Bar Wrestling Presents Testlemania | Preview

Created by famous Dick Wrestler and King of Dong Style Joey Ryan, Bar Wrestling is known for its crazy matches, mind-blowing spots, and names that are damn creative and unique! On November 15th, Bar Wrestling presents Testlemania at the American Legion Post 241, Baldwin Park, in California. Like their show Breastlemania on October 17th, all the shows profits are going to be donated to the Movember Foundation for Men’s Health Charity.

It is an organization committed to changing the face of men’s health and addressing some of the biggest issues facing men like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health issues. I mean it’s great that Bar Wrestling is doing this for charity and it’s the perfect way to have fun but also make a difference in the world.

Although the show is this week, only a few matchups have been announced as of yet and I’m going to have a look at them. Although, the social media posts have said that more matches will take place. So, without further ado, let’s begin and sorry if I can’t give more detailed analysis because this show has a few wrestlers I’m not really that aware of, but I’ll try my best.

Bar Wrestling Presents Testlemania

LuchaSaurus vs. Façade

I’ve not really seen much of either of these wrestlers but from a quick look at some of their matches on promotions like ROH, it’s going to be a very interesting match between two unique personalities. Façade has been all around the world and as well as his unique, high flying style, he’s got a deep knowledge of Japanese style. This paired with LuchaSaurus’s strong and nimble moveset is going to be a matter of trying to stay dominant with the style they prefer! Façade needs to keep a distance from LuchaSaurus and avoid getting into a grappling match because, with his strength, LuchaSaurus will be at a massive advantage in this match. I’ve got LuchaSaurus to win this but, if Façade stays on top from the start and keeps the match fast-paced and high risk, he might have a shot.

Violence Unlimited and Ethan Page vs. Marko Stunt and DoomFly

There’s nothing I love more than a bit of intergender wrestling and with this matchup, it’s nice to see the adorable DoomFly teaming with Marko Stunt against the slightly unorthodox Violence Unlimited with the less unorthodox Ethan Page. I mean it’ll interesting to see how these teams work together. With Violence Unlimited, we’ve got a great mix of technical skills and pure strength so teaming that with the brute force and strength of Page, well it’s a team that’s going to be pretty hard to beat.

I mean I don’t want to discount Stunt and DoomFly. I know DoomFly are eccentric, but you can’t underestimate their tag team chemistry and the strength and fight both Eli and Delilah have, I mean sometimes heart can get you a long way in this business! So pairing it with the equally adorable Marko Stunt and his high flying prowess, I mean I’m excited for this match which is another clash of styles. I don’t hold my breath for Stunt and DoomFly winning but stranger things have happened.

Bar Wrestling Presents Testlemania

Nick Cage vs Willie Mack

This match was initially meant to be Brian Cage vs Nick Cage but due to circumstances, Brian can’t attend so he’s been replaced with Willie Mack! As little as I know about both wrestlers, I do know it’s going to maybe be the most brutal match of the night. I mean both guys are strong but with Cage’s fearlessness and Mack’s size, this match could go anywhere. We could have a match of brute strength with chops or it could just go crazy and we could see tables, chairs, and even some barbed wire if Cage’s old matches mean anything. I can’t even call this one and it’ll just be down to who is the stronger on the night!

RockNES Monsters vs. Damian 666 & Bestia 666

There’s nothing I love more than good, traditional tag match with two very… different teams! The RockNES Monsters are already a favorite of mine just because of their gimmick, I mean I’m a sucker for anything related to rock music so team that with wrestling, you’re on to a winner. Then we have Bestia 666 who sort of scares me but who I don’t know as much of compared to RockNES.

From what I’ve seen, their heavy hitters with Lucha inspiration, which work perfectly with the diverse style of the Monsters who can really hit hard but aren’t strangers to climbing up the ropes. I mean they’ve gone up against the likes of the Young Bucks, maybe the best tag team in the world in an amazing match in 2013, and they’ve grown so much so I wouldn’t discount them. But then I wouldn’t bet against Bestia 666 after seeing some of their matches against Pentagon Jr, Jack Evans, and Cabellera.

Bar Wrestling Presents Testlemania

Britt Baker v Penelope Ford

These are the two wrestlers on the card that I’m most familiar with and, from the stuff I’ve seen before, this might be the match I’m most looking forward too! Both wrestlers are so dynamic in the ring, but I don’t think I’ve seen any matches where they’ve competed against each other. I mean apart from being a Dr, Britt Baker is absolutely amazing in the ring and has improved so much and has become a very technical and traditional wrestler.

Whereas Ford is definitely more of a risk-taker and I’ve seen her do some crazy stuff of that top rope and, from some of her matches with the likes of Randy Summers and her interference in Joey Janela’s match at All In against Hangman Page, we know she’s fearless. The clash of styles is really going to make this match a must-see and who knows what the two are going to do but they’ll definitely have a strong and dynamic match!

What A Card!

I mean even with only 5 matches announced, this is already a stacked card and I can’t wait to see who else makes an appearance! There’s a lot of matches that are clashes of styles and I always think they’re the best because no one knows which way it’s going to go. So, if you’re in the California area, why not go and watch something you love and help a charity with an amazing cause. Tickets are still available from here and cost $25 when you buy them in advance and this will also let you have first entry into the venue.

You can also buy tickets at the door for $40 but remember, doors open at 8 pm and the show starts at 9 pm, so get there early to watch it all! If you can’t make it, Bar Wrestling always posts their shows on so there’s no excuse!