Bar Wrestling 30 & 31 Threes Company (Part One) | Preview

If Bar Wrestling shows weren’t exciting enough, they’ve only decided to put on a two-day night. Bar Wrestling presents 30 & 31 events called Threes Company. It takes place in LA on February 20th and 21st. These two shows are going to be a trios tag team tournament with 12 amazing teams. featuring some of your Bar favorites as well as some teams with names that you might not be too familiar with.

So, unlike my other previews, because we don’t really have any match announcements yet, I’m going to run down all the different teams participating in the tournament including what I expect from the team, matchups I hope are going to happen and the strengths of each team member. Due to a large number of teams, I’m splitting the preview into two different posts and this first one will look at the first 6, and then the rest will be looked at in the next post!

Body Guys (Brian Cage, Eli Drake, and Ryan Taylor)

The name really says it all about this team, it’s three very big guys who probably spend all their time in the gym focusing on their body which is evident! Even though I’m not too familiar with Ryan Taylor, having Brian Cage and Eli Drake on his side must be comforting.

As singles competitors, both Cage and Drake are formidable using their strength and agility to beat their opponents who are normally a lot smaller than them. However, as seen at other Bar shows, both Cage and Drake work perfectly as a tandem and if Taylor is anything like the two guys, then the three of them together are going to be a tough team to beat.

It seems like that only a few teams may be able to match this team in strength and they will be Real Deals, Sex & Violence and Two Butcher’s and a Blade, but they’re definitely one of the front-runners.

Dance with Wolves (Taya Valkyrie, PJ Black, and Kris Wolf)

Dance with Wolves is probably one of the most badass teams in the entire tournament with three wrestlers who are both extremely charismatic but also dangerous in the ring.

We’ve got Taya Valkyrie who’s probably one of the strongest and brutal female wrestlers in the business by combining her versatile offense with the fact that she doesn’t care how she gets the win. She’s teaming fellow Worldwide Underground teammate PJ Black who really is the perfect hybrid athlete with strength and agility that shouldn’t be seen together in one person.

Then you’ve got the amazing Kris Wolf who has been such a dominant presence in women’s wrestling in promotions like EVE, Stardom and Shimmer with her core strength and technical prowess. So, with the already amazing tag team chemistry of Valkyrie and Black alongside the charismatic and energetic Wolf, it’s a team to watch very closely!

Bar Wrestling 30 & 31 Three’s Company

Handicapped Superheroes (Gregory Iron, Zach Gowen, and Joey Ryan)

We’ve got the King of Dong style himself teaming with two other wrestling veterans in Gregory Iron and Zach Gowen and that has to be some sort of recipe for success, even if these guys may not have that much experience tagging with each other.

Joey Ryan is one of the most charismatic wrestlers around, but with an amazing in-ring style that ranges from his world-famous dick flips to ‘real’ wrestling as some people put it. Zach Gowen with his years of experience and a style that ranges from high flying offense to mat-based offense and Gregory Iron who is as quick and sneaky as they come but also a veteran in the wrestling world.

Together, I can’t see how this team can’t succeed and how the crowds won’t love them! Also, I’d love to see Joey Ryan dick flip everyone in this tournament, but that might be too much to ask!

Bar Wrestling 30 & 31 Three’s Company

Heart Eyes Emoji (Heather Monroe, Jake Atlas, and Ray Rosas)

This is one of the teams I’m most excited for and it’s with conflicting feelings though. Heather Monroe is probably one of my favorite female wrestlers with her amazing and versatile style that combines agility, speed, and strength.

Jake Atlas is one of the brightest stars around and his style is testament to how much he’s improved and Ray Rosas of PPRay is one of the most charismatic guys at Bar Wrestling both in singles and tag matches. So, if you put the three of them together, then it’s a recipe for success (with a really adorable name as well). This is probably going to be one of the fastest and most agile teams which will be perfect against some of their bigger opponents and, with a mix of specialist styles, they’ll be able to counter any opponent between the three of them!

High-Risk Wrestling (DoomFly and Brandon Cutler)

Even though I’m not really seen a lot of Brandon Cutler, he’s teaming with my favorite Bar tag team DoomFly and that’s already put him really high in my estimations. It might seem from the initial look at the teams that High-Risk Wrestling might not have the best chance in this tournament, especially against some of the much bigger teams, but it’s impossible to ever count out the underdog.

You’ve got Delilah Doom with her aerobic offense that has so much energy and passion that could probably keep her fighting against any opponent of any size.

Her partner Eli Everfly is the perfect blend of agility and passion which always gives him the advantage over his opponent’s and, like Doom, he doesn’t let his size impact him beating the hell out of his opponents.

Then you have veteran Brandon Cutler who started his career as an amazing tag team wrestler and then going on to winning championships from companies such as EWF and NWA. Put these three tag team specialists together and you’re sure to get magic. It’s also easy to imagine that this team is going to be one of the favorites and that will always put you at an advantage.

Bar Wrestling 30 & 31 Threes Company

Land of the Lost (Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Solo Darling)

When you first read this team, it’s probably one of the most random teams amongst the pack for so many different reasons. You’ve got the large Luchasaurus who is a big strong guy with the agility of a cruiserweight and never ceases to amaze people with the things he can do. You’ve then got the rising star Jungle Boy who’s best known for his crazy agility and fearlessness.

Then there’s Solo Darling who, even though I haven’t watched a lot of her stuff, is a little bundle of joy with a really unorthodox style. However, although Jungle Boy and Darling may not have strength on their side, they’ve got the Luchasaurus on their side and he really will be the deal-breaker because he’s got the power to really dominate pretty much everyone he’s in the ring with. The biggest thing is going to be how well these three work together considering the clash of personalities!

So, that’s the rundown of the first 6 teams of the Bar Wrestling Trios tournament and it’s already looking like a jam-packed card with endless possibilities for matches and feuds. Like always, if you’re in the LA area, get down to the Bootleg Theatre on Beverly Blvd on 20th February and the American Legion Post 241 on Maine Avenue on the 21st February to enjoy two nights of magical tag team wrestling! Presale tickets can be bought for $25 at here.

If you aren’t sure, tickets can be bought on the day at the door for $40, but they are limited so make sure to get down early to make sure you don’t miss out! Otherwise, they will be able to watch on-demand at or PowerSlam TV and you won’t regret it.