Bar Wrestling Presents The Best City I’ve Ever Been To | Preview

A new year brings new wrestling shows which obviously means that Bar Wrestling is back with even more amazingly named shows. For the first show of the year, Bar Wrestling presents their show The Best City I’ve Ever Been To at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles on January 16th – once you’ve seen the line-up, the title will make a lot more sense (it might even make sense now). So, as always, this post is going to be a preview of the show, but obviously, it will only be the matches that have been announced so far. There may be card changes, match additions, and surprises but, in the meantime, enjoy reading about some of the amazing matches that has been announced so far!

Bar Wrestling Presents The Best City I’ve Ever Been To

SCU Open Challenge

This is why I explained that the title will become pretty obvious in due time. Everyone’s favourite SoCal guys are at Bar Wrestling in the only city that you’ll ever hear them say ‘This is the best city/ town we’ve ever been to’ because the group are home and issuing an open challenge! It’s easy to assume that they’re issuing the challenge to any tag teams present, but who knows?

All that can be certain is that there is going to be some amazing wrestling because all three (Christopher Daniels Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian) are amazing athletes in their own rights and together they create pure magic. It will also fun to see who answers the challenge and what they can produce in the ring because very few tag teams will be able to match both SCU’s chemistry and in-ring talent from veterans in the business. Also, it’s always a pleasure to see Christopher Daniel’s Arabian Moonsault and it’ll be amazing to hear the crowd’s reaction if they get to see it live!

Brian Cage vs. PJ Black

Well, this is definitely going to be a match to watch! We’ve got the international superstar PJ Black going against one of the most athletic men in wrestling (and a Bar favourite) Brian Cage. What’s the most exciting thing about this match is the fact that there is absolutely no clear winner when looking at their in-ring experience and styles.

In terms of styles, both are an amazing hybrid of strength and agility with Cage being seen as half cruiserweight, half heavyweight. The deciding factor in a match like this is getting the advantage over your opponent so whichever one of them can maintain that upper hand in anyway and keep the pace of the match to their liking will be the wrestler who is going to win. No matter which way the match goes, it’s going to be a spectacle of a match.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Bar Wrestling Presents The Best City I’ve Ever Been To

Tessa Blanchard & Daga vs. DoomFly

It’s never great to sound like a broken record but here it goes: DoomFly are a massive favourite of mine and they’re back and it’s very exciting! What’s even more exciting than just having DoomFly is seeing who their opponents are: talk about a clash of personalities. We’ve got DoomFly who look like the nicest people in the world and have this bright and bubbly personality that you can see from their ring attire to how they are together in the ring. On the complete opposite end, we’ve got one of the most badass and powerful women in the ring Tessa Blanchard and the former AAA Cruiserweight Champion Daga.

Both have been around the world from Blanchard’s work in IMPACT, Stardom and WWE and Daga’s work in AAA, Lucha Underground and now Dragon Gate. In that sense, we’ve got a few similarities with DoomFly’s more aerial and high risk wrestling style with Daga but that’s not to say any of them aren’t capable of so much more. It’s exactly the same with Blanchard (who is one of my favourite female wrestlers in the world), she’s highly aggressive and powerful, but her style is still magnificent to watch! It’s hard really to pick a favourite and as much of a crowd favourite DoomFly is, they may have met their match!

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Bar Wrestling Presents The Best City I’ve Ever Been To

Taya Valkyrie vs. Heather Monroe

These two women have been on a few of the previews that have been done for Bar before and it’s going to be amazing seeing them having a 1 on 1 match! Both women are amazing wrestlers with an amazing mix of styles (from Valkyrie’s strong and quite aggressive style to Monroe’s very diverse and lucha libre inspired moveset) and it will definitely be a clash of personalities. Seeing this match on paper, it’s easy to assume that Taya has the advantage with her strong style and very dominant and sometimes quite mean personality, but I wouldn’t count out Monroe. Everyone thought that Monroe was going to lose the match against Tyler Bateman at As You Wish, but she came out fighting and surprised everyone. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Monroe took advantage with her speed and agility and actually came out the victor!

Credit: Bar Wrestling
Although it’s only 4 matches, what matches they are!

We’ve got all of our Bar Wrestling favorites like DoomFly, Heather Monroe, and Brian Cage as well as wrestling favorites like SCU, PJ Black and, Tessa Blanchard. So, like always, if you’ve got time and are in the Los Angeles area, go and watch some amazing wrestlers do some amazing wrestling! You can purchase tickets at here. All presale tickets only cost $25 but walkup tickets will also be available on the day for $40 so don’t miss out! But, if you can’t make it, there’s no excuse not to watch the show because it will be on to watch on-demand. It will be a great show with some amazing names, so you’d be stupid to miss out!