#Preview: Bar Wrestling Presents The Trouble with Tribbles

After the amazing Three’s Company trios tournament, Bar Wrestling is back with another amazingly named show! The Trouble with Tribbles on March 13th at the Bootleg Theater brings the crowds some Bar favourites and few other well-known names in the industry.  As usual, here’s a look at the at the announced matchups for this show and they’re subject to change!

PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) vs. Priscilla Kelly & Darby Allin

There is no better way to start a Bar show than with a good ol’ fashion inter-gender tag team match. This time, we’ve got the Bar favourites PPRay versus the unorthodox Darby Allin and the badass Pricilla Kelly. PPRay always delivers in terms of amazing wrestling and tons of fun with their amazing tag team chemistry. However, can any chemistry beat that of a husband and wife that we have in Kelly and Allin? It’s hard to say. But the fact that both teams know their partners so well will make for an amazing match to get the crowd going. It also means that it’s impossible to guess a winner because they’re also both so different in terms of styles. The advantage may go to PPRay just because of the crowd support. However, never count out a pair as dangerous as Kelly and Allin because that’s a bad idea.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Brian Cage vs. Andy Brown

Looking at this match from the get-go, it’s easy to assume that Brian Cage will automatically have the advantage from the word go. Not only is he one of the strongest men in a ring, but he’s also one of the most athletic. He’s the perfect hybrid of heavyweight and cruiserweight. However, it’s impossible to count out Andy Brown who is also so athletic and has been wrestling for a long time. With his frame, the best thing for him to do is to use it to his advantage and definitely avoid getting into a fist fight with Cage. Even with all the agility and athleticism of Brown, if you were to predict a winner, it would have to be Cage. But this isn’t reflecting badly on Brown.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Heather Monroe vs. Tessa Blanchard

Bar Wrestling are renowned for their amazing female talent and this match is a perfect example! Heather Monroe and Tessa Blanchard are two extremely diverse athletes and completely different from each other. We’ve got Heather Monroe who’s the perfect blend of agility and speed. Then there’s Tessa Blanchard with more strength but similarly very quick. When you look at both competitors, it might be easy to say that Blanchard has the advantage over Monroe.

However, if you’ve been lucky enough to see Monroe, you know she gives her all to pick up a win. It also helps that Heather is as sneaky as they come and can use anything to her advantage. Even though the winner might not be as predictable as first thought, this is going to be an amazing match. It might also be the match of the night because of the calibre of both women and the possibility for a damn brutal match!

Credit: Bar Wrestling

A Bad Girl & Her Dinosaur (Penelope Ford & LuchaSaurus) vs. Worldwide Underground (PJ Black & Taya Valkyrie)

As soon as this matchup got released, it was instantly intriguing. We obviously have the experienced tag team of Worldwide Underground with the Daredevil PJ Black and the strong Taya Valkyrie. However, after a change to the card, we also have the awesomely named A Boy & Her Dinosaur which is a team not seen before. Even though it looks weird, it completely makes sense in a bizarre way. They’re different in styles with Penelope Ford being known for her athleticism and Luchasaurus who is crazy strong. But, they both have amazing agility!

This versatility makes them a formidable opponent for the experienced and extremely dangerous team of Black and Valkyrie. These two always work effortlessly as a team and know each other inside out, which is always a bonus. Because of this history and tag team experience, I have to give the win to Worldwide Underground. Both Black and Valkyrie are brutal and will use any means to win and that will always help in a match like this!

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Joey Ryan vs. Brandon Cutler

You can’t have a Bar show without at least one showing of the King of Dong style! However, after the recent beat ups on Being the Elite, can Joey Ryan hold his own without a bodyguard? If he finds it hard outside the ring, it’s going to be even tougher when it’s 1 on 1 against the veteran Brandon Cutler! Cutler is an amazing athlete that combines strength and agility perfectly. We then have Joey Ryan with a dong of steel and just an amazing repertoire of moves in his arsenal. However, his previous injuries and time off might reveal some ring rust.

Even though I don’t doubt that the dick flip is coming out, will it be enough to keep Cutler down? It’s normally easy to not count out Joey Ryan, but the advantage has to go to the agile and probably in better condition Cutler. But, Joey Ryan will put his heart and soul into this match and that’s got to count for something.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

RockNES Monsters (BHK & YUMA) & Watts & Ryan Taylor vs. DoomFly (Delilah Doom & Eli Everfly) & Jake Atlas & Tyler Bateman

Bar Wrestling are well known for their multi-man matches and what a way to end the show! On one side, we’ve got Bar favourites RockNES Monsters teaming with their friends Eric Watts and Ryan Taylor. On the other side, we’ve got the adorable DoomFly teaming with the amazing Jake Atlas and the unorthodox (and awesome) Tyler Bateman. With all of these different styles and personalities, it’s definitely going to be a chaotic match! There are even completely different personalities within each team. It’s hard to see which team has the advantage.

Both teams have tag team specialists with Yuma/ Big Hunky Kev as well as Delilah Doom/ Eli Everfly. When you put that with your veteran singles competitors, we’re going to have some great lockups in the ring. Looking at all the amazing names, and Bar favourites, it’s almost impossible to pick a winner or even who is going to be the crowd’s favourite. Like a lot of the other matches, it doesn’t matter how unpredictable it’s going to be. All that’s certain is that it is going to be an amazing match full of high flying, technical wrestling, and fun!

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Like always, it looks to be another jam-packed Bar Show with all of our favourite wrestlers. If you’re around the LA area, get yourself tickets to see this show at the Bootleg Theater on Wednesday 13th March. The show starts at 9 pm and tickets can be bought in advance for $25 at https://www.bootlegtheater.org/event/1818249-bar-wrestling-los-angeles/. There will be a limited number of tickets on the night at $40 but, like many of the previous shows, they might sell out. So, buy in advance to avoid disappointment. However, the show will be available on demand if you live out of the country or can’t make it to LA.