#Preview: AAW Pro Presents Unstoppable

On Saturday, November 30th, AAW Pro Wrestling presents an event that can’t be slowed down or stopped! Unstoppable takes place in the Logan Square Auditorium and is sure to be a night full of excitement. With each of the championships on the line will we see a changing of the guard moving forward? As of now a challenger for Jake Something has yet to be announced as it may be a mystery opponent up until bell time. Once again  Danny Daniels and his staff once again have put together a stellar card that is sure to prove every match is worth the price of admission. Here is our preview for AAW Pro’s Unstoppable.
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Joey Lynch vs Travis Titan

At 32 years of age, the 17-year veteran Lynch laces them up against Travis Titan. Lynch’s career isn’t as documented the earlier part of his time in the ring but it has been met with a great deal of success. As one half of the Lynch Mob alongside Matt Lynch, Joey has been fairly active over the past few years. The duo were former Anarchy Tag Team Champions. This time around, however, Lynch steps in the ring with a man five years his junior in Travis Titan. A former trainee from the Black n Brave Training Academy under Seth Rollins and Mark Brave, Titan continues to make a name for himself over the past few years. This appears to be a solid matchup as Titan who is a multi-time XICW Light Heavyweight champion.
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Hakim Zane vs Myron Reed
One claims injustice and the other is a Mad Dragon. Zane has competed for IMPACT Wrestling and is set to match up with MLW’s Myron Reed. This contest is sure to test both men’s skillset. With a background in MMA in particular Ji-Jitsu, Zane brings a unique arsenal to the ring each. In facing Reed he is sure to face someone that is as committed to his character as he is self-preservation. The current MLW Middleweight Champion, Reed defeated Teddy Hart with a little help from his friends. Now he faces Hakim Zane and with no distractions playing a part in their contest how will he fair? The biggest challenge remaining moving forward would be does a win here potentially set up an AAW Pro Heritage Championship match in the future with Jake Something?
Twilight Zone
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AAW Pro Women’s Championship

Jessicka Havok vs. Kris Statlander

As the reigning and defending AAW Pro Women’s Champion, Jessicka Havok appears to have a stranglehold on the championship. With a current reign of over 250 days, Havok, a two-time champion appears to be more and more the unstoppable force in the women’s division. This time around she may have possibly met her match. In facing The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien, Havok is taking on someone that is quickly earning credibility everywhere she goes. It shouldn’t be understated that Statlander is becoming more and more sought after. This begs the question of will the Havok Death Machine be able to withstand Area 451 for the veteran of only 2 years? Statlander could be the one to topple the champion.

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AAW Pro Heavyweight Championship
Josh Alexander vs Ace Romero

As it is said in its very cliche like manner, ‘batten down the hatches. This is going to be a bumpy ride. When AAW Pro Heavyweight champion, Josh Alexander faces Ace Romero fans can anticipate a no holds barred battle. These two are two of the toughest if not the toughest men in the promotion. Since capturing the championship, Alexander has been on a quest to not only defend his title but to show that he is exactly what he says he is a WALKING WEAPON. For Romero, he is coming off a match up the night before for Limitless Wrestling and will likely be hard to overcome the challenge of the champion. Will travel and recovering from a grueling match the night before be too much for Romero? All will be clear at Unstoppable.

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Curt Stallion vs Eddie Kingston

This isn’t a typical match. It is a contest of a man willing to do insane things to his own body and a man willing to do said insane things to the other man’s body. Curt Stallion has long worked to earn a name for himself. As a member of the EVOLVE roster, Stallion has continued to commit himself to improve himself and his craft. He steps into the ring with a man that is no stranger to AAW Pro or Stallion himself. As former WRSTLING team members, Stallion and Kingston came together to fight the common enemy. That is isn’t the case now and the battle is between them and them alone. As we move forward, Stallion and Kingston are likely to bring any intention of moving up the AAW Pro ranks out on each other in what should be a fun contest to see.

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Masked Good Brother #3 vs Nick Cage

The man with a striking familial resemblance to Mance Warner is here has to watch his back before Unstoppable. This time, however with a bounty on his head Nick Cage appears to be the one set to collect on the said bounty. Warner isn’t allowed in AAW Pro and is Cage that is willing to take out the Masked Good Brother #3 to ensure that. Fans will recall Warner lost a match to Jimmy Jacobs ensuring he must leave the promotion. With a bounty put on his head by Jimmy Jacobs, Nick Cage is looking to do exactly what he hopes to do and collect. There is $10,000 at stake. It is likely the reason any means necessary will be the approach by Nick Cage.

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AAW Pro Tag Team Championship Mach

Besties in the World vs The Rascalz

With two teams that are no strangers to one another, the inevitable winners in this match are the fans. Vega and Fitchett may only be the AAW Pro tag team champions for 90 days but that isn’t to say they aren’t multi-time champions wherever they have been. This is no different as their battles with Wentz and Miguel are likely to prove that they are ready to the flagbearers for the tag team division. Fitchett and Vega’s chemistry and teamwork are often understated. While being a longtime pairing have their doubters. A win here by the champions puts (if there is any) doubt critics may have had to rest. However, Miguel and Wentz aren’t likely to sit idle and let it happen at Unstoppable.