#Preview: Bar Wrestling – You Got It, Dude

Dude, we’ve got another Bar Wrestling show! This time, Bar has really gone out with some amazing high-profile names and matches… I mean the banner alone should be enough to get you excited. So, as always, here is a preview of Bar Wrestling: You got it, Dude on  October 9th at the Bootleg Theater in LA. Of course, the card is subject to change and these are only the matches that have been announced.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. RockNES Monsters

If wrestling fans hadn’t got their Rock ‘n’ Roll Express fix during the recent NJPW tour, then they can get it here. Legends in the game, it’s crazy to see how amazing in the ring Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton are. They still fly across that ring with such ease and still work perfectly as a team as well as individuals. However, they’re not going to be given any privileges by their opponents. RockNES Monsters are THE tag team in Bar Wrestling and BHK (Big Hunky Kev) and YUMA are out to prove that they’re as good, if not better. This match is also going to be the battle of the personalities. All four guys are so much fun to watch and have something about them that’s really going to put on a show for the crowds. Even with years of experience, maybe a home advantage is all RockNES needs to pick up the win.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Brian Cage vs. Daga

On the surface, this match looks like a war of polar opposites. However, if you know the two wrestlers and their work, really, they’re not that different at all. Although Brian Cage has a much larger frame and body build compared to Daga, both men are very determined. Also, surprisingly, both men are extremely fast, strong and agile. Of course, these both differ depending on the man. Brian Cage utilizes his strength and size a lot more but still has this speed in him. Whereas, Daga’s main advantage is his speed and agility but he still has this strength to weigh up against his larger opponents. Whether this gives either a clear advantage over their opponent, it doesn’t seem like it. This match will definitely be hard-hitting, high risk and full of action. Two of the hottest wrestlers today.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Tessa Blanchard vs. Miranda Alize

Not to sound like a broken record, but god damn Bar Wrestling knows how to book women’s matches on their shows. Seeing Tessa Blanchard’s name already makes a lot of people very excited. She’s one, if not, my favorite female wrestler and is the perfect combination of strength, speed, and agility. Pioneering female wrestling no matter which company she wrestlers for, she is a lethal opponent for anyone – male or female. On the other side of the ring, we have Miranda Alize who is also no stranger to intergender wrestling and going against some of the toughest women in the business. This makes this match even more exciting because both women are so different in style but so similar in passion and desire. Both also have very similar experience in terms of time wrestling. However, on the role she’s on, it might not be such a bad idea to put your money on Tessa Blanchard during You got it, Dude.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Is that not an amazing card or what? We’ve got wrestling legends, Bar Wrestling legends, female legends and that’s just the start. Like always, presale tickets are available from here and are only $25. There’s no real reason why you shouldn’t buy these tickets ASAP because they will sell out. However, if this does happen or you don’t know your plans, limited tickets will be available at the door for $40. However, buy early not to miss out! Doors open at 8 o’clock and bell time is 9, so get there early so you don’t miss out on You got it, Dude!