Preview: Bar Wrestling We Work Hard, We Play Hard

On February 5th, Bar Wrestling is bringing you We Work hard, We Play Hard straight from the Bootleg Theater in LA. With 4 debuting wrestlers on this show, it’s one not to miss with some amazing new faces but also those familiar ones you love watching. So, here is a small preview for Bar Wrestling: We Work Hard, We Play Hard. Obviously, the card is subject to change but this should give you an overall idea and hopefully persuade you to go and watch the show live!

Douglas James & Dom Kubrick & Eli Everfly & Lucas Riley vs. Joey Ryan & B-Boy & Los Luchas

Bar Wrestling is known for its amazing yet huge multi-man matches and the line ups never cease to amaze crowds, and this one is no exception. Combining some of your favorite Bar wrestlers, this match has it all. The team of James, Kubrick, Everfly and Riley is an especially exciting team because in short, it combines everything people love about professional wrestling. All four men are undoubtedly so charismatic and crowd pleasers and that’s without even looking at their amazing wrestling talent. All men have had amazing track records in Bar as both singles and tag team wrestlers with Everfly in DoomFly and Kubrick’s team with Heather Monroe.

That combined with James and Riley makes a formidable team. However, it’s a team that their opponents won’t take lightly and their opponents are as diverse and talented. Joey Ryan is the King of Dong Style for a reason combining his desire to make wrestling a more fun place but also his years of experience. B-Boy has this strength and power unrivaled by so many and then combine that with the tag team Los Luchas who are just crazy athletic and talented. It’s a team that combines strength, speed, and agility with a sprinkling of fun and that’s sometimes the most dangerous.

Both teams are going to be equally as popular on the night, so it’s up to them on how they use it to their advantage. All that is for certain is that it’s going to blow the socks off the crowd and will leave the crowd wanting even more Bar Wrestling, which is understandable.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Holidead vs. Miranda Alize

With the women’s division in Bar Wrestling one of the strongest in the entire business, the promotion continues to give us some amazing matches from some of the best. Bar Wrestling fans will already be aware of Miranda Alize on other shows in Bar and around LA. She is a dynamic wrestler with fire red hair to not only match her style but passion and sass. In particular, Alize is known for her amazing intergender wrestling work with the likes of Joey Ryan and Ricky Starks as well as amazing bouts with Ember Moon just to name a few.

A few of you may not be as familiar with her opponent Holidead, but she is just as fiery and talented having put on some amazing matches in promotions like Women of Wrestling and Ring of Honor. Part of an amazing team with Thunder Rosas, Holidead is out to show that she’s an amazing singles competitor too. With her unique look, this is a woman you don’t want to mess with. Putting the two competitors together is a recipe for success. Both have such diverse styles and personalities that it’s going to create trouble in the ring, for all the best reasons. Who walks out on top at We Work Hard, We Play Hard?

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Zicky Dice vs. WATTS

It’s the battle of charisma in this singles match with two amazing guys in the form of Zicky Dice and Eric Watts. Former pop-punk band member turned professional wrestler, Dice has already earnt a lot of experience in the ring over the past 5 years in promotions from NWA, CWFH, and CZW. Trained by the Black and Brave Academy, Dice has amazing fundamental skills which are all combined with his amazing personality and charisma as well as his ability to find an advantage over more experienced or larger opponents.

This will definitely come in handy as he comes up against not only one of Bar’s most loved wrestlers, but also one of their biggest. WATTS is one of those wrestlers that seems to be able to do it all from singles matches to tag, using heavy-hitting offense but also utilizing his athletic streak. This match is really going to be a battle of styles with both men having very different offense suited to their frame and personality. Even with Dice’s passion and fire, could WATTS just be too much for the Outlandish Dice at We Work Hard, We Play Hard?

