#Preview: AEW Presents All Out

On September 1, 2018, the independent wrestling world was treated to a mega event. All In, which featured a litany of stars from different promotions, had the wrestling world buzzing. Talents from promotions including the National Wrestling Alliance and New Japan Pro Wrestling came together to put on a show that sold 10,000 tickets. For a non-WWE or WCW event, this was history-making. AEW now presents All Out.

Roughly one year later, from the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago, All Elite Wrestling will host All In’s sequel event. All Out will showcase its signed talent in addition to wrestling stars across the globe. This event hasn’t been without its rough patches, which we will discuss throughout this preview, but there’s no denying the sheer excitement going into this Saturday’s show.

Prior to All Out, a recap is in order. In this piece, we will discuss the confirmed matches on the card, how they came to be, and offer predictions. Let’s get started!

Photo / All Elite Wrestling

Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen) vs. Angelico and Jack Evans

The “Buy-In” preshow is designed to hype those that may be on the fence about buying All Out. For those in this camp, this match featuring two high-flying, charismatic teams may seal the deal. At Fyter Fest, Private Party had a strong showing during their three-way tag team match, displaying athleticism and charisma alike. Angelico and Jack Evans are a proven tandem, going back to their early days in AAA. Regardless of who comes away victorious, those watching around the world will be winners.

Prediction: Private Party should be treated as the up-and-coming tag team they are. From their first match as a team, at Fyter Fest, they were pegged by many fans as the future of AEW’s tag team division. To solidify this, they need a victory, which is why I predict this match will go in the direction of Kassidy and Quen. Angelico and Evans are no slouches in the ring, so they will get their time to shine down the road.

Photo / All Elite Wrestling

Riho vs. Hikaru Shida

Formerly tag team partners, Riho and Hikaru Shida will square off in the All Out “Buy-In.” This past May, at Double or Nothing, Riho and Shida teamed up with Ryo Mizunami to win their six-woman tag team match. During her various AEW performances, Riho has impressed viewers. Shida, on the other hand, has been cemented as one of the promotion’s top female competitors. For those that are looking for Joshi puroresu action at All Out, it’s safe to say that these two will deliver.

Prediction: Riho has been part of each event AEW has held, either in tag team or otherwise multi-person match. Shida, on the other hand, has only had a single appearance for the promotion. Therefore, it stands to reason that AEW would want to feature Shida more prominently so that those unfamiliar with her would be better able to understand what she’s about. As much as I enjoy Riho, I see Shida going over in this contest.

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21-Woman Casino Battle Royale (Winner Will Receive an AEW Women’s World Championship Match)

Continuing a tradition of sorts that began at Double or Nothing, All Out will feature the second-ever Casino Battle Royale. This time, it will feature 21 women vying for a chance to become the inaugural AEW Women’s World Champion. The stakes are high, and the importance of this event is heightened further by the litany of wrestlers involved. From largely unknown names to certified veterans, this is anyone’s match. To the victor, who will outlast 20 other competitors, will go the spoils.

Prediction: A case can be made that anyone involved in this match can be victorious. Legends like Awesome Kong and Jazz have ample experience going into the Casino Battle Royale, so they may be favored for this reason alone. On the other hand, unsigned competitors such as Teal Piper and Big Swole can use the victory as a springboard to greater things. With that said, I will give this match to Nyle Rose. She is slated to be AEW’s female powerhouse for the long haul; a victory like this will go a long way to reaffirm this.

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Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt vs. SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky)

The latest match announced for All Out features a fun-loving trio and a three-man group of wrestling veterans. From their earliest appearances in AEW, Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt have endeared themselves to the crowd, largely due to their humor and inclination to take risks. SoCal Uncensored is nothing short of charismatic, even coining a popular phrase meant to disparage crowds. This match will be, for lack of a better term, fun.

Prediction: SoCal Uncensored features three well-known wrestlers that, win or lose, will prove invaluable to AEW’s long-term growth. On the other hand, Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Stunt are still somewhat unknown entities to casual viewers. AEW’s focus on presenting the show as a sport means that certain talents require legitimacy. This is why I believe the trio of A Boy and His Dinosaur and Stunt will emerge from this match victorious.

All Out
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Darby Allin vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Joey Janela

Following their loss at Fight for the Fallen, this three-man team didn’t take long to disband. Blaming one another for the aforementioned loss, it was quickly announced that Darby Allin, Jimmy Havoc, and Joey Janela would face one another at All Out. Anyone familiar with their work shouldn’t expect a smooth wrestling clinic. This will be a violent affair, perhaps with a few weapons thrown in for good measure. The question remains: who will go furthest in order to win?

Prediction: It’s easy to go into this match expecting Janela to win. After his violent encounter with Jon Moxley at Fyter Fest, his stock grew. Allin had his own star-making performance at Fyter Fest against Cody in a match that ended in controversial action. Havoc, for all his success before signing with AEW, hasn’t had that one big moment in his new home. I’m of the mindset that this match will go to Havoc, granting him the moment in question.

