#Preview: Bar Wrestling Presents Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Nothing says Happy Halloween more than a spookily named Bar Wrestling show in LA and Something Wicked This Way Comes! is no exception. With an amazing array of spooky and talented stars to tantalize your wrestling taste buds, the matches are sure to be frightening but in the best way possible. If you don’t have anything to do on the 31st of October, then this is the perfect place to be! Like always, here’s a preview of the matches that have been announced but the card is subject to change!

Brian Cage v Kris Statlander

One of three singles matches announced so far for this show, what a match it is! We’ve got the big, strong and surprisingly agile Brian Cage up against the alternative, charismatic and talented Kris Statlander at Something Wicked This Way Comes. Everyone in Bar Wrestling, and the industry, in general, knows who Cage is. He is the enigma combining everything a good wrestler should be in a package that shouldn’t be so diverse. Cage has won titles, had countless main events and is loved by so many fans.

However, even with only two years of being a pro up her sleeve, Statlander has already won a number of titles and wrestled some of the biggest names from Shotzi Blackheart, Veda Scott and even a victory over Jordynne Grace. So, Cage should watch himself. She is so different and so dynamic in the ring, that it’s going to just be an amazing match to watch. Cage may have the advantage of his size and experience, but don’t count out Kris too early on.

Credit: Bar Wrestling
Tyler Bateman & Andy Brown v Ruby Raze and Nicole Savoy

In this first of 3 battle of the genders, this really is a great match wherever it goes on the card at Something Wicked This Way Comes. Bar veteran and newest Ring of Honor signing Tyler Bateman is teaming with Andy Brown and they are slowly becoming a formidable tag team. Both guys have a really diverse skill set that not only compliment each other nicely but play to their strengths.

It’s a known fact that former rivals make great partners. However, their opponents are just as strong. Like Bateman and Brown, Ruby Raze and Nicole Savoy know each other very well in the ring. Both are extremely strong and talented in the ring, with a perfect edge that always helps in a Bar Wrestling match. With all four wrestlers no stranger to the promotion, it will be a great match for regulars to the show.

Credit: Bar Wrestling
Jake Atlas & Dom Kubrick v Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo

In the second of the battle between the genders, we’ve got a nice little match with some really amazing athletes at Something Wicked This Way Comes. On one side, we’ve got the ever-popular and undeniably talented Jake Atlas with the someone who is slowly becoming a bar favorite: Dom Kubrick. They’re going against the experienced team of Sea Stars Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo.

All four wrestlers in this match are so athletic, dynamic and so much fun to watch in the ring. It’s going to be a clean match with a lot of high-octane action and high risk. However, this makes it harder to pick a winner. If you were a betting person, you might give the win to Vox and Exo with a lot more experience as a tag team, but this may be the only advantage they have but the only one they need!

Credit: Bar Wrestling
Barefoot Lego Match: Joey Ryan v Addy Starr

It would be surprising if people didn’t see the name of this match and immediately either cringe or remember a time this happened to them. Everybody knows that there’s nothing more painful than standing on a piece of Lego barefoot and adding it to a wrestling match makes it more dangerous than any deathmatch. What two wrestlers would want to do something this crazy?

It has to be the King of Dong Style Joey Ryan and the Queen of Crazy Addy Starr. It would be easy to say one person’s more likely to win, but really, can anyone win in a match like this? The real challenge is who can get out of this match with the least amount of damage. Rather them than us at Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Credit: Bar Wrestling
Orange Cassidy v Pricilla Kelly

If there was a match that wrestling traditionalists would say can kill professional wrestling: this it is. On the other hand, a large majority of wrestling fans would probably be completely the opposite: they would be over the moon to watch this. Orange Cassidy has been making waves in the last few months, especially after signing for AEW, and Pricilla Kelly is known for her over the top and controversial wrestling style.

When you put these two amazing and carefree *literally in Cassidy’s case*, there is no telling what will happen. There could be Cassidy pulling it all out with his high risk and powerful offence or Pricilla Kelly bringing a bloody tampon into the ring. No matter what happens and who might come out with a win, nobody probably cares. It’s going to be one hell of a match.

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Credit: Bar Wrestling
Watts & BHK & Russ Taylor v Christina Von Eerie & Katarina & Heather Monroe

We’ve got another battle of the sexes on this card with not only some Bar Wrestling favorites but some great names in the industry as a whole. On the one side, we’ve got big Eric Watts, Big Hunky Kev (without fellow RockNES partner Yuma) and Russ Taylor. With the size, charisma, and speed all three guys possess, they’re going to be tough competitors. However, female power is strong in their opponents.

Both Christina and Katarina are such powerful women with amazing accolades and a few Bar matches up their sleeve. Apart from these two amazing women, we’ve also got Bar veteran and personal favorite Heather Monroe. Combining sneaky style, speed and agility, she has been an amazing partner for so many and a tough for opponent for a lot more. This team has the ability and skills to beat their larger opponents. So, watch out, because this match is going to be one not to miss.

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Credit: Bar Wrestling

What else can you say about this show apart from the fact it’s an amazing card for one of the biggest nights of the year! So, get yourself down to the American Legion Post 241 in LA on the 31st October for a night of fun, spooks and amazing wrestling at Something Wicked This Way Comes. As per Bar Wrestling, presale tickets are available for $25 at https://m.bpt.me/event/4322615 and limited tickets at $40 will be available at the door on the night. However, buy early to not only save some money but to avoid disappointment. It’s a night not to miss out on!