#Preview: Bar Wrestling Presents Bar Wrestling 34 Bonesaw’s Ready

Bar Wrestling Bonesaw
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With one of the busiest months of wrestling coming to an end, Bar Wrestling is capping it off in style with yet another amazing show. This time, we’ve got Bar Wrestling: Bonesaw’s Ready at the American Legion Post on the 25th April. We’ve got some of our Bar favorites but also some people that you won’t normally see at Bar show’s which is always exciting.  Like always, this post is going to have a look at some of the matchups and it’s always subject to change.

Andy Brown v Jungle Boy

Singles matches are always an amazing way to kick off a Bar Wrestling show and with these two guys, that’s definitely the case. Both Brown and Jungle boy are amazing athletes in terms of their agility and speed in the ring and their ability to use this to their advantage. Brown is the more experienced of the two competitors. However, Jungle Boy has been on a wave of momentum recently including being signed to AEW. These strengths of both guys are really going to make this an amazing match to watch because there is no clear winner.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Mick Moretti & Tyler Bateman vs. PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas)

PPRay has to be one of the most popular teams in Bar Wrestling. However, their opponents are Bar favorite Tyler Bateman and the extremely talented and also unique Mick Moretti. Put them together and it’s just a pure, traditional tag team match. All four men are amazing athletes in their own right, but they’re also amazing tag team specialists. Obviously, PPRay is a well-versed tag team and just have this amazing chemistry that you don’t see in many tag teams nowadays. However, even though Moretti and Bateman don’t tag regularly, there’s a feeling that it’s just going to work. They’re going to be stiff opponents for Avalon and Rosas. Yet, it can be said that PPRay have the advantage over this less experienced team and maybe that’s all they need to pick up a win over their opponents.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

RockNES Monsters (BHK & YUMA) & Watts vs. Tessa Blanchard & Jordynne Grace & Heather Monroe

This is literally the epitome of that age-old battle of the sexes and it couldn’t be any more exciting. Of course, the team of RockNES Monsters and their old pal Eric Watts is something Bar crowds always love seeing (I mean its Big Hunky Kev). These three work so well together and it’s such an odd combination from the outset. Yet their styles blend together perfectly and make for some great matches. However, when you see their opponents, it’s impossible not to internally scream and get overexcited. These are three of the best and most diverse women in all of professional wrestling and three women who are amazing role models. You’ve got the strong and dangerous Tessa Blanchard and Jordynne Grace who are the epitome of beauty and power. Then there’s Heather Monroe a Bar veteran through and through who has this amazing agility and speed. All three women know how to stand their ground against men and they’re going to be a big test for the Monsters and Watts. Who will win? Well, that’s a very hard question and one that will all depend on the night.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Joey Ryan v Jake Atlas

This match is the battle of the J’s! We’ve got the King of Dong Style with our boy Joey Ryan. Then we’ve got the amazingly talented, high flyer Jake Atlas. What’s going to be good about this match is that this is the first time singles meeting between the two guys. This means that the possibilities for this match are endless and there’s no telling really what is going to happen. It’s easy to think that Joey Ryan has the advantage in terms of size and experience, however, Jake Atlas is not someone to take lightly. Yes, Joey Ryan has been a target for a lot of people recently but Atlas’s advantage will come in his unique talents. Jake Atlas is one of the most naturally gifted athletes I’ve ever seen and, like stars such as Will Ospreay, he never ceases to amaze me. Whatever happens in this match, there are a few things for certain: there will be dick flips, there will be normal flips and there will be a whole lot of fun!

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Brian Cage v Daga

From the outlook, this match might seem like the battle of opposites. However, when you look at it closer, this is a really amazing matchup and one that people wouldn’t expect. On one hand, you’ve got the mountain of a man Brian Cage with those huge muscles. On the other, you’ve got the king of speed Daga who is a lot smaller in his frame but who uses his size to his advantage. However, looking more closely at both guys, it’s the perfect match. Although Brian is a big guy, he’s super agile and can fly across the ring with the ease of a cruiserweight. Also, although Daga is smaller, he can match up the bigger guys in terms of strength and power as seen in so many of his other matches. We can expect a lot from this match from high risk, high power and high speed from start to end.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

LuchaSaurus vs. Moose

The final match featured for Bar Wrestling’s Bonesaw’s Ready is this one. Then we come to what is easy to assume is the main event! We’ve got two Behemoth’s standing in the ring together. Luchasaurus is someone who is a regular to Bar Wrestling and the crowds love him. However, Moose is Moose and everyone loves a good bit of MOOSE so they’re equal on popularity. Both guys are so strong so there’s no clear advantage there either and they’re both equally agile and fast in the ring. It’s one of those matches that will inevitably come down to the night. Whoever can take the crowd’s adrenaline and use it to fire them up will come out on top. No matter what happens, it’s going to be a match to remember. It will also probably one of the toughest and most brutal matches of the night. Whatever the result, the crowd will be lapping in whatever happens.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

It seems like a regular occurrence that Bar Wrestling produces these amazing wrestling cards for us much like Bonesaw’s Ready. So, for anyone who’s in the LA area on the 25th, get yourself down to the American Legion post and watch some darn good wrestling. As always, presale tickets can be bought from https://m.bpt.me/profile/2733662 for $25 and very few will be available at the door for $40. Also, if you can’t make it, or live in another country, it will be available to watch on https://barwrestling.pivotshare.com/home – so no excuse!

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