFer in Professional Wrestling Schaff heads south to make an appearance at the Hawthorne! This powerhouse has proven time and time again that he is not to be underestimated. He destroyed Hammerstone at the last Portland event and this time he will be facing one of the new faces on the DEFY roster.

Standing up and bearing witness to Schaff is “Golden Boy” Travis Williams. This young man had a strong showing in the ten-man tournament at the beginning of the year and more recently in his match against Guillermo Rosas. Travis Williams may not be as big or as strong as Schaff, but he is not without his talents. He has great ring innovation and cunning. This has worked well for him in the past, but is it enough to take down Schaff? You’ll find out on Saturday, June 15th!

Tag Team Match
One Percent (Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs) vs. La Raza (Sonico & Leon Negro)

Photo / DEFY

Few are more pleased than this writer that we are seeing the return of the One Percent, Jorel Nelson, and Royce Isaacs. These two gentlemen held the DEFY tag team titles for several months before having the belts taken by Warbeast at Wrestle Summit in March. They are making their return to Defy at Onslaught and facing some tough competition.

La Raza, consisting of Sonico and Leon Negro, is a team we’ve seen before at Washington Hall. These two luchadores are spectacular talents and always a pleasure to watch in the ring. Sonico has been killing it across the nation and Leon Negro has proven he’s a worthy partner. Seeing these two take on the One Percent could very easily steal the show!

Singles Match
Riea Von Slasher vs. Rebel Kel

Photo / DEFY

This is bound to be a brutal contest. Riea Von Slasher is no stranger to DEFY. She faced Danika Della Rouge at the last Portland show and though her win was questionable due to interference at the hands of some of her ‘friends,’ she is nevertheless got the big “W.” This time she’ll be facing a different opponent and someone who may have a few tricks up her sleeve that Riea may not be expecting.

Rebel Kel is returning from an extended tour of Japan. No doubt our local home-grown talent picked up a few things in her time in the Orient. What surprises will she throw at her opponent? Your guess is as good as mine. One thing is for certain, Rebel Kel is a tough competitor and she isn’t going to let her opponent off easy.

Singles Match
Danika Della Rouge vs. Sloan

Photo / DEFY

Earlier this month Danika Della Rouge made her Ring of Honor debut. The month before she had a try out at the WWE. To say she is a hot commodity right now would be a gross understatement. She is one of the top talents working in the Pacific Northwest right now and she has an axe to grind with her opponent. At DEFY Into the Fire, she faced Cat Power, at the end of that match Sloan came out and introduced Danika’s face to a chair. It wasn’t pretty. A completely unprovoked attack and on June 15th Danika is going to have her chance to face Sloan in the ring.

Sloan is an intimidating force. She prowls the ring like a predator in dark sunglasses and a vape. She has far more attitude than any one person is entitled to, and there is little doubt Sloan has every intention of making herself known to the DEFYance. Sloan made her statement to Danika at Into the Fire and it would appear she plans to finish what she started at Onslaught!

Championship Title Match
Artemis Spencer vs. TJ Perkins

DEFY Onslaught
Photo / DEFY

Artemis Spencer has been a great champion! Ever since he won the title belt from Shane Strickland, he has made some of the toughest title defenses any champion could make. He recently completed a tour defending the DEFY championship in England. Now he’s home and DEFY found someone who is likely to be the biggest contender Artie has ever had to face.

Making his DEFY debut is wrestling luminary TJ Perkins. Fresh off his release from the WWE, TJ has hit the independent scene, and he is no doubt ready to start winning titles. DEFY is perhaps one of the most prestigious championship titles on the independent scene. Can TJ Perkins end the reign of our beloved champion? There is little doubt he is capable of winning but there is one thing no wise person should ever do… and that underestimates Artemis Spencer!

Singles Match
Brian Cage vs. Mike Santiago

Making another appearance at DEFY is Brian Cage. This muscle bound wrestler is a brutal heavy hitter and he has been a DEFY favorite almost from the very beginning. There are few people who are unfamiliar with this star of Impact, who is a part of an elite pantheon of wrestlers on the independent scene.

Facing one of the biggest power houses in the business is none other than one of our favorites, the incredible Mike Santiago. This gentleman is best known to the DEFYance as one half of the Amerikan Gunz, and some of you are already aware that he is an accomplished singles competitor. Those of you who are not already aware of this fact, are going to see for yourself on Saturday June 15th!


DEFY Onslaught is a 21 and older show. Be prepared to provide photo ID to enter the venue. The Hawthorne has a full-service bar and sells some particularly excellent pizza. So, if you happen to be in Portland Oregon on June 15th there are no better choices than to go to DEFY!