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The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta) (Winners Will Receive a First Round Bye in the AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament)

Though Best Friends were successful in their tag team match at Double or Nothing, their victory was short-lived. Following their win, Chuck Taylor and Trent Berretta were attacked by The Dark Order, flanked by numerous henchmen. From there, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson proved to be a dominant tag team, as evidenced by their victory at Fight for the Fallen. Now, Best Friends and The Dark Order prepare to square off at All Out, with AEW World Tag Team Championship implications on the line.

Prediction: If there’s anything that AEW should highlight, compared to other promotions, it’s their tag team division. Simply put, they have numerous tag teams that can be considered championship material. Matches like this only add to this mindset, but only one can be considered the first-ever AEW World Tag Team Champions. While it remains to be seen whether they can claim the gold as first-timers, I see The Dark Order going over Best Friends.

All Out
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The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) vs. The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix) (c) (Escalera De La Muerte for the AAA World Tag Team Championship)

For the uninitiated, “Escalera De La Muerta” translates to “Ladder of Death.” In other words, this will be more violent than a standard ladder match. This will suit the duo of Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix, as they aren’t foreign to the concept of chaos in wrestling matches. On the other hand, The Young Bucks are vastly experienced in different types of tag team competition. The lengthy rivalry between these teams will come to a head at all out, with the AAA World Tag Team Championship up for grabs.

Prediction: When these teams are involved, quality matches are all but certain. This is easily the most unique of the bouts The Lucha Brothers and The Young Bucks have had yet, as they enter a match with a noticeable level of violence. I don’t expect Fenix to pull off any death-defying moves, following his recent injury scare, but he should remain a prominent factor in this match. I see The Young Bucks besting their opposing brotherly team, winning AAA’s tag straps for the second time.

All Out
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PAC vs. Kenny Omega

Anyone that has been following wrestling news as of late will attest that the way this match came about was a whirlwind. Following Jon Moxley’s recent staph infection, the Death Rider was forced to pull out from his anticipated match against Omega at All Out. AEW acted quickly, however, by providing a suitable replacement. PAC, who was originally scheduled to face Adam Page at Double or Nothing, will make his AEW debut at All Out against one of the most popular stars in the promotion.

Prediction: Though PAC remains an AEW talent, one must wonder just how available he will be moving forward. After all, he has shown immense loyalty to Dragon Gate, even to the point where said loyalty conflicted with this initial AEW debut. There’s no denying that this match against Omega will be excellent, given the talent levels of both competitors. However, I see Omega winning in this encounter. I also believe this match will be pivotal if my final prediction becomes reality.

All Out
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Cody vs. Shawn Spears (w/Tully Blanchard)

This feud has done an excellent job at meshing real-life friendships and wrestling history. Shawn Spears, who was a close confidant of Cody’s for years, turned on his friend by hitting him with a steel chair at Fyter Fest. From there, Spears developed a bitter, more calculating demeanor. He even recruited Tully Blanchard, who is not only a former Horseman but someone with an extensive history with the Rhodes family. With bad blood and wrestling lineage alike, this match is one of the most unique going into All Out.

Prediction: It’s difficult to say how far this feud will go. Given the immense heat behind it, I can see Cody and Spears feuding heading into AEW’s television debut. For this reason, I believe that Spears will win at All Out. I don’t expect this to be a clean victory, however, as someone from Cody’s past may turn on him to cost him the victory. This could be another legend or perhaps a current signee; it wouldn’t be farfetched to see Maxwell Jacob Friedman turn on his “friend” in Cody. Whatever the case may be, don’t be surprised if the result leads to more animosity.

Photo / All Elite Wrestling

Hangman Page vs. Chris Jericho (AEW World Championship)

As one of the most hotly anticipated matches of All Out, All Elite Wrestling will crown its first-ever world champion. The AEW World Championship scene boasts ample potential and it begins with a talent on the rise squaring off against a decorated legend. Since his Casino Battle Royale victory at Double or Nothing, Page has proven himself as a top star, winning numerous matches along the way. Jericho enters this match as a former multi-time world champion, looking to add AEW gold to his extensive resume. Between potential and results, which will win out?

Prediction: It goes without saying that Page is an excellent wrestler. Whenever he comes out, he receives a positive reception, and he has put on several great matches following his boost in popularity. One can argue, though, that a win at All Out may be too much, too soon. It takes time for talent to grow, especially in a fairly new promotion like AEW. If Jericho wins the title, not only will Page have something to fight for, but it will give Jericho several potential feuds. He may even rekindle his feud with Omega, who he defeated at Double or Nothing. Regardless, I see Jericho ending All Out as the inaugural AEW World Champion.