#Preview: CMLL Homenaje A Dos Leyendas 2019


CMLL is presenting one of its mayor shows this Friday. The shows theme is honoring two legends. The first is always EMLL (now CMLL) founder Salvador Lutteroth and the other tends to change with this year Blue Demon being honored. The tricky part is figuring out how to watch this thing. CMLL will ocassionally hold iPPVs for their bigger shows but the only one that is ever consistantly an iPPV is their Anniversary show. The others will vary and are announced very late. As of this writing it’s still unclear if the show will be an iPPV or a regular Marca Claro stream.

Image; CMLL

Audaz & La Excelencia de la Tapatia (Triton & Esfinge) vs Hijo del Villano III, Vangellys & Polvora

A pretty stacked opening match as Triton, Esfinge and Audaz are notable high-flyers and usually wrestling around 3rd or 4th place on a card. Hijo del Villano III is the brother of AAA wrestler Villano III Jr (that’s confusing) while Vangellys recently had a feud with one of the main eventers of this show in Bestia Del Ring. Long way down. Polvora rounds out this heel team which feels like a way to try out the youngster Villano and excite the crowd early with the babyface team.

Image: CMLL

Chamuel, Mije & Zacarias vs El Gallito, Atomo & Microman

In wrestling, there are the Minis. You know like Mascarita Sagrada or Hornswoggle. Then you have Micros. These are wrestlers just shorter than say a Verne Troyer. They’re typically mascots in a near literal sense as their gimmicks tend to revolve animals and accompany regular wrestlers for some occasional comedy spots. The most famous being Kemonito from that famous GIF where he’s Dropkicked by Ultimo Guerrero and he flies off like it’s Super Smash Bros to the point that you can see the wind slow him down as he crashes onto Shocker. These tend to be more of a special attraction making it odd that it’s the second match and not the first as CMLL will tend to have slower paced matches open shows as crowds fill in.

Diamante Azul, Soberano Jr & Titan vs Templario & Hijos Del Infierno (Ephesto & Mephisto)

This one sounds great as Soberano Jr, Diamante Azul and Titan are three of CMLL’s most popular upper midcard stars while the two demon partners are some of it’s most realiable veteran heels. Templario rounds out this one which should feature some great flying from Soberano and Titan while Diamante Azul shows his stuff.

Image: CMLL

CMLL National Trios Champions Nueva Generacion Dinamita (Sanson, Cuatrero & Forastero) vs Gilbert El Boricua & Peste Negra (Negro Casas & Barbaro Cavernario)

Both members of Peste Negra are returning from injury scares here (unless they end up replaced) and Gilbert is better known as Mil Muertes in Lucha Underground. Fourth matches on CMLL cards are always labelled “Special Events” because they tend to have a gimmick attached. A one fall 15 minute “Lightning Match” or heels teaming with faces. This case its a match that pits heels vs heels. The oddness here is Gilbert being in this match rather than the one involving his current rival Diamante Azul rather than another member of the Peste Negra stable making this a match between two established Trios. It makes Gilbert seem like this grunt that works for every heel group around. He’s teamed with Los Ingobernables, The Cl4n and now Peste Negra over the span of a single month. If anything, The Dinamitas have become an amazing Trio since bursting onto the scene a year and a half ago and tend to guarantee great matches.

Image: CMLL

Semifinal Match for the CMLL World Trios Championships Guerreros Laguneros (Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero & Euforia) vs Caristico, Volador Jr & Dragon Lee

Originally the face team was meant to be Volador Jr & the Lucha Bros which sounded amazing but Pentagon and Fenix had other commitments and were pulled in favor of CMLL’s two most recognized stars. Caristico is of course the first Sin Cara and the first Mistico. The man who was the face of Mexican wrestling through out the early 2000s and Dragon Lee has been the biggest CMLL star to cross regularly to NJPW and ROH thanks to his feud with Hiromu Takahashi/Kamaitachi. With G-1 Supercard looming and Dragon Lee slated to be there, it wouldn’t be too shocking if his team win the titles so Lee can go to Madison Square Garden sporting that and the Lightweight CMLL titles. However, The Laguneros trio are a top act as a Trio in CMLL while their opponents are a replacement team.

Image: CMLL

Main Event Hairs vs Hairs Match: The Chavez Brothers (Niebla Roja & Angel De Oro) vs Los Ingobernables (Bestia Del Ring & El Terrible)

This is not Terrible’s first time headlining this show in a Tag Team Hair vs Hair match actually. Doing so before in 2004 teaming with the late Hijo del Perro Aguayo and winning. The other three have all been recent victims of the “Lucha De Apuestas” as all three lost their masks within the last two years. The rivalry here is pretty basic. The brothers are sick of Los Ingobernables’ constant cheating and have used their tactics against them while the Ingobernables made them victims constantly because they’re two pretty-boys. Though Niebla Roja has had a long stint as a heel as a part of Los Guerreros Laguneros so he knows how to play dirty and used that to stand up to the heel group. Rush has been pretty distant from this which is rare for him. But given how big the women fawn for the long-haired pretty-boy sibling duo, I find it hard to see them losing here. You can expect some amazing high flying from the babyface but at the same time some not-very-thrilling brawling particularly from the not too popular Bestia Del Ring. Terrible on the other hand can be a tremendous heel.

That does it for CMLL’s big show coming this Friday. The show starts at 10:30PM EST, 8:30PM CST but again, no clue if it’s iPPV or Claro Sports. The best advise for viewing details I can give you is to keep a close eye on the Facebook feed sadly which is here. But if the show is free, it will go up on Youtube Saturday morning. Which hopefully is the case so I may watch and review it. You can follow me and my various articles here.