#Preview: Bar Wrestling I Was In The Pool

Summer might be over, but Bar Wrestling is back on the September 18th with I was in the Pool to bring a bit of sunshine to LA. Back in the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, Bar is bringing you all your favorite wrestlers and some amazing matches to quench your thirst. As well as some amazing matches, it will also be the last final regular appearances for some of our Bar favorites. However, it’s going to be a celebration and a show not to be missed. So, here’s a preview of the show and the card is subject to change and also this isn’t the entire card!

Jake Atlas vs. Dom Kubrick

Jake Atlas is quickly becoming one of THE faces of Bar Wrestling and there are no complaints there. He constantly puts on amazing matches whether as singles or tag wrestler and is just a pure joy to watch. This means that when they announced this matchup, it was extremely exciting. Dom Kubrick is a guy who’s also becoming more known to Bar fans over the past few months! Both men are really top caliber wrestlers who really aren’t afraid of anything. Atlas is well known for his aerial offense and amazing jaw-dropping moves in the ring. However, Kubrick is also so fascinating to watch with an equal lack of fear and ability to move across the ring at such speed and with such ease. It’s going to be a battle of the speed and that’s just going to make the match even more exciting to watch. Atlas might have the upper hand slightly with his Bar experience. However, Kubrick will be out to cement his status and place in Bar Wrestling.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Jervis Cottonbelly vs. Jake “Man Scout” Manning

Bar Wrestling isn’t THE promotion if all it did was give us serious matches. Even though I don’t know much about either guy in this match, from the looks of it, we’re going to have lots of fun in this match! Jervis Cottonbelly is a wrestler that’s been across America and is so unique from his persona to offense. A veteran in the trade can also be said for his opponent ‘Man Scout’ who also has an extensive repertoire in the wrestling business. Whichever way this match goes, it’s going to be great to watch two-season wrestlers!

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Jungle Boy vs. Chris Bey

Jungle Boy has probably become one of the most famous and loveable guys in the entire wrestling business. It’s not just down to his adorable look, but also how amazing he is in the ring. Fully living up this gimmick, he moves across the ring with such ease and is almost like an acrobatic in the ring. The best way to describe him with a cliché is that he’s like Tarzan effortlessly crossing from vine to vine without any issues. The young wrestler is going up against an equally young opponent in Chris Bey (1996 baby!) Although older than Jungle Boy, he has a lot less experience but that doesn’t mean you should count him out at all! He’s had some amazing matches with some high caliber guys and has the same talent and style as Jungle Boy being high risk and a mix between strength an aerial. This makes this match a must watch and really exciting at I was in the pool!

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Although this show has some amazing matches, there is a sad hint to the show with the last regular appearance of Bar favorites Rick Knox, Scorpio Sky, Jungle Boy, Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon (I mean what about PPRay). But, it’s not the end. Bar Wrestling still have so many amazing regulars that make the shows what they are and it’s also an opportunity for new wrestlers to take the stage. Of course, we’ll miss them as they all played such a huge part. However, when one door shuts, another open’s and the future of Bar Wrestling is still so bright. So, let’s celebrate these guys and hope we see them back at Bar sooner, rather than later after I was in the pool!

I Was In The Pool
Credit: Bar Wrestling

The matches on this card really show that Bar is focusing on the next generation of wrestlers! With some well-loved names and also some you might not be familiar with, it’s a show not to be missed. As usual, you can buy presale tickets from here for $25 but they will sell out! However, limited tickets will be available on the night for $40 if you can’t decide now. Get yourself down to the Bootleg Theater for I was in the Pool and enjoy an amazing night of wrestling!