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Ray Rosas and Andy Brown v RockNES Monsters

This match is perfect for those Bar Wrestling fans who’ve been following the promotion for a while because it’s got four of your favorite Bar veterans. For the past few shows, we’ve really seen the chemistry blow up between Ray Rosas and Andy Brown as they’ve been teaming more and more, getting familiar with each other’s styles. Rosa’s tag team experience has really been on show with the way he was able to adapt to a new regular partner in Brown. Brown has also really stepped up making the transition from singles star to teaming with Rosas. They bring together two very different styles all based upon strength, athleticism, and agility.

However, no matter how good they are getting, RockNES Monsters will have a clear advantage in this match. Yuma and Big Hunky Kev have a relationship that is almost unrivaled in Bar Wrestling and have been constantly putting on amazing matches since the two first became a tag team in 2009. These two guys just like to have fun and combine high spots with charisma and fearlessness. If anything, this match has got so many charismatic wrestlers in it that it’s just going to be so much fun for the fans to watch. There might be dancing, there might not be but what is for certain is that the wrestling is going to be top-notch and a match not to miss.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Jamie Senegal vs. Heather Monroe

At only 22, Jamie Senegal must be one of the youngest competitors on this card (tied with Ren Narita). However, with nearly 5 years of experience, the Punk Rock Kween has wrestled matches across America in promotions like Rise, CZW and ACW against a whole plethora of opponents including Melina. Senegal’s style is a beautiful mixture of basic fundamentals, hard-hitting offense and pure athleticism which is a rare and perfect combination in any wrestler. Jamie also has this amazing charisma and personality that is just eye-catching and inspiring combining many different influences.

However, Jamie is going to have a hard task against Bar’s own Queen Heather Monroe. As always, Monroe is a formidable opponent for any wrestler in any promotion. She combines this amazing athleticism and talent with an extra layer of intelligence and sneakiness. By utilizing all of these skills, Heather can lure her opponents into a false sense of security and then have them turn the tide in her favor giving her some wins over wrestlers a lot bigger than her. To beat Monroe in her backyard, Senegal is not only going to need two pairs of eyes but to find a quick advantage and not let Monroe control the pace of the match at We Work Hard, We Play Hard.

We Work Hard Play
Credit: Bar Wrestling

Rocky Romero & Chris Bey vs. Ren Narita & Adrian Quest

This match is a collaboration of two extremely different wrestling companies who both have the same desire to spread pro wrestling across the world. It’s a team of two contrasts and those you may now and those you might not. The first team is one many never thought they’d see but one that on paper looks too good to miss. You’ve got the veteran Rocky Romero teaming with the quickly rising star Chris Bey.

If you don’t know who Romero is, then where have you been? A tag team legend in New Japan and the King of Sneaky Style, Romero combines Jr heavyweight athleticism and agility with the smarts that only comes from years in the ring. He’s teaming with Chris Bey who also combines these attributes and is becoming a real Bar favorite with his ability and also outstanding personality and charisma. With Rocky’s tag team expertise, this team has the potential to be outstanding.

However, even though their opponents are the underdogs, don’t underestimate them. We have the young and fresh team of Ren Narita.

For any of you who don’t know Narita, he is currently on an excursion at the New Japan LA Dojo after an amazing showing in the Best of Super Jr tournament. He has the athleticism and speed of a Jr but has mastered the fundamentals and uses a beautiful bridging suplex finisher gaining a lot of popularity with New Japan fans. His partner Adrian Quest is Also no stranger to high flying action and had an extremely busy 2019 with some high profile matches. Both men are very young and the language barrier may cause some issues. But, it’s a team built on driven athletes wanting to make a statement. However, will the experience of Romero and Bey be too much at We Work Hard, We Play Hard?

We Work Hard Play
Credit: Bar Wrestling

With so many wrestlers and amazing matches announced, why not kick February off with a bang and some amazing wrestling. Why not treat someone to an early Valentine’s Day present because what’s better than this? Like always, presale tickets are available from here at just $25 and these are the best place to secure your tickets. However, limited tickets will be available on the door for $40 but these sell out even quicker. So, make sure to make your plans and head over to the Bootleg Theater for We Work Hard, We Play Hard.