#Preview DEFY Fight for This!

DEFY Fight for This
October 19, 2019
Seattle Washington

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On Saturday, October 19 we are going to see the last DEFY show before Wrestle Summit titled Fight for This! This is an exciting event as we move into the last quarter of 2019 and we get ready for the holidays and what will be the third anniversary of this incredible promotion.

Fight for This has an incredible lineup and there are a few things that will be different in this show. First off, our typical master of ceremonies Steve Migs will be absent for this event. While this is a sad and devastating piece of news, the folks behind DEFY have found someone to free us from the blues. The Ravenous One, The Weirdo Hero, Randy Myers will be filling in as the announcer on October 19th and you know he’s going to have a great deal of fun being in control of the microphone. Expect the unexpected. Randy is going to take us for a ride and our destination is definitely going to be the unknown!

Secondly, our master of ceremony will be heading up a costume competition! That’s right, wear your favorite Halloween costumes! Who knows what you might win!

What we know thus far about the show…

Singles Match
Josef Samael vs. Mike Santiago

Photo / DEFY

This should be an interesting matchup. Most of us are more familiar with these gentlemen as one-half of their respective tag teams. Josef Samael of Warbeast and Mike Santiago of Amerikan Gunz. However, on October 19th, they will each be competing as singles competitors. This should be very interesting. They have faced off against one another in tag matches, but I suspect we’re going to see something very different play out between these two men in a singles match.

There is a history here, one that is likely to turn personal. Mike Santiago along with his partner Ethan HD form the Amerikan Gunz who were the very first tag team champions of DEFY. This was lost several months later to the 1% who in turn lost the titles to Warbeast at Wrestle Summit in Los Angeles last year. Both Mike and Ethan have made no secret they are hungry to get those belts back and this tension is likely to play out in this match. You can count on it to be intense, aggressive and I can only say, it’s a good thing this is a 21 and older event.

Singles Match
Jacob Fatu vs. Amazing Red

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If Josef Samael gets his own match, then so should Jacob Fatu! The other half of Warbeast is also making an appearance at Fight for This, as a singles competitor. As a result, we know Warbeast is going to walk into Wrestle Summit II holding both the DEFY and PCW Ultra Tag Titles. Even if Mr. Fatu is not entering the ring with his tag partner, you can count on him being no less brutal and aggressive. Jacob Fatu is a proven ring warrior, and anyone put in the ring with him is in serious danger.

Facing Fatu on October 19 is none other than Amazing Red! This Mohawk sporting talent hales from the East Coast. He’s made a name for himself at New Japan Professional Wrestling. He’s also faced some of the best talent in the industry. Amazing Red is more than a worthy opponent for Jacob Fatu and this is going to be one hell of a match.

Singles Match
Douglas James vs. Jet Knight

Fight for This
Photo / DEFY

“Iron Heart” Douglas James quickly won the hearts of the audience at Washington Hall months ago. He has proven himself to be a fierce and tenacious competitor. There isn’t an ounce of back down from this guy no matter what opponent he faces. He’s also very quick and isn’t afraid to go high or go low. He is quickly becoming one of the top performers on the independent scene and it would not be any surprise to this writer if Douglas James didn’t end up in the WWE or AEW in the very near future.

Facing Douglas James is a young man making his Washington Hall debut. He isn’t a stranger to the local scene and some of you might be familiar with him from working behind the scenes over the last few months at DEFY. Jet Knight is a high flying wonder who has emerged from the Buddy Wayne Academy and Lucha Libra Volcanica School. This young man is incredibly talented and shows the kind of promise and technical sophistication we would typically see in someone with many years of training and this young man has not even been doing this a year! If you haven’t seen Jet Knight in action, there is little doubt you’ll be a fan after October 19th at Fight for This.

Six Man Tag Match
Team Cima vs. Team Sydal
Guillermo Rosas, Cody Chhun & Cima vs. Kevin & Brian Cook with Matt Sydal

Photo / DEFY

Legendary professional wrestler Cima is coming to DEFY! How lucky are we? This talented gentleman is making his way from Japan to participate in an amazing match. Backing up this incredible talent are two of DEFY’s most popular regulars Guillermo Rosas and Cody Chhun!

As if the first team wasn’t amazing enough take a look at the second team! Returning to DEFY is one of the top talents on the independent circuit, Matt Sydal! As if that isn’t enough he is going to be joined by two of the most talented brothers in the region, Brian and Kevin Cook!

This match is stacked with some of the greatest talents in the business. There is little doubt this match is going to be in contention as one of the top matches of 2019 as we approach the end of the year.

Championship Match
Tom Lawlor vs. Schaff

Fight for This
Photo / DEFY

We’ve seen Tom Lawlor move through DEFY more than a few times. He’s had his sights set on the DEFY Championship for a long time. He’s challenged nearly every champion in recent memory. Every time it has slipped through his fingers. This man is a brutal combatant in the ring and there is little doubt he is capable of winning the championship, but thus far the stars have yet to align for Tom Lawlor at DEFY.

Defending his title once again is our beloved Champion Schaff. He is a juggernaut in the ring and if you piss him off… you might just have to eat your meals through a straw for a while. We saw him defend his title last month from Joey Janela. This month our proud veteran is going to test his mettle against one of the fiercest opponents he’s likely to face. Could we see a title change on the eve of Wrestle Summit II? We’ll see, very soon at Fight for this…

This is a 21 and older event. With only five matches announced pay attention to social media for more announcements, but do not be surprised if they surprise us with a couple unannounced matches at the show.

Public Service Announcement: Please do not smoke in the building.