#Preview: Bar Wrestling Presents It’s Gonna Be May

With the perfectly named It’s Gonna be May on the 8th May, we preview Bar Wrestling a perfect way to get into the Summer months. Although not as many matches have been announced, as usual, it still already looks like a jam-packed card. However, here is a quick look at all the matches that have been announced and it looks to be a perfect mix of styles, matches and personalities and few names people might not be aware of.

It’s Gonna Be May
Credit: Bar Wrestling
Jungle Boy vs. David Arquette

Jungle Boy has had some amazing showings across so many different promotions and Bar Wrestling is no exception at It’s Gonna Be May. With his high flying move set and wildly unique style, there doesn’t seem to be an opponent that isn’t amazed by what this guy can do. However, he’s not going to have an easy match as his opponent this time is former WCW Heavyweight Champion, David Arquette. After returning to professional wrestling last year, with a bit of training with Bar’s own Peter Avalon, Arquette is making his Bar Wrestling debut. He’s hoping to prove himself against the up and coming Jungle Boy. With both men at different stages of their careers and having different styles, it will be an amazing showing. Both men will put it all on the line and there’s going to be a lot of damn good wrestling.

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PPRay vs. Heather Monroe & Jake Atlas

Speaking of Peter Avalon, the next match announced are Bar favorites PPRay against other Bar favorites Heather Monroe and Jake Atlas. PPRay seems to have the advantage here by being the more experienced tag team who work so well together. Both Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas are strong as individual competitors, but together, they just create this magic in the ring. However, the team of Heather Monroe and Jake Atlas is just something that works and we’ve seen it work.

Both have amazing agility and are not afraid to go up top and do something absolutely crazy. What’s funny is that Monroe and Atlas teamed with Rosas in the Trios Tournament earlier in the year so will this give PPRay even more of an advantage? Rosas knows how the two work together and it might be the edge they need to pick up the win. However, neither team will go down without a fight.

Bar Wrestling
Credit: Bar Wrestling
Joey Ryan vs. KC Spinelli

This matchup was probably the most interesting on the list. Although I am not too aware of KC Spinelli, from seeing some of her stuff, she is a great opponent for the King of Dong Style. Training under legends like Lance Storm, the number of years Spinelli has spent in the ring shows. She perfectly combines character and wrestling and has put on great matches with the likes of Tessa Blanchard. However, Bar’s favorite dong Joey Ryan is going to put on a show. This is also a first-time matchup between the two, so there are no expectations going into the match except that it’s going to be awesome. Who knows what this match will bring – maybe a boobplex or two?

Credit: Bar Wrestling
RockNES Monsters & Watts & Ryan Taylor vs. Taya & DAGA & Los Luchas

These multi-man matches at Bar Wrestling are some of the best in the business. This one is no exception. On one side, we’ve got Yuma and Big Hunky Kev of RockNES Monster’s teaming with their regular partner Eric Watts and also Ryan Taylor at It’s Gonna Be May. This team obviously has the experience advantage with ¾ of the team having tagged with each other a lot. It also seems like this team has a really diverse set of skills from Watt’s strength, the Monster’s tag team history and also the veteran skills of Taylor.

Then we’ve got the team of Taya Valkyrie, who is as badass as they come, Daga, as athletic as they come, and Los Luchas who Bar fans may not be that aware of. Like their opponents, we’ve got strength, agility, and athleticism mixed in across the 4 wrestlers.

It’s almost impossible to pick a winner in this matchup but it has the potential to be the match of the night.

With an amazing card, there has to be some point in the show when It’s Gonna be May plays. But, even if it doesn’t, the show is bound to be crazy. For anyone who’s in the LA area on the 25th, get yourself down to the Bootleg Theater to watch some amazing wrestling. Presale tickets can be bought from here for $25 presale. A few tickets will be available at the door for $40 but that isn’t guaranteed so buy early to avoid disappointment. However, if you can’t make it to LA, like always, it will be available to watch on Bar Wrestling and sites like Powerslam TV shortly after! This was our preview for Bar Wrestling Its Gonna Be May.